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October 24 2007

(SPOILER) Green's Anatomy. Seth Green talks to Mike Ausiello about how he got the gig on Grey's Anatomy, the top two shows on his wish list, and why he doesn't think he'll get a job on Heroes. The link contains spoilers for other shows.

"I had earmarked Heroes, too. But they're funny about putting actors on the show that people might recognize. I think Kristen Bell was a big swing for them."

I would have to disagree with Seth, with the likes of George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Malcolm McDowell, and others. Heroes doesn't look like they are all that funny about casting people who are not recognizable. I think he would have a chance and I would love to see him on it.
I was going to point out George Takei as well, they even gave his car a "NCC 1701" plate!

Not to mention Doctor Who as the invisible man.
I have no idea who any of those people are, RavenU.
Well, we do still have Jeph Loeb over at Heroes, so there might still have a chance to have Seth on Heroes.

Better yet, give him one of the starring roles for one of the Heroes: Origin anthologies - last I heard, they're shaping up as 6 -Hour episodes, with 2 half hour stories each.
Gossi - I will assume you are kidding, if not get the out of this genre and start over, cause those 3 are legends in sci-fi and horror. I'll break it down for you George (Sulu - Star Trek) Takei, Nichelle (Uhura - Star Trek) Nichols, and Malcolm (Alex - Clockwork Orange) McDowell, each of them are more recognizable than Kristen Bell.
It's so hard to convey tone in short writing, without being too literal about it.
Unless you're naturally ironic person, so every sentence written should be taken with grain and salt, unless the tone itself can be judged by the context, rather by the written words themselves.
Which got nothing to do with Seth guesting on Grey's Anatomy or even Heroes.

On another completely unrelated note, hey, I finally reached 1000 posts.
I'm not kiddin'. I know who Kristen Bell is, though.
Gossi, you're forgiven for not knowing the names of Classic Trek actors.

I think Seth Green's assumption about casting stands up - I'd hardly seen any of the main cast in anything before Heroes. Only two who I knew by name - and seen in one thing each.

I couldn't even say who I thought the biggest name in the show was when it first started, because they were all such unknowns. And even putting Classic Trek actors in the show isn't exactly casting "high profile".
But Malcolm MacDowell, surely Gossi? I think maybe Seth Green's remarks should be taken with a grain of salt also. I doubt if he thinks he is more famous than M. M.!
Dear gossi,

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The Badge People ("Badges are our bag. But we also do bags")

Seriously ? Maybe I have a different take on high profile cos in genre and probably even pop culture those are some big names, not "A-list" by any stretch but at least known and that aside, if he means recognisable as in faces, George Takei and Nichelle Nicholls are surely way, way more recognisable than either Kristen Bell or Seth Green (with the best will to both of them) - even folk that don't know their names are gonna know what Sulu and Uhura look like, especially across generations (though clearly my Mum and Dad don't fall in the key 18-34 demo if I showed them either Bell or Green i'd just get blank stares in response).

(and Greg Grunberg was probably the biggest initial 'Heroes' name to me but I also knew Ali Larter from the 'Final Destination' films and quite a few of the faces e.g. Suresh Snr, HRG etc. from various things)
I've only seen the first few episodes of Heroes as I got bored, but yeah, the only people I can recall recognising are Greg Grunberg and Ali from Final Destination.
The only one I knew when it started was Adrian Pasdar because he was "Profit".
What is Heroes?
Dear Simon

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What's this "TV" thing you're all talking about?
What's this ?
Hm, coming into Heroes, I only REALLY knew Ali Larter but I'd read about Milo and Hayden before. George Takei and Stan Lee were pretty much all I knew of the big names, and even then I wouldn't have noticed it was Takei without being told a bajillion times. Kristen Bell, on the other hand, is so far kind of hard to watch in her new character. xD I don't think Seth is trying to say he's a bigger name than these people but rather that he's been on TV regularly recently enough that the target audience will remember his face, if not his name.

It IS a pretty good face after all... ;)
As long as we're talking where we knew the actors from, we're not forgetting Leonard Roberts, are we? Cause that'd be kinda sad on this site. ;)

I'd seen all most all of the actors on other things before, but I was really happy to see Adrian Pasdar. I used to watch The Profit ith my brother when I was a kid.
I only knew Milo and Greg Grunberg (from Alias). We all knew Leonard Roberts (D.L.) as well 'cause he was in Season 4 of Buffy.

Edit: That was the first thing that came to my mind, deepgirl.

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I recognized almost everyone :( Which tells me I've watched too much TV/movies. Near Dark was a highly disturbing movie to me when I was younger (Adrian Pasdar starred) I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls for Milo's duration, Buffy is an easy reference with Leonard Roberts; anyone who watches J.J. Abrams has to know who Greg Grunberg is. I am embarrassed to admit I recognized Hayden from the movie Ice Princess which I watched because I think Michelle Trachtenburg is adorable. Ali Larter was memorable in Legally Blonde (I literally cannot watch any of the Final Destinations, I ran out of the theater during the first one) All the rest are pretty much a given for my generation anyway. I can't wait to see which Star Trek actor they resurrect next, I think a creepy Leonard Nimoy as a Sylar's dad in a flashback would be cool.

On the other hand Nimoy IS doing a voice or cameo in the new Star Trek movie starring Zachary Quinto as Spock himself so maybe not so much with him coming to Heroes. Oh and anyone notice that J.J. Abrams is directing?

Oh and the point of this post, I think Seth is easily recognizable, he's been in a few supporting character roles in movies as well. He knows he isn't a household name, but I agree with a previous poster that said his face is known.

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Kristen Bell is well-known in some circles, but Veronica Mars was a low-rating CW show. She probably isn't that recognizable to the public at large.
Saje, one a la 'Carte answer forthwith:

So says the crotchety old man, eating his Eggo waffles, while trying to explain addition to his granddaughter.

Ah, but is it though ? Watch that fall apart when you get to negative numbers. Or zero, the original nothing that is. ;-)

"Sure, this is but this isn't, it just isn't more than this - no not that this, this this, that this is, this this isn't".
I have to admit that Gossi has lost some geek credibility in my eyes (but do geeks HAVE credibility?), of course I am a life long Star Trek fan.
Seth Green is, I think, universally recognizable from the Austin Powers films, and I would love to see him show up on 'Heroes'! I love Kristen Bell's role ('yeah, I killed him, why is that a big deal?' LOL).
Personally I don't watch 'Gray's Anatomy', and I'm not interested in it, but I'm going to to HAVE to watch it to see Seth Green!
Oh, now you go an' bring up that there. surely if ever there was a that, it is there, not here with me.

Kristen Bell is a that. Obviously. And I've not seen her, never here...and not even there.

How is it she exists, again?
I think what Seth was getting at is that his turns as
Oz in Buffy and whats his name in the Austin Powers
movies were so iconic that they would make him hard to
accept in another role in the minds of the Heroes

As far as George, Nichelle, Malcolm, et al I think what
we have is homage. These are actors someone in the
Heroes hierarchy are fans of and who they want to see
working. I think that they are being treated differently
than the rest of all the other prospective actors in
this one respect.

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Seriously ? Maybe I have a different take on high profile cos in genre and probably even pop culture those are some big names

Wherein "genre" = people that attend conventions? ;-)

Most people I know don't watch and have never watched Star Trek. Some of these people watch Heroes and would not know George Takei or Nichelle Nichols from anywhere. I mean, if they aren't known for Trek, where else would they be known from?
Never been to one and I don't know many people that have but if I showed photos to friends/family of Takei and Bell i'm pretty sure I know which one they'd recognise (albeit probably vaguely) - he's just been around longer for one thing, so there's more chance of "accidental" exposure to him (and Bell's only gonna be recognisable from "Veronica Mars" - which didn't even play on broadcast TV over here, Seth Green mainly from - cult genre success - Buffy and maybe a couple of teen-comedies, how widely seen were they ?).

Trek has spilled over into pop culture, there've been skits on all sorts of shows (when the mainstream press talk about "Veronica Mars style acting" get back to me ;) so I think the actors would be more widely recognised, especially outside the US and 18-34 year olds. YMMV ;).
I think that the Star Trek people could be recognizable to some, but they do look quite different from their hey-day (I'd think. I'm really more aware of what they all sound like from that Futurama episode with Welshie.)

However, Green and Bell have both been around the pop culture zeitgeist a bit more as opposed to the others, who I sort of figured stopped acting for awhile and their appearances changed. I guess it is a pretty big deal that Bell was the headliner of both a TV show and a horror movie kind of recently, so without fail if someone were to hear about either project they'd see her image associated with it. I think everyone else on Heroes's main cast were all in supporting roles for whatever they did previously or could be recognized for. (The ninth Doctor and Trek folk aside, and funny Northern English man was barely aired in the US.)

Also like Bell, Seth Green's sort of recognizably short and as that sort of hipster nerdy guy/sidekick, be it his son of Dr. Evil, Oz, his association with geeky humor animation, and anything where he's two or fewer degrees removed from Matthew Lillard.
I had not been reading anything about Heros so when I started catching up on it I though Hiro's comments about Star Trek were just an amusing thing to cement his nerd cred in place. When George Takei showed up as his father I almost fell on the floor laughing because of the set-up. With Dr Who and Nichelle Nichols on it I felt like the producers were working their way through their nerd dreams. As far as Malcolm McDowel, I forgot he is even associated with sci-fi (though wasn't he in one of the Superman movies too.) He is just such a fine actor and seems to always be working. Seth Green might be right that they do not want faces that would be too recognizable to a certain segment of the audience while throwing fun stuff to those of us a bit older. It could be a smart way to make it watchable for a variety of ages.

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