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October 26 2007

Buffy tops favorite Halloween episodes. A few weeks ago, our Asks... blog invited readers to share their recollections of TV's most memorable Halloween-themed episodes of past and present shows. Buffy episodes "Halloween" and "Fear Itself" made the list.

Oh, me first! "Hush". No way to top that one.
Well, Hush may be the scariest, but it's technically not Halloween-themed. :)
Grr, they got the James Bond bit attributed to the wrong episode.
Does "Gingerbread" count? I always loved that one.
I have always loved the Halloween episode with the frat house(Fear Itself). I always imagine how much fun it was to dress that set.
Tonight at a Halloween party, after most everyone else leaves, we're watching three Buffy eps: "Halloween" (the obvious choice), "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," and "Once More, With Feeling."
I prefer 'Fear Itself' to 'Halloween', although the latter is probably the better of the two. However, my vote for best Halloween-themed TV episode would have to go to the 'My So Called Life' episode 'Halloween' - which seems to have had a big influence on more than one Buffy episode (for example, 'I Only Have Eyes For You').
I was set to have a Halloween marathon of Buffy episodes tonight, and I'm currently watching "Halloween." I was going to watch "Hush" and I realized that it aired in December! I suppose it should have been foresight to try to make "Hush" a Halloween episode, but I'm guessing production just didn't work out that way. I love how "Halloween" and "Fear Itself" both reflect dramatic differences in the seasons and the evolution of the show from second season to season four. "Halloween" was really a standalone episode that was very monster of the week. It delved only slightly into the characters and served to introduce Ethan, but "Fear Itself" was used to reveal much more about characters themselves, and gave us a most awesome Giles with a chainsaw scene.
I'm waiting for (U.S.) Thanksgiving, as Pangs is one of my favorite ever BtS eps. :) And trying to figure out a way to use it to convert my sister, as I know how much she'd appreciate the witty social commentary, if she'd just give it a chance.

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