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October 26 2007

(SPOILER) Spoiler video for next Bones episode. Hilarious promo for this weeks Bones Halloween episode. Did I mention ... spoilers??? Click on the Bones Video (#2) under 'latest videos'

Aw, he's a Squint! My hero.
I'm really beginning to like this show... I NEVER thought I'd be saying THAT!
The preview after the last episode had an ongoing argument about

Looked fun.
There's actually some argument about that? Wow. I've been out of the mainstream comics world too long. Or maybe not...
Watching the Word Series, I've seen lots of promos and it looks hysterical.
Didn't get the funny. Last weeks trailer was much more funny IMHO. Anybody care to explain where the funny was? Yes I know, i know, jokes lost then, but I'm genuinely bewildered. There's a life in danger and they leave, or what? Why is that funny?
My theory has always been you either find something funny or not. Just as in a certain set of shows by a guy named Whedon, the funny is not that someone is in danger and half the team is told to leave, any more than the funny was that Giles was being tortured and Buffy is wasting time trying to make up stories about being in a band. A lot of the funny is in the ernest attempt to save whoever it is while being in a ridiculous position. That and the character driven humor of too much literalness and the typical blunt honesty of characters who do not see why someone should get their feelings hurt when the other person is simply stating facts. At least, that's what I found humorous.

"There's actually some argument about that? Wow. I've been out of the mainstream comics world too long. Or maybe not..."

I have no idea. It had a nice clip though of Bone's boss saying that the first one was the strongest and Bones (in street clothes) saying something like, "I don't think so." Cut to her in costume asking Booth his opinion. I thought it was nicely done.
I saw the promo on TV and thought it was hilarious. I love Bones and thoroughly enjoy both seasons. I always think it's got a lot of funny in it, and some of the funniest parts are the banter between characters, the exploration of two people's worlds.

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