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"I didn't lay my faerie eggs inside your inner ear canal to watch you die."
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October 29 2007

(SPOILER) Live from Scranton: Office writers talk Joss. And have very nice things to say about him (spoilers for Joss' upcoming episode on Thursday).

The Writers' Block was amazing. I was the person who asked the question about the directors on the show - I basically said that with the writers having so much creative control over their episodes, what do the directors contribute creatively to the episodes, especially when you have people like Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. And that was the great answer I got. =)

And the first 8 minutes of Branch Wars was incredible!!! I think you can really tell the difference when you get a great director, the pacing was great and he hit all the beats perfectly (and Ed Helms, who was watching, was laughing hysterically throughout the whole first act!)

PS - Michael Schur is adorable, we took a picture with him and he is super sweet.
Eeee, Thursday can't come soon enough!
Ain't no party like a Scranton party, 'cause a Scranton party don't stop!

The only thing that would have blown the roof off would have been an appearence by Whedon himself. It was a great weekend and insane to see my city invaded by so many Dunderheads!
I'm so jealous I didn't get to go this year....but NOTHING will stop me from going next year (except if they decide not to have a convention....though I'll probably still just show up in Scranton dressed as Pam..)
I was planning to go as Pam, kballgetlost :(
kballgetlost, according to this morning's paper the organizers are already beginning to plan out an event for next year. According to Michelle Dempsey who pitched the idea to begin with, “It looks like we’re going to do it again,” she said. “(The cast) wants to do it.”

I'm still exhausted...

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Huh....hubby is applying for a job in it wrong that I want him to get it just so I can go to this...
So. Many. Days. Until. Thursday.
Thanks, Joss! For being you and finding a way to be here in some way, shape or fashion. Miss you in the land of television.

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