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October 24 2007

Fanty gets married. Rafael Feldman who played Fanty in Serenity, marries singer/songwriter Consuelo Costin and gets a write up in the New York Times.

Interesting that there wasn't a mention of his twin. But nice to see this news.
That was the first thing I thought of too, palehorse.

Congratulations to them both!
I live spitting distance from the winery where they got married and am most disappointed to have missed out on the festivities. I'm sure that my invitation was lost in the mail. *sniff*
Congratulations to both of them!
Congratulations from me as well.. and marrying into the Vanderbilts.. Fanty and Mingo would both be sooo happy!
While I am extremely happy for Rafael and Consuela, and wish them all the best, I gotta say...the first thing that came to my mind after reading the notice is "Invasive much?"

I of both sets of parents? Is this normal thing?
I of both sets of parents? Is this normal thing?

For an "eighth-generation descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt," yes.

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