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October 25 2007

SciFi Channel greenlight Jane Espenson's new pilot. Variety reports that 'Warehouse 13' got the okay for a two hour pilot to be filmed this autumn. And as luck would have it, there's a brand new interview with Jane over at

Go, Jane! So, Warehouse 13 must be where they build robots programmed like Jane Austen characters. Or the global supplier Doublemeat.

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Wow! Many congratulations to Jane and her co-writers.
This is great news! I was watching the BSG Razor videos on SciFi's website & seeing Jane's name in the credits was a reminder that we only have one season of BSG left. It made me think how much she would be missed in genre shows. This sounds really promising, yay Jane!
Great news! (But the link to Variety doesn't work for me?)
Congrats Ms Jane E, the very best of !Kittens! to ya ;).

(does sound like X-Files meets 'Moonlighting' with maybe a soupcon of 'The Librarian' thrown in)
Don't forget a bit of "The Lost Room"
Awesome!! Congratulations, Jane!

As I read the beginning of the article, I was thinking to myself, "sounds like that place at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark," and sure enough, there it was in the article! Go, me. (But not as much as Go, Jane!)
Congratulations Jane. I will support anything you do!!
ok what is skein????
ok what is skein????

A word you'll only ever find in Variety articles ;)
Sounds fun. A bit too much like Eureka which I never cared for. But, Eureka didn't have Jane behind it!
I hear you. Never got into the whole 'Eureka'-thing either, so the set-up alone wouldn't have me excited. This having Jane behind it, however, means I am now officially hoping this'll get picked up as a show (plus, sci-fi, so less chance of fast cancelation, if it des get picked up).
kurya, a skein is a hank of wool or embroidery thread, the shape you'd get if you wound it round your arms from elbow to thumb and back or round your hand from little finger to thumb. So presumably it means "thread" in this context - a whole sequence of things.

Variety has never shown much interest in learning the language we know as English.
Skein means tv series in Variety speak.
(does sound like X-Files meets 'Moonlighting' with maybe a soupcon of 'The Librarian' thrown in)

Better not be more than a soupcon, though if it's Bob Newhart, that's cool.

I'm all excited about this, even though the premise sounds kinda clunky. Not worried, it's Jane Espenson, and Rockne O'Bannon is no slouch, either.
Danny Strong playing Zoe's old lover, THAT would have made Wash jealous!
Well that's something to look forward to.

Also, on SciFiWire:
hehe, thanx for the explanation(s), and yeah I know Variety has their own "speak" it would be nice if they have a highlight or cursor function that if you move your cursor over the word, you will get the english translation :P

And yay for Jane, it looks interesting...
Also sounds a bit like the old Friday the 13th TV series (which had nothing to do with the movie series), without the cursed by the devil angle of course.

And, I too, was scratching my head at 'skein.' I know the word and its meaning and I couldn't figure out WTF they were talking about.
I'm not to sure about this one. I know its Jane Espenson, so I'm going to give it a try, but one major reason why I loved the X-Files so much was that there was so much chemistry between Mulder and Scully that didn't resort to sexual tension (at least, not for a good long while). Chris Carter had to work his ass off to convince the folks at Fox not to force him to vamp it up, so I just get the feeling that the series is going to echo what the X-Files could have been if the Fox execs got their way (In regards to a love triangle between the leading federal agents in this series). Doesn't exactly leave me holding my breath with anticipation.

Of course, expecting a television series to equal the integrity of the X-Files is a mite unrealistic, which is why I cringe every time a new series is compared to it.
I would watch a Jane show about the joys of sheep shearing, so this...Hoo frickin' Ray!!! Jane is the holy mother in my house so I'm comin' out in all kinds of support! Love me some Jane E!!!
That 'X-Files+Indiana Jones+Moonlighting' sounds like the pitch. I'd guess the show will be much different; though a show with some mystery, humour, action and sexual chemistry sounds like something I'd like to watch.

Jane is writing it along with Rockne O'Bannon - of Farscape, Alien Nation (the film) and Seaquest DSV. That's good enough for me to be interested. Go Jane!
Yea, Jane Esp!! Good for you. I'll give it a watch for sure.
Rockne O'Bannon, Jane Espenson

Holy f&^%. Perhaps I should buy a tv. Argh, but it'll be on cable. Boo. Still, a big YAY for the writers. Maybe it'll last awhile and come out on DVD.
Holy crap! The premise sounds very intriguing. I'm curious to see who will be cast, who will run the show (Jane, please) and I hope we see the pilot.

This is fantastic news! Go Jane!

The premise kind of reminds me of Torchwood too, with the supernatural gadgets causing weird stuff to happen.

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Best news I've heard all week, you can never stop the mind known as "Jane". That girl will shatter the planet someday like....sorry, too much Stephen King this week.

Oh hell, Jane, you know what we want. Just go out and do it.
Yay, congrats to all involved. Will watch cause hey - its Jane!
A skein in a ball of string. Somehow that translates to "tv series".
Espenson and O'Bannon?

I'm in.
Even though Flash Gordon solidified my belief I'd be let down by 95% of SciFi's output, heck yeah I'll check this out. Yay Jane!
Yeah, Electricspacegirl, Torchwood came to my mind first, too. If Torchwood had Jane, it could have been very different.
Luckily, Variety has this handy-dandy glossary for defining their terms, like "skein" and "feevee" and, of course "thrush." You might feel just a little icky afterwards, but do read the whole glossary. It's boffo.

And yay, hooray for Jane. Sounds very cool, and wot a busy lady she is.
I'll watch anything Jane E is involved in. Good for her. Rockne O'Bannon is no slouch either.
Also sounds a bit like the old Friday the 13th TV series

That was the first thing I thought of too. I loved that show when it was on. I wish they would bring in out on DVD so I could rewatch and catch up on the many episodes I missed.

And I'm definitely up for anything with Jane E. and Rochne O'Bannon (I absolutely loved Farscape). Great news indeed!

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