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October 27 2007

(SPOILER) Southland Tales Book One preview. Buffy Season Eight isn't the only comic book to feature a character portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Here's a preview of the prequel comic to Sarah's new movie.

Actually all three books have been out for a while. I think the first one was released almost a year ago. I just finished the third book recently, though
Might be another in the endless line of reprinted material that keeps coming to market. I've never read it so I was happy to see some of the interior artwork. Looks like Grett Weldele has got kind of an Ashly Wood / Bill Sienkiewicz thing going on. I like it.

If I didn't have this brand new shrink-wrapped Absolute Edition of Watchmen beckoning to me from the dresser, I might run out and get a copy today. But Rorschach and the rest await.
I was pretty sure they had already been out. Thats why I didn't say it was upcoming. The article it self said that. Because it has a mind of its own. A crazy mind that wants to eat us all and then party like its on sale for 19.99!
The first book is being provided in its entirety on various websites. I'll try to put a complete list together. But if you're interested in getting it free on pdf.s, you can start on

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