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October 23 2007

Common Rotation Over Europe. Adam Busch's band has several dates scheduled for France and the United Kingdom in November.

November, 4 2007
Le Soleil de la Butte
32 Rue Muller,
Paris, France 75018
Cost : 10 euros
01 46 06 18 24

November, 7 2007
the electroacoustic club @
The Cross Kings
126 York Way
London, England N1 0AX
For Advance Tickets

November, 8 2007
The Willoughby
12 Augusta Pl
Leamington Spa England CV32 5EL
For Advance Tickets Email

November, 9 2007
Ashton Lane
Glasgow, Scotland G12
For Advance Tickets
+44 141 342 4966

Not to be a downer, but I have to admit that I don't really get the appeal of these guys. There are probably a dozen local bands here who, IMO, are way better (I've checked out a few of CoRo's live recordings, and - again IMO - these locals have a much better live sound,) but they'll be lucky to get booked outside the state, let alone outside the US; there's just too much competition at approximately the same level. Now, to be fair, this really isn't my favorite musical genre - but it's not my least favorite, either. (shrug) Oh, well, different strokes, and all that...
They are an excellent live band, and put on a very energetic, entertaining and harmonious show which is well worth seeing if you can get to a venue. They've done several mini-tours over here, and have a small but loyal UK following :)
If I could get a couple of days off work, I'd be travelling north or south to see them but unfortunately, this time, I can't do that, and I'm gutted.
I've been lucky enough to see Common Rotation live a number of times and I think they are really something special. They produce great music, beautiful harmonies, and interesting/funny lyrics, but I'll admit that I think of them less as a 'band' and more as minstrels, troubadours, balladeers, or a 'combo'.

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