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October 26 2007

(SPOILER) 'Angel' and Demons: Super, Naturally. Richard Harrington of the Washington Post (Wolfram &) Harts the Angel Box Set. And Buffy. And Firefly. And Joss. (Spoiler tag solely because it mentions how Angel: After the Fall begins.)

Starsky and Hutch? I don't see it.
Not the movie. (Feh! Ptooie!! Bad! Bad!!)
The TV series. (Cool!)
If you're not old enough to have ever seen the original series, and all you know is that rubbish movie, then you won't see it.
The original series is on DVD. Check it out.
: )
Oh come on, I liked the movie. It was a great spoof of S&H. But then I like most of Ben Stiller stuff, esp when teamed with Owen Wilson. But I could see the S&H reference with Angel. Spike and Angel made a good team, with all their differences and similarities playing agaist each other. I really wished they would have been able to be on the air at least one more season to really develop their relationship. I am so looking forward to this comic.
*gasp!* ...are you insinuating that somehow the Post might be affiliated with W&H??!

hmm. Broder, Gerson, Applebaum, Cohen...could be...!

what a nice review. And it actually sounded like the reviewer is familiar with the Jossverse. The Washington Post big time newspaper.....

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