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October 22 2007

"Act Your Age" sneak preview in Champaign, IL on November 14th. The film stars Amber Benson and Michael Muhney and also features Pat Morita in unfortunately his final role, Adrienne Frantz, Eddie Jones, Max Gail, Frank Nicotero, and Mark Allan Stewart (Heroes). This film was previously called "Angst". The official website can be found here.

Come hang with me and support our adopted Browncoat, Michael, and Amber! Scroll down half way to see the entry. Champaign is about two hours south of Chicago in case anybody was wondering. It was filmed here, and I live here. How did I not know about this?? No word yet if any of the stars will attend.

I'd heard about this at Amber's authorized posting board but first I've heard the name change.

And AMber is the highest-billed femal at the IMDB write-up altho she's still billed about 5th so for Amber fans should be a decent show.

As my daughetr used to say when she was too little to be allowed to curse, "Bam-si-bam-si-bam!"
Having attended the University of Illinois and lived in beauteous Champaign-Urbana, IL for six years, it must be a pretty grim movie. The area is flat as a pancake and totally surrounded by corn. Movie could have been called "Children of the Corn"...opps!

Still, with MM and AB, it must be a pretty decent flick.
I think of Champaign-Urbana as a little oasis in the middle of a corn field. I love my flat, little town :) And some of it was filmed in Monticello, IL which is about 20 minutes away and has more trees and hills.
Everything is in the eye and emotion of the beholder. I remember going to "The Last Picture Show" with my mother. She was born and raised in Oklahoma. As they showed those bleak landscapes filmed in black and white to emphasize the desolate hopelessness, I heard her wistfully say "This would be so beautiful in color." :-)

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