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October 29 2007

(SPOILER) A Review of My So-Called Life's New DVD Release. Includes a few references to Buffy and mentions Joss Whedon's essay about the show, included with the DVD.

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I wasn't going to buy this set because I was one of the lucky few who actually got a copy when it came out. After reading that review I must have it. All of the special features are cool.

It was evident that Joss had taken notice of MSCL. It's influence showed up in Buffy a few times.
I'm also one of the few who got the original set, but I had to get this. Can't wait to see the features and the commentaries, and I'm glad it has a good 5.1 track (the original set's was BAD), but man, it irks me that they didn't re-master the eps.

MSCL was my first love. Buffy was the show that took away the hurt. And the loss of MSCL taught me to tape. I taped every ep of Buffy from Season 2 on. I miss those days.
I have recently finished re-watching the R2 DVD. It's a brilliant show and watching it again has reminded me how huge its influence on Buffy really was.
I've never seen the show and even though I fully intend to try it I can't ever seem to get around to it.
I've just finished watching the R2 dvd also. I remember identifying with just about all the school-age characters on one level or another, something that I didn't experience again till Buffy. As the article says, the show was ground breaking and incredibly strongly written.
Re-watching them again now that I'm closer to 30 than 20 only makes me identify with the adult characters aswell as the teenagers.
Plus, the swoon-worthy Jordan Catalano, who set the benchmark for schoolgirl crushes. Back then I would have been head over heels, now I see all the things that would make me run a mile!
I literally ran to the CD store as soon as school ended to get this! The Joss thing was a bonus too.
Joss' essay is really good. I got it today. People who haven't seen, buy this. Really.
I ordered it on last weekend... I can't wait to get mine.

I was 14-15 the year 'my so-called life' aired and wow it reminds me of being that age.

I didn't know about Joss having anything to do with it. now I can't wait even more.
That essay was my baby. I'm glad Joss had the time to write it, and I'm glad you shelled out the money to read it. I'm going to go cry uncredited tears into my beer now. Don't mind me.

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