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October 26 2007

Nectar Rose Joins Cruise Lineup. Mr. Universe's LoveBot added to Browncoat Cruise Guest List, bringing the total number to Six. Also, there are just a few openings still available on the Cruise, so you should hurry.

I met Nectar briefly a few weeks ago. She's a sweetie. Obviously, she doesn't really have much to say about Serenity, but give her a bottle of whiskey and tell her to have a laugh and she'll go for it.

Also, she can DJ.

[ edited by gossi on 2007-10-26 10:40 ]
Joss spoke highly of her ability to remain motionless for a long time. Goodness, this is turning out to be an interesting guest list!
"Interesting Guest list", indeed!

Ron Glass -A BDH/Shepherd/possible Operative

Michael Fairman -A BDVillian

Jonathon Woodward -A former Army Buddy/fake corpse

Sonny Rhodes -A Blues Singer/Firefly Theme Song Singer

The Bedlam Bards -Two Filk Singer/Songwriters

Nectar Rose -A LoveBot (patent pending)

-I can hardly wait 'til November 30th! :)

[ edited by TDBrown on 2007-10-27 02:05 ]
Nectar is so lovely. I really wish I could go on this - it's gonna be a party boat.

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