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October 28 2007

A review of the 'Serenity: Those Left Behind' hardcover. Nice story, shame about the extras.

If you've already the paperback collection, I wouldn't bother getting this version. It looks nice but if you were expecting some new insight into Joss and Brett's story you'll be disappointed.

And for some reason only six covers from the original mini-series get reproduced in full. The Book cover is missing completely and the Simon and River covers are combined together on one page.

Shame to hear about the covers. Is Nathan's intro still included in the Hardcover version?
Yes Nathan's intro is there.
I'm torn. I covet this new edition, but if there's nothing new inside .... then again, it is a hardback and there is the book jacket with Jaynes hat. But it is expensive(ish), then again, it is Serenity. I'm torn.

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I still want it, but am less likely to shell out my own dough now. Perhaps someone will get it for me for Christmas...?

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