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October 22 2007

Schedule is now up for the Serenity/Firefly Salute this weekend. It's at the bottom of the page. Also it seems that they will be doing another Serenity/Firefly event next year.

Whoo-hoo, "ARIEL AMBULANCE AT THE CONVENTION!" Hopefully, some more of the crew stops by to sign it!

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Not to be too self serving, but come and see our panel on Sunday. Adam, Lynn and I will be talking about the California Browncoats, where we started, what we are doing now, and we'll give some behind the scenes stories from B3. We'll also be running the trivia contests both days.

And you can also catch us at our table in the dealer room. You might even catch a few of us over at the QMx tables. We like all the cool stuff they make, and there are supposed to be some cool surprises.
Looks like a lot of fun - can't wait for the reports from those who go!
Schedule looks to be full of Firefly goodness. RavenU, if you come back to read this thread - shoot me an e-mail?
Oh good, nearly everything and everyone I want to see is on Sunday, so I can do a one-day. Too bad I'll miss Alan and Morena, but oh well. Saturday it's up against James Marsters' gig and new album launch at a club on Wilshire, so I wouldn't be able to go to the Creation salute that day anyway. (And there's a teeny tiny photo of James next to the photo op info on the convention schedule page.)
I sure hope there will be a 2008 edition. I'd go, except I'm already set for the Browncoat cruise.

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