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October 23 2007

New Serenity River T-shirt, Serenity Logo Coffee Mug, Shot Glass and Ceramic Shooter. Over two years out and still *NEW* Official Serenity Merchandise. T-shirt sizes S to 3X.

What, no mousepad this time? I'm so disappointed.
This feels like an advertisement. Is this really necessary?
Why is this any more of an ad than "Serenity lunch boxes!" or "TFAW has Buffy #7 available!" -- or is it just because we don't like Creation?
Thanks, b!x.

I love the Mal shirt I got from Creation. And the River one looks very shiny.

And part of the whole equation to Serenity sequel is Official Merchandise. Just wait til we get some Burger King Serenity II The Search for Wash glasses.
I'm not a huge fan of those either, bix. It is one thing to notify people of new content, but new merchandise. Really?
Supporting the Businesses that Paid Licensing Fees for Serenity Merchandise Supports Serenity as well. If we don't purchase the products we find attractive, who's going to want to pay Universal for Licenses? Should we be condemning He posts about Merchandise all the time. It's information Flans appreciate. Thanks for posting it, Anony! :D

I ordered the Serenity Mugs and Shot Glasses... from TFAW.

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Very well, show us the wares and we'll decide.
Thanks, TDBrown,

Whoops, better go email

Just wait til we get some Goners Official Merchandise.

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What's wrong with advertising new merchandise of our favorite show? :/
What's wrong is that it looks cheap. Fan-made stuff made from CafePress looks better than most of Creation's stuff.
The Hey,

You mean like this 11thhour art
Please, continue to link to Merchandise. I would not have known about many things I have bought over the years if they had not been linked on this site. And I would have been a pity to miss out on that awesome River T-shirt.

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True, a t-shirt been nice.
Tamara, anything that gets more visibility to licensed merchandise and therefore the bottom line, I call a win. It's good for the fans who want to buy the new pretties, it's good for the franchise, and it's good for the numbers upon which a sequel decision may eventually be made.
I'm not disagreeing, Ray. It just seems odd that this same page gets a new link every time it changes the slightest bit. I think it has been linked 3 or 4 times now. It just starts to seem gratuitous. I have to wonder who has a vested interest is all.
It's too bad some of these licensees can't put out any more imaginative stuff. These recent offerings are pretty bland or badly sculpted.
I'd buy the shot "glasses", that's about it (apart from the stuff i've mentioned when the page has appeared previously) and I agree that a lot of the fan made stuff is better, especially the T-shirts.
I love know about new merch. Seems like I'd already preordered the shot glas and coffee mug through TFAW - so I ordered a shooter...

My vested interest is Serenity sequel, sequel, Serenity movie set we can tour/have shindigs/have weddings/have Firefly like episodes filmed for Sci-Fi Channel or USA network in, and Happy Browncoats! Whoo-hoo! More Firefly/Serenity with actors--not just comic books.

I also got a vested interest in Nathan (Our Captain) Fillion. I blame Joss Whedon for that.

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Anonymous, your enthusiasm is very enthusiastic. Good luck with all that. I'm not at all convinced that any of that will work by buying cheap tacky merchandise. I think Firefly and Serenity have proven themselves to be somewhat profitable at this point even without this creation junk.

What doesn't exist is an executive champion at either Universal or Fox willing to fight for the properties.

Until that person steps up, there will be no more. Someone will have to go out on a limb. That person has not stepped forward.
Am I the only one that thinks that the Mal and River shirts on that site are really, really bad? It looks like someone spazzed on Photoshop, and these are the results. I like my t-shirts when they aren't gaudy. Subtlety Anyone? Showing one's love for Serenity shouldn't ever have to cause someone embarrassment. There are nicer official Serenity shirts than these. Am I wrong?
You're not wrong.
I believe wholeheartedly in supporting Firefly/Serenity, and purchasing licensed merchandise is one method of "voting" for more of the 'Verse. But I can't help but balk at buying official merchandise that looks like it was thrown together on the cheap. (Just slapping the logo on standard stuff is not particularly interesting, at least for me.) If we fans buy unimaginative merchanside in a hopeful attempt that it gets us closer to a sequel, then we will become the fandom "that will buy anything".

I'd hate to see Universal start handing out licenses, and lowering standards, as a way to generate some extra income off a property they view as in continual "back burner" status.

However, if fans see official merchandise they genuinely like, even if it is from Creation, then by all means buy it. On the other hand, don't feel obligated to spend your money on something that isn't very good, in the hopes that you're somehow helping the sequel to happen.
Hear, hear 11thHour, well said.

If we accept tat then where's the incentive for companies to step up and produce something that truly honours the quality of the show/film ?
I liked the coffee mug. And I liked the tall shooters. But I did not like the tees.

I love 11th Hour's stuff. Her stuff is very shiny. It is not the official licensed stuff but at the same time very recognizable. It's a cut above. It's the tee shirt you wear to a fancy dinner party.


It seemed like somebody at the DVD department at Universal was enthusiastic.
Joss Whedon interview at Comic Con 2007. And look at all the work that was put into the shiny Collector's Edition box.
Dvd division does not equal movie studio. Different divisions, different executives, different income statements. There is no correlation. And the collector's edition was completely outsourced. I served jury duty with a woman working on it last January. She didn't work for Universal at all.

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Well, thank ya kindly madmolly, very shiny of you to say. I had no idea my t-shirts had reached fancy dinner party status!


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