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October 24 2007

Buffy Season 8 - the shape of things to come? Publishers Weekly examines the success of Joss' comic books (and there's even a brief Joss quote at the end of the article). In related news, Wizard Magazine looks at how much the Serenity: Those Left Behind comic books are now worth.

Wow, it never even occurred to me that comics only a couple years old could be worth much money. I am such a comics newb!

Much like her frequent foe, Dracula...

Huh? Maybe they're using "Dracula" to represent all vampires, because I seem to remember she only met up with Dracula once. Of course, she did kill him frequently during that one meeting.
I'm surprised that the individual comics are worth so much when so many of the fans prefer the trade paperback of 'Those Left Behind'. Not that I would sell my comics, for any price!
I strongly identify with this article. I've read comic books, (big fan of Witchblade during Michael Turner's run) but they weren't on my radar for the past 6 years. When I finally found out that Joss had written comic books I could hardly get to the nearest store fast enough. I've bought all the Buffy season 8 so far, including the Runaways, Tales of the Vampire and Astonishing X-men. I'm anxiously awaiting the new Angel series, and I've got the Buffy Omnibus on order.

This article only confirms to me that its been much too long without Joss on TV and people are starving for the quality that is so lacking in today's programming. I miss him so, but...not as much as before! Thank god there are other mediums for my obsessions.
Hmm, famous writers are good for blip sales but good writers are better for longevity and the thing that worries me is that famous (even good) novelists don't necessarily make decent comic writers (and though I think screenwriters and especially writer/directors can manage the jump fairly easily, how many of those are actually what you'd call famous ?).

Also, "Heroes" collection, "Those Left Behind" hardback and a Dark Tower hardback ? November could get dear.

Great to see the positive buzz and good sales too (though I must confess, I briefly thought "The Shape of Things to Come" was the "S8" subtitle and i'd have to dig out the HG Wells book for clues ;).

(and given how hard the "Those Left Behind" singles were to find, i'm not that surprised they've gone up a bit in price - even at the time some of the variants were going for 3-4 over here so about where they are now in dollars)
"Much like her frequent foe, Dracula"? One episode is frequent?
Of course, Dracula might be more frequent in the future, given:

BUFFY: You think I don't watch your movies? (rolls her eyes) You always come back.

Dracula explodes into dust as Buffy stakes him. Buffy folds her arms and watches. Dracula begins to coalesce again.

BUFFY: I'm standing right here!

The Dracula cloud quickly dissipates.
That's what I took it as, too, quantumac. Not that she's faced him multiple times, but that he just doesn't die and is always lurking. I thought I saw somewhere that we might see him again, too...
On Those Left Behind: given how much the Canadian dollar has increased in value since I bought these (or the American has decreased, depending), those new prices would fetch me about as many loonies as I paid for them. Well, joking. But still.

Oh, and Buffy has faced Dracula more than once. Drew Goddard's story in the Joss-edited Tales of the Vampires is canon, right? (Oh no, what argument have I started?) It was notable for a while as being the only post-"Chosen" canon story featuring Buffy directly, before season eight....

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I took it as glib writing. ;)
I hope this shows Rob Thomas that a Veronica Mars Season 4 comic book would be a good idea.

I'd also like to see a Dark Angel Season 3 comic and a Surface season 2 comic.
There is an official Supernatural comic book (prequel to the show) but the sales have been around a tenth of what Buffy season 8 is selling.

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