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October 25 2007

More of the Geek Monthly interview with Joss. They're still doling it out in bits.

Apparently my annoying email to the editor wasn't annoying enough. I must try harder.

"I always said 'you either make TV or you watch it.' The thing is, I get addicted to things. So I donít have video games. If I had a video game console in my house, I would never work again. So I have to dose myself. I mean, obviously I watch Battlestar, but thatís like air."

More Purply goodness. The Angel Canon Definers and the Angel Cliffhanger-no-not-Cliffhanger people can dissect the rest, but being neither of those, I will just say it's good to hear more of Joss' much-missed voice.

(Dreamlogic, annoy like the wind, my dear. You can do it, if anyone can. ;>)
The people who donít want to accept the comic book donít have to, and the people who want more, they shall have it.

Cans ! Worms ! Pigeons ! Maybe Joss really is a god cos that's just the kind of "fuck with 'em" type of dealio a cranky deity might pull ;). Still, nicer than offing Assyrians I suppose.

Good interviewlet and I for one support dreamlogic in her annoying endeavours, what's with the drips and drops Geek Monthly ? It's like the Chinese Water Torture but drier and less Chinese.
I thought it was nice that Geek Monthly put their print interviews online. They don't have to. Many magazines don't. SFX magazine I'm looking at you.
True, Simon but they asked for it. There's an editorial note at the end of the interview in the magazine promising more of it online. Still not delivered.
Dreamlogic, you did get a good piece out in the masses and you said what we always wanted to. Thank you! Now, as how the piece was carried or a little jive in the wording is always a risk. Come now, that's expected. That's PR at run full tilt.

Doesn't matter, we know where you were coming from and we are in full understanding. As I suspect others are. Personally, I say you did a great topic. Thanks!
So good to hear the Voice Of Joss, especially saying "obviously I watch Battlestar, but that's like air."
If anyone missed it, there was a fun photo story with Juliet Landau in issue with the Tina Fey cover. I think there was something else Jossy about that issue as well.

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