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October 29 2007

Entertainment Weekly's Top TV Icons. Buffy squares off against other legends in EW's Top TV Icons Bracket Game.

That was fun, but there comes a point where I couldn't vote for Buffy as the most iconic: my very final two was between Jack Benny and Bob Newhart, who were both so brilliant in everything (I finally went w/Bob Newhart).
It came down to Lucy and Sarah for Lucy but Sarah is number one in my exercise
Oh, dear, how could they put her up against Samantha?!? I'm sorry, but Buffy didn't even make it out of the first round for me. My final battle was between Carol Burnett and Bill Cosby, with Bill Cosby eeking out the win.
Real fun. Some brought back many memories and it was hard at times. It's good to see faces from the past we still love.
For me ... it came down to Buffy and Shatner. I'm such a geek. =)
She came up against Frasier in her round. I loves ya Buff, but Frasier is the one.

Final round: Frasier vs Michael J Fox. Don't make me choose. *sobs* Nope, can't do it. I can't choose between them. But I have to. Aaargh!!!

*deep breath*

Frasier it is. Sorry Michael. Carrie Bradshaw came third. Wonder Woman totally beat out Buffy too.
I never thought I'd see a Buffy vs. Hawkeye showdown.
Buffy defeated the entire first cast of Saturday Night Live!
I agree with Cabri, SMG didn't make it past the first round for me! Buffy - as great as she is - isn't the legend that Samantha Stevens is. Not yet.
Buffy vs. Captain Kirk! I figured Buffy could take him as long as Spock wasn't around.
For me it was Buffy vs. Dick Van Dyke. As much as I love the Dick Van Dyke Show I had to go with the Buffster. I tended to skew toward comedians in general though. Letterman, Kovacs, Newhart, Lucy, Hartmann. Got down to some tough choices.
Comedy and drama, old shows and recent, are hard to compare. It came down to Buffy and Andy Griffith for me. Kirk made it through one round. Picard would have lasted longer.
I gave Buffy a pass to round two, but in the end it came down to Dick Clark and Lucy. What can I say? I love Lucy!

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