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October 24 2007

SCI-FI Renews Stargate Atlantis. Jewel Staite's new show will be back for a fifth season!

'The Sci Fi Channel has given a fifth-season renewal to "Stargate Atlantis," commissioning 20 fresh episodes.'...

We'll have to wait and see what Jewel's involvement will be.

I loved SG1 and I love Atlantis as well. I'm glad it was renewed. Would be nice if Sci-Fi developed a 'Firefly' related replacement for BSG for next season . . .

Can't comment too much on Jewel as I've only seen one of her episodes. But I wasn't all that impressed with her ability to make me believe she was a doctor.
I dunno, she seemed to do a credible job of being a doctor in the season opener, but thats just my opinion, I just squeed at seeing her on screen. And yay for renewing the show...I just hope the show is worthwhile to be renewed, this season does look interesting and I really liked 3 out of the 4 episodes so far. Plus: *SPOILER*
Jewel was wonderful in last Friday's episode "Doppelganger", I hope she continues to appear in season five, and perhaps our beloved Scottish Doctor will make a return as well. *crossed fingers that there would be room for both characters to appear*
I think Jewel's doing a pretty good job so far (up to ep 4) though I do think she's better in the frantic emergency scenes because it lets her act cool under pressure so she immediately seems more doctorly and, somehow, less young (sometimes she looks just a smidge too youthful to be a hot-shot doctor).

Episode 7 is apparently going to be quite Keller heavy, should be good though they're actually integrating her character quite deep, quite quickly IMO, bodes well (and she seems to be having a good time on set).

And yay for Atlantis, I don't care if you are sometimes "The Rodney McKay Show", you're still good watchin'. Wonder if The Tappinator will stay on ? Wouldn't 12 years continuously playing the same character be some sort of record (I seem to remember Kelsey Grammer wanting to do another season of 'Frasier' to snag it but I can't recall if that was S11 or S12) ?

(Beckett spoiler: ;)
I love her but I, too, think she seems too young and not all that "doctorish". She was a much more convincing mechanic. But I really like this show and am happy that SciFi renewed it. Now, if they'll just cancel the cheesy Flash Gordan and bring back the excellent Dresden Files, I'll really be happy with them! And, if they brought back Firefly in some reincarnation, I'd be positively giddy.
I added Jewel's name to your entry in case people were wondering what the Whedonverse connection is.
Saje I do now that, but its like at the end of season 4!! And

And I totally agree it can seem a bit Rodney hour, or the John and Rodney hour, and so while nice it gets tiresome. the next episode is quite sheppard heavy so I hope it balances out more later on.

ETA: I made more of my post invisible, because I wasnt sure how spoilerish it was...

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