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October 28 2007

Fan reporting in on Creation Firefly/Serenity Convention. I love reading these.

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Wow! That sounds very exciting, and those are some fun extra perks for the 'gold' ticket holders. Now I'm wishing I was there!
I always wish I was there when I read these
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Apparently not.
Ever since Virgin Media got rid of the old NTL proxy sites, I've been unable to access the site directly. Have to use one of those godawful public proxy sites instead.
Sweet, I missed yesterday wasn't feeling well for part of it and then went to the Marster's thing but I am glad I am going today and I have a gold. Not only do we get the breakfast but it seems we also get a free duo photo op with Sean & Summer.
RavenU, that is like a Tamm sandwich!
Thanks Simon, but I've no idea where to find a proxy site...
Gag, try here. In the box at the bottom, stick in and click Go.
Thank you, but it didn't work.

Edit: I made a stupid mistake. It works now.

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That worked for me - thanks. I didn't realise it was a Virgin media problem - not been able to get on fff for so long now.
RavenU Nice pictures from the Marsters CD launch.
Some upcoming Qmx merchandise on display at the convention:

They're about 5" tall.
Rosie's report (the link bix posted) explains how Alan misunderstood Nathan and started the sequel rumor.

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Nathan's with Summer on stage now. Is cute.
And now Summer's with Nathan for his panel. They just switched seats. :-D
Alan Tudyk is here. He asked a question disguised in a long coat and floppy hat. "So, Mal is considered to be like Han Solo, but isn't the thing that makes Han Solo cool is that he FLIES the ship??"
A fan gave Nathan a card to give to Jewel. "Here's a handmade birthday gift," and when you open it, a big middle finger pops up.

Nathan's got a bag of goodies that he's giving to those asking questions. Money from Firefly, scripts, photos, etc.
Thanks for the links to Qmx's merchandise, deanna b, I love Lexigeek's work and it is great to see it all three dimensional!

This really sounds like quite the party, and Nathan is definitely the life of it. It is so cool to see how much our BDHs like each other and enjoying playing together.
And now Sean Maher has joined them. Much huggage.
(Thanks for doing this, deanna b, our Live Blogger Extraordinaire.)
Sean felt left out because he just found out about the DVD's in space. It was a great time, to see them on stage together. Nathan explained to Sean that he had done the Hero digital art project and Nathan said he was a hero of the 21st Century, Sean looked and him and then laughed "Your joking, right."

Alan was getting upset cause Nathan was giving away Firefly money and Alan didn't have any. It was a great way to end the event. I hope to have more photos up by morning.

Thanks newcj.

I am looking for anyone who lives in the area of Wilshire, who could do me a small favor email me at ravenunderwood @ I lost one of my flash cards at Busby's and I cannot get them to answer the phone to find out if anyone found it. I'm hoping if someone who lives around the area could stop in and see if they have it. Any help would be appreciated in this. Thanks.
When Summer was having her Q&A, a question seemingly came from nowhere. Summer looked to the one question line, and the voice in the microphone boomed, "No, I'm not over there." She looked at the other question line, "No, I'm not over there, either." Then a shadow appeared behind the projection screen, arm reaching out to the projection of Summer's face. Then the mysterious shadow disappeared, and Nathan's face peeped out from behind the curtain.

Alan pouted because Nathan was giving out such better prizes than the autographed trading cards that Alan was giving out yesterday. And Sean pouted that Nathan had more people in his question lines.

Just before Sean joined Nathan, Nathan was asked, since he also played a doctor, who was better as a doctor, him or Sean. Nathan said that Sean was the better doctor, but Nathan was better with his hands, and gave a leer.

While filming Slither in Canada, the makeup slime would freeze on him in the cold, and he got a bit of freezer burn on his forehead that way.

Someone asked Nathan about vampires vs. zombies. Nathan said that while some vampires are good, choosing to drink only animal blood, he can't imagine any zombie choosing not to be monstrous. And while he doesn't have any vampire plan, he has a zombie plan. Huh? Well, he's thought about it, and decided that, since he's next to an apartment complex under construction that doesn't have the stairwells yet, and he's also next to a golf course, in the event of zombie attack, he'd raid the golf course for golf clubs, which would make really good weapons, use rope to climb to a higer level of the unfinished complex, then use the golf clubs to clobber any zombie who'd try to climb after him. But what would he do for food? Well... uh, he could probably make it to McDonald's.

I saw some of the Whedonopolis reporters making detailed notes, so there'll undoubtedly be a full report soon.
By the way, I forgot to mention that the large hall was around 80% full for the stars' panels, so I'd say well over 1,000 attendees, enough to consider it a big success. I've seen other Creation cons with a whole lot less people than that, so I think they're undoubtedly quite pleased with the turnout.
Oh I'm happy to hear that it was well attended, I was worried when I noticed that there were still tickets available on Friday.
So now NEXT weekend we'll be wanting to hear all about the Starfury LA event!
Well, I'm uhhhmmming and ahhhhing about taking my laptop to the US with me - so if I do I will try and find the time to report back here and add some pix and stuff.
Oh I'm happy to hear that it was well attended, I was worried when I noticed that there were still tickets available on Friday.

I've never heard of any Creation Con selling out, especially not ahead of time, as a large percent of memberships are bought at the door. They always hold their conventions in large venues, so this Serenity con used 2/3 of the same enormous main ballroom that their huge Grand Slam convention does (the other 1/3 was walled off and used for Gold ticket events), rather than using the tiny junior ballroom in the other tower that was all that Flanvention ever booked. *cough*
Actually there was only about 600-700 people over the entire weekend. It looked like more but the seating was actually more spread out, than it was at Grand Slam. At least that is what one of the dealers mentioned hearing from the promoter. The Gold Seats (about 100 tickets) sold out.

Next year will be interesting since they are holding 3 events in the same venue the same weekend, it will be Firefly, Stargate, and BSG. I think they are scaling it down in tickets as well, to about 500-700 per event and a lot of people bought the discounted upgrade tickets for next year. I think the first row is already gone and some of the second row as well.

Another thing I liked is that Summer's agent had told her that her time was up but told her she can stay if she wanted and that is when she changed seats with Nathan.

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That was my estimate, about 700 based on the size of the room. It looked like it was double the number from Saturday though. I was really impressed with the Creation staff and all they did to make it a fun event. They treated us really well, and I must admit to not seeing any of the negative things people have brought up about them in the past. It was a fun weekend, and just seeing the cast on stage again was a real treat.
Sounds like it was a great time. :-) Now when will we get to see all the pictures?

*taps toes impatiently*
Well, if Lynn hadn't gone off to Monterey to visit an old friend, I could have posted our pictures today. I'll try and get them up when she gets back in a few days. Here's a link from the SoCal board with over 100 photos.


Thanks for the link. Those are great pics!

"109 Photos, more to come"

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