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October 23 2007

Azura Skye (Cassie from "Help") guest starring on tonight's HOUSE. Azura Skye (Cassie from "Help" BtVS) guest stars on tonight's episode of House.

ps. looked through the archives and didnt see this posted...:)

She would have made a great Luna Lovegood.

If she weren't, you know, too old. And not British.

And if Evanna Lynch weren't perfect as Luna, anyway.

But otherwise -- really great!

And Spike's mom (Caroline Lagerfelt) was playing her mom... very cool. Gotta love it when Whedonverse forces collide. :)
There must be some Buffy fans over on the House crew. There's been what, five or six Whedonverse alums on the show?
Great to see Whedonverse alums guesting on the show. Can't wait to see Azura Skye. I thought she was creepy as hell in CwDP.
I really enjoyed her (Azura) in House, and thought it was a really fun episode over all. Sorry to see the person who left tonight leave, but I knew it had to happen sooner or even sooner than that :)
Also kudos to Kal Penn from BtVS and AtS (not to mention Van Wilder and H&K go to White Castle), who is a welcome addition to the cast. I was thrilled when he ignored his being fired by House and hope he lasts the season.
Did anyone else catch Cameron's "he who smelt it dealt it" line and automatically hear it as a direct BtVS shoutout? It's an almost-direct lift from Xander in "Where the Wild Things Are."

I also noticed that Bones had at least one ATS reunion, when DB/Booth meets the organic farmer's wife, played by Beth Grant, who was Ghost Dennis' mom in "Rm w/ a Vu." (The farmer himself looked very familiar, but I can't place if he was in ATS, BTVS, or something else I've seen recently.)
"He who smelt it dealt it" is one of those childhood sayings and knock-knock jokes that linger in a noxious cloud above the earth, and children who turn eight or so get wafted up into it, to be precipitated out at varying ages. Some people never leave this childhood world.

But Tracey Forbes, who wrote "Where the Wild Things Are," can hardly be said to have written it. It would be like giving credit to someone for "I know you are, but what am I?"

Well, that was actually written by Martin Buber. But another, better example...


ET: fix another typo. @!$#@?*&!

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Saw it. Loved AS and Spike's mom. HOUSE is the only show I laugh out loud at. That and MY NAME IS EARL.
Aw, someone else likes My Name is Earl! That's my guilty pleasure. I think it's the hick in me, and my love for Jason Lee.
Hey, I watch Earl, too :) My love for Lee knows few bounds. Plus I'm a long time fan of Ethan 'Sailboat, sailboat!!!' Suplee and Eddie Steeples and Jaime Pressly are awesome.

ETA - they've had some great guest star turns as well (Ribisi in particular).
This is one night Fox has it going on... Bones and House together. *dreamy sigh*
Dude, millions of folk love 'My Name is Earl' cos it rules, rocks, rolls, all that good stuff. Jason Lee is great but the entire cast are damn near perfect in their respective roles.

Loved this episode, Azura Skye was great in it and the script totally sold me the dummy. I thought it was another "Test House's Worldview" episode (which I love anyway) but it was actually another "House is a frikkin' Genius" episode (which I also love, luckily cos he's a frikkin' genius quite a lot, what with him being a frikkin' genius and all ;). And I totally dug Cameron's game, she's really using everything she learned from House (in general I like the way the Cottages have changed, hope they don't get reset).

I was also sad to see that character go but it was for such a great, Houseian reason - of course, he can't keep his friend around, for about a gadjillion reasons, one of them, as (almost) always, being what's best for the patient.

(and yep, "He who smelt it dealt it" and its standard rejoinder "He who said the rhyme did the crime" go way back, much way backer than BtVS, that's fer sure)
"He who smelt it dealt it" and its standard rejoinder "He who said the rhyme did the crime" go way back

Maybe it's more a regional than a national expression? Growing up (and still living in) the Southern US, I can honestly say I never heard that expression until it came out of Xander Harris' mouth (nor its 'rejoinder' until now, for which thanks, Saje, for furthering my sadly-puerile-insult-bereft education). I thought for sure I'd crawled out from under my rock. (In my defense, it is a very pretty rock.)

Since Earl actually got me to sit down and watch a sitcom, the first in a long, long time (which subsequently led to me becoming hooked on the rest of NBC's Thursday night lineup, damn them!), I'd have to say I'm a fan too. I think it does a brilliant job of skewering many of the typical Southern stereotypes with a biting, but not mean-spirited sense of humor. Everyone's uniformly excellent and well cast, but watching JP's Joy deliver her lines with sassy, gum-smacking gusto is a thing of beauty. (And Randy? Genius.)
Always happy to shed light Wiseblood, especially when it's my particular area of expertise ;-).

(slang does vary wildly from place to place, especially across the pond - two countries separated by a common language and all that ;)

And JP is brilliant as Joy, I love her comedy drunk especially but if the rest of the season is rubbish it'll still be top just for her delivery of "Listen to what i'm saying or God will kill you" in the "Quit Your Bitchin" segment from last week. Comedy gold, no messing ;).

(agreed too, BTW, one of the things I like about MNiE is its obvious affection for the very people it's poking fun at)

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