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October 29 2007

Happy Birthday Tim Minear! Wishing him the back nine of his next project, and every project after, forever and ever.

Happy birthday and many more to come!
Happy Birthday, Tim.

"I hold the power of life and death and, yes, leather pants. I am drunk with it." - Tim

(And I've been looking around online for anybody's report of Tim at this past Screenwriting Expo 6 with his "Breaking the Story" seminar, but haven't found a thing so far... do post it if you find one...)
You never run "Out of [Creative] Gas," Tim Minear!

ETA: A Firefly allusion in tonight's episode of Chuck, in which Adam asks regarding another character, "What, is he gonna hurt me with his mind?"

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Tim's appearance at the Expo was canceled last minute. No explanation was given. :(

Happy Bday, Tim!
Many Happy Returns to to a very talented and creative guy, in a business where creativity is a hard sell. Irony fully intended ;-)
Happiest of Birthdays, Tim, and many more to come!
Happy happy birfdaaay! :)
Awww Happy Birthday !
Can't think of a better gift for Tim than the aforementioned back 9. Happy Birthday!
Loved your stories and look forward to more. Happy Birthday!

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