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October 25 2007

Witch Willow Scores High ! Our favorite witch makes an appearance on AOL's Favorite TV Witch Poll!

Don't know if everyone can link to this, but it's always good to see Willow making news! While you're at the site, check out the 10 Scariest TV Characters for a glimpse at some Gentlemen that just may be familiar!

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Sorry Megaloo - didn't see your post.
Always good when Willow gets attention, but that list is really lame. All three of the girls from Charmed? Several characters from dimly-remembered sitcoms and TV movies?

And they couldn't even show us pictures of Marge as the witch, or Lisa Hartman in character and in costume from Tabitha? Lame, lame.
Actually it was all four girls from Charmed, which is a bit much, surley they could count as one entry?
I couldn't see the list. Will try again.
Yeah, definitely one entry.

I'd say Willow deserves first (she's certainly my favorite), but Ms. Stephens does deserve special mention, I suppose.

That list was pretty strange though. I don't even know half the people on it.
In my book, the top two entries are reserved for first Willow, then Tara. They balance each other. Willow leans toward the dark, while Tara leans toward the light, and together they make the bestest middle.

All other TV, movie, book, scroll and etching witches come after them.
quantumac, you beat me to it! (And there's quite a wide gap between that #2 slot and whoever's in third place...)

One entry I was surprised to see on that list was Amanda Tucker from "Tucker's Witch." I was beginning to think I was the only person alive who remembered that show.
My guess, in a Willow vs. Samantha Stephens witch-off...not even a contest. A twitching nose...please!

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