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October 27 2007

Pics of Amy Acker in 'The Novice'. As provided by the movie's director.

This is dated in IMDB as last year so I assume it's still in edit? (and hasn't this subject been done to death as of decades ago? Or am I just imagining that?)
This is a little OT, but did anyone catch Amy Acker on Ghostwhisperer last night? I was channel surfing and heard her voice, and I even managed to sit through the rest of the episode to watch her. (Not a fan of the show.)
Hmm, go figure.

palehorse, I missed that one, do you have a question?
The movie was done editing in 2006 and had its world premiere on March 29, 2007.
How pretty is Amy? It should be somehow illegal, y'know.
Love Amy Acker. She is bar none my favorite actress.

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