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October 23 2007

DVD release details for SMG's "Suburban Girl". The R1 release is slated for January 15th, 2008. Wonder if this movie ever got a theatrical release.

It's got a theatrical release in Turkey, as some Whedonites found out!
Wow I want to hire Alec Baldwin's makeup artist for myself.
When Image acquired the movie back in September, they were talking about a 2008 theatrical release. I guess not anymore.
I think it was on the film festival circuit for a short time, I remember it was at Tribeca's back in April. It was originally due to be released in June 2007 but that didn't happen.
Yep, I was one of those who saw the poster in Turkey. Took a picture, since I didn't recall the film getting a stateside release. (I also found a copy of Season One of Angel dubbed in Turkish for sale, but that's another story.)
Wow I want to hire Alec Baldwin's makeup artist for myself.

Yep, his/her judicious application of minus weight with just a smidge of minus time has done wonders for Mr Baldwin - they should bottle that stuff. Also, I hate to be base (but y'know, you have to play the hand you're dealt ;) but has SMG also been, err, "enhanced" by that same "make-up artist" ? Clearly a little Photoshop shadowing will go a long, long way ;).

(I can see why they did it though, it's not like she's really lovely to begin with. 'Cept it is)
I wish to gosh I could see what you're referring to; did they make her face rounder and youngish-er or soemthing?
Bluntly DCA, I think they've shadowed her cleavage to make her boobs look bigger (apparently it's quite common when airbrushing models and at some photo-shoots they even apply makeup to deepen shadows).

Re: face etc., no idea though I saw a documentary (about the fashion industry) and the amount of tweaking and, basically, homogenising that goes on is pretty surprising (from simple stuff like removing moles/blemishes to mirroring eyes if the subject has a slight squint, altering jaw lines even moving ears higher or reducing ear-lobes or, famously in Kate Winslet's case, taking a few inches off the waist or thighs).
Saje; I was thinking about the cleavage but wasn't sure. Odd, considering my ex was 44 D, but I'm not one of the guys who pays much attention "there." (I recall Playboy was accused of extensive photoshopping of Mercedes 's layout but as that's unfortunately the only place I've seen her as she is I couldn't swear to it.)

I was just thinking the face because SMG hasn't, to me, looked that dewy for quite a few years.
Personally, it's refreshing to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in such a fun and light-hearted dvd cover (+ film). Lately, her movies (no matter how great), have all been dark and not so light-hearted. At least she's spreading her wings and trying new things. I can't wait to see it and I will always support her film choices.

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