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October 23 2007

(SPOILER) Behind the Scenes look at Joss' upcoming episode of "The Office". Provides a sneak peek at "Branch Wars".

That was just enough to tease, but I certainly wanna see this episode toot sweet.

The clip cuts away right before the announcer finishes saying the full air-date, but wikipedia tells us that it airs November 1st and elsewhere re-affirms it, so hopefully, that's correct.

I'll give one Shrute-buck apiece to everyone if it's wrong.
Jim loves Italian food. Joss best not mess with that. For serious.
Yeah, QG, if nothing changes it does pretty much open NBC's November Sweeps episodes.
The Futon Critic listings for the show confirms it. Just in time before I travel.
It won't work for me past the ad asking whether or not I'm tired of expensive fuel costs.
Not only The Office but the Whedon episode? Happy Birthday to me. If only they were able to the Man for The Office Convention this weekend...
Let me get this straight- NBC have drafted in Joss to raise ratings during sweeps shows?

Is that ironic, or what?!
I'm with gossi on this one!
Is anyone else hoping Jim will start talking about a movie he heard of called "Goners"?
I'm glad Karen is coming back. I thought the way her character just disappeared at the beginning of this season was a bit of a cop-out.

Can't wait!
I thought the way her character just disappeared at the beginning of this season was a bit of a cop-out.

The actress was working on another show, so couldn't appear on The Office at the time. Glad she's coming back.
Anusien: Personally, I'm hoping that Dwight is a fanboy. We already know about his BSG love.
is the video gone, 'cause all I get is an "error" notice...I wanna see :(
Ah, it looks like it's gone now... it would appear that WKTV in Utica (NY) musta gotten a wee handslapping... and the Tube that is the You doesn't have it, apparently.
Yeah, apparently its not up anymore :(

It looks like it was a story on E! News, but when I checked eonline it wasn't there yet.

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