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October 27 2007

Sarah Connor Chronicles photo shoot video. Watch Summer bounce on a trampoline in this behind the scenes footage of the promotional photo shoot for The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Couldn't see this already posted anywhere so I thought I'd share.

That was a fantastic behind-the-scenes-of-a-photoshoot. Was that a body double doing all the damaged Terminator looks? I wonder if they plan on adding Summer's face to her.
I don't know - I can't imagine Summer NEEDING a body double.
Watch Summer bounce on a trampoline

Cider, your summary? For the win.

Almost Human are the Buffy effects guys, yes?

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Oh, my...

River is very all growed up.
This stuff is actually mostly from wardrobe and make-up tests, so I guess that is why it doesn't matter if it's Summer under that make-up--they just want to see if it works on camera.

Having said that, let me just comment: Wooow.
Blimey. Why don't we just call this show 'The Summer Glau Chronicles'?
We figure it's the stunt double.

Wow. Summer's poses were stunning.
They're all so gorgeous. The pretty people make my Id smile.
Oh come on...Isn't someone gonna be in their bunk or do I have to say it myself?
Wow, those kicking-with-guns shots, bad ass! OK, I'll say it: I'll be in my bunk.
Simon, I always enjoy reading/hearing "blimey", I think it's one of my favorite Irish-isms (or do Scots and Brits use it a lot as well ? And Aussies and Kiwis ?). I sorta get the intent of it, but does it have a dictionary definition ? I realize I have a giant dictionary at my fingertips at the moment, but I'd trust a real live Irish dude's explanation before I'd trust Wikipedia.

Summer is cool and growing up nicely and kicks so much ass. Was Thomas Dekker dancing in the shadows in one of those shots? He seems like a bit of a ham. Goofy pretty-boys are fun. I hope he shows up on Heroes again some day, even if his homophobic handlers won't let Zach be portrayed as the best gay friend of Claire's he was turning out to be.
Could Summer possibly be more awesome? Is it January yet?
Checking my stores of fruits and various meats. Think I'm fully loaded.

In my opinion, I think that little summer's is a wolf.

I'm telling you, this show rocks, at least the pilot, and it's all because of Summer...

Let's hope they keep up the writing and CGI quality and it's set for a fantastic season...

Here's a completely legal 2 minute preview with bits of Summer...
(apologies if it's been posted before)

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Oh and it may not just be a stunt double - I'll try not to say too much
but there are terminatorS (plural) on the show - good and bad.
Summer really does look great. I am so impressed with what little I have seen so far.
I'm not Simon but I feel compelled to point out that blimey is not specific to the Irish and also that the word British isn't a synonym for English so that Scots are Brits too.

According to the OED, blimey is a "vulgar corruption of the imprecation blind me!".
There are some screen shots of the pilot here

Blimey is used like Gosh or Gee whizz or some other such general expression of astonishment. Never knew it came from 'blind me' though. Thanks for that. Never thought of it as a particularly Irish expression either, it's used all over the UK.
Blimey is simply a shortened version of "Cor blimey", which allegedly is derived from the expression "God blind me". Cor blimey was still in regular use in my childhood (particularly in London), but seems to have largely fallen out of use now.
I think I may be the only person in Northern Ireland who actually says blimey.
Blimey indeed.

Can't wait till January...
They look like they are having so much fun doing this. It may be contagious.

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