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October 26 2007

Angel: Hunkiest of all comic book hunks? Angel appears in this poll for The Top 15 Hottest Comic Book Hunks at Comics Alliance.

It's a shame they didn't spell Boreanaz correctly.
Angel's in third place ... behind Chris Evans (Johnny Storm, Fantastic Four) and the guy from Supernatural. I can accept Chris Evans (maybe) ... but Angel fans need to get over there and vote :)
Wha...where's my comment? I know I posted it! Ah frak...

To recap: like Kizzy, think it's a mucho shame Comics Alliance couldn't take the effort to spell David's last name correctly. That and I voted for Gerard Butler's Leonidas;)
Exactly how are Sam and Dean Winchester COMIC BOOK hunks?

And, you know, I know Angel is getting his own comic, but seriously... this list is dumb.
There was a Supernatural comic book published by Wildstorm. I think it was a prequel on them growing up.

Had to vote for Cillian Murphy though. Love them geeky and evil. :)
Why with this and so many articles, interviews, etc. for David Boreanaz is he referred to as "Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? He co-starred on that for three years, he STARRED in his own show for five. Why doesn't anyone remember that little show called "Angel"? Especially when we're talking about his comic book appearances.
Sigh. I voted Angel but was really torn between David Boreanaz and Christian Bale.
It should be called the 15 hottest actors to portray a comic book character or something similar. Supernatural isn't a comic book. I know about the prequel comic but thats like saying Star Wars and the Alien Franchise are comic books. And plus its not the characters that are hot but the actors.
I don't know...Angel would win by a long shot, but Sam AND Dean Winchester, that's a double whammy.
Superficiality time:

I can't choose a favorite, but I would cut Tobey Maguire and Cillian Murphy from that list and just have a Top 13 or whatever. I thought Cillian Murphy was hot in 28 Days Later, but everything I've seen him in since then he's just looked bizarrely, sometimes creepily, androgynous to me (all right fine, I thought he was back to being hot again in Sunshine, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's beautiful [and barely-released-to-theatres] sci-fi film). His look worked for him as nutty Professor Crane/Scarecrow in Batman Begins and naturally served him well for his cross-dressing role in Breakfast On Pluto (I think I've seen all of the guy's films, he's a brilliant actor).

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