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October 25 2007

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #23 Covers. They're finally here! The regular cover is one of my faves on Joss' run. You'll have to scroll down the page a bit to find them.

Colossus is the variant. Meaning that Kitty's the final variant. Meaning that she's dead, IMO.

"But Cyclops has a plan." One that doesn't involve being so dead.
Howard the Duck is back?!!
I actually would really like Scott to be dead. I think the end of issue 22 would be a perfect way for him to die. But, of course, Kitty's going to die and Joss can't kill off all of Marvel's characters, now can he?
You never know. Maybe being dead is the plan.

But, of course, Kitty's going to die

*covers ears and hums loudly*
Well, technically he did have a plan, and it was set in motion with his sacrifice. So, he could be dead while having a plan.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want Kitty to die. I really don't. Really. I just think there's a good chance that she's screwed.

I'm hoping that "Cyclops has a plan" actually means "Cyclops HAD a plan that Emma snatched out of his mind moments before he died." Let's cross our fingers, shall we?
Oh, I didn't think you were happy about it, leafblown.

I did think Cyclops was dead. I'm really leaning toward a miraculous rescue at this point. And someone else choosing to stay behind. And for the record, I'm not all that convinced by these ideas, either. But Emma was just too complacent. Something's up.
I thought he was dead at the end of #21, so I am determined to think he's not dead this time :-)
Maybe it wasn't Peter to begin with...maybe Colossus is really a figment of Emma's imagination. And she's projecting his presence to the world--Professor X could have pulled that off, why not the white queen?

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Please don't burn those! Give them away instead! There are needy fans. And children. Don't forget the children... who like vampires. And need strong female role models... who kill vampires.
That's a great cover. Reminds me of some of the great, classic brawls Wolverine used to get into back in the '80s, when he'd slaughter battalions of Genoshan troops or dozens of ninjas without breaking a sweat.
Wait, so is "Cyclops has a plan" the spoiler? Can someone vague that up for me.

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