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October 24 2007

Trailer for Repo! The Genetic Opera! The official trailer (the movie stars Tony Head) has been released. It's of better quality than the version that leaked online a few days ago.

After watching, I get why it's creating a stir.

ASH looks kinda scary in the trailer. Is he the bad guy?
I've added a comment to your subject line as a previous leaked version was posted a few days. I can honestly say that Repo has now joined Southland Tales in the running for worst trailer of the year. The film looks awful.
Ah! Thanks, I didn't know it was leaked the other day.

And yes, ASH is the Repo Man.

And yes, it looks horrible.
Doesn't look like my sort of thing really (and it's not exactly a brilliantly put together trailer anyway IMO).

At least the "Southland Tales" trailer was intriguing, this is ... well, the other thing (someone should really come up with a word for that).
Phantom of the Rocky Horror Soylent Picture Opera Coma looks gawdawful.

It's a shame, 'cause I wanted to see ASH singing in something good again... well, it was gonna be tough to get me to see anything with Paris Hilton in it, but she was okay in those few episodes of Veronica Mars.

My heart bleeds, as it were, for our ASH, Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino and the rest of the cast of this apparent train wreck.
At least Tony sounds awesome.

I think I'll still check it out though. I hate being one of those people who condemns something and then sees much later on that it's great. I've done it before...

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Saje; Would "offputting" work?
Better quality video doesn't help. It would still look dreadful on holodeck.

Phantom of the Rocky Horror Soylent Picture Opera Coma

Surely it's a bit more contemporary. In fact, I believe it's still happening now. Wherever there is this movie, or that party for the premiere of Captivity a while back. For these are portals into the S&M Music Video Hell Dimension, where time moves so slowly that it's still 1993. Abandon ye all hope.
I dunno. This one interests me way more than Suburban Girl. Holy generic film, batman!
Phantom of the Rocky Horror Soylent Picture Opera Coma looks gawdawful.

As directed by Joel Schumacher.
And that's "Batman and Robin" Schumacher NOT "Falling Down" or "Tigerland" Schumacher. Makes you wonder about evil twins ;).
I was watching TMZ last night and guess who else is in it ... Paris Hilton. She is wearing a black wig.
Well, don't know if I'd go to see it, or even watch the DVD, but I'll probably get the soundtrack. Sounds good, just looks awful.
That was one of the worst trailers I have ever seen. I had hoped that this odd movie would surprise us all, but that trailer doesn't bode well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ASH. He sounded good.
I keep on reading this as Repo! The Generic Opera. I don't know whether that would be better or worse.

Sadly though, this one looks not my cup of tea.
I hated Austin Powers trailers and refused to see the movie too. And I saw TV shorts for Buffy and didn't watch it for 4 years based on that. Now I love both. I've long since given up judging books by their cover.

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