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October 30 2007

Joss Whedon and the Vampire Detectives. With the Angel Collector's Set coming out in the States today, GreenCine speaks to Joss about the show and other stuff as well (the likelihood of a sequel to Serenity and his upcoming projects Ripper, Goners and Cabin In The Woods).

Just think of any potential brick walls as an Ignatz-like armory. (Yes, you need to both have read the article and know a little something else to know WTF I just said.)
"Oh my God, this is why people do cliffhangers! It's so easy to write, there's all this stuff to wrap up. I'm so happy!"

Loved this line.
Goth detectives. Make that series, somebody.
Nothing sets me up better for the day than reading a Joss interview - nice one. Ok, perhaps coffee helps as well.

And I have no idea what Bix means.
Vampires, vampires, vampires, ughhhh
Wasn't that Anne Rices downfall??
I know I will like any article that starts "I miss Joss Whedon".
And I cheered when his purpleness mentioned Goners. I live in hope that one day he will say the magic words "green-lit" but until then, I am happy to just hear it is still in the works.
Never really got the cliff-hanger POV, "Let's go to work" is a complete sentence ;). And personally, i'm quite fond of ellipses ... --- ...

"Right now, nobody has any plans to do any kind of sequel," he explained ...

Quick, find a way to spin this so that there can still be "talks" of a sequel without "any plans" being made ;).

And who wants to start the petition for Brett Ratner to direct "Serenity 2: Bitty and Bombastic but Hey, Wolverine !" ?

(or maybe "Serenity 2: Dark Wash Rising")
I've already seen somebody saying the "Not yet" means there's a sequel in the works, Saje. Which, if you ignore the rest of the interview.. ;)

I started work again on the Goners site recently, also. Best timing ever.

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I've already seen somebody saying the "Not yet" means there's a sequel in the works, Saje.

Fandom is not rational. If it was I wouldn't be a part of it.
Aah Simon, yours in irrational solidarity ;-)
You and me both, Simon. And Woody Allen.
OK, but there's "irrational" (as in "love") and then there's "batshit crazy" (as in "going through their bins" ;).

Utterly not accepting bad news lies somewhere in between.

(and I wouldn't want to not be a member of any non-fandom that wouldn't have me as a non-member)
Gives a cool badge to Saje.
Cool badge man, ta.

(i'll wear it until The Cool Badge People realise and demand it back ;)
Does anyone know anything about that Angel promo pic in the article? It might be a season 5 one but I've never seen it before.
Someone should manufacture a talking Joss action figure that dispenses writing wisdom. I put his comments on index cards for ease of reference, but maybe something with a little talking chip. Doesn't have to be fully posable, just sit in the corner, Buddha-like, and say something smart about writing whenever you, say, place a Marvel comic in front of him. I guess that wouldn't be an action figure. More like a sedentary figure.

And those so inclined could use Li'l Joss for shrines.
sorry, bix, I only skimmed the "Angel" part of the article, altho I can see, form experience, where brick walls would come ointo a Joss interview.
As for Ignatz, I often quote his "O-I-C- now."
If I read it correctly it's advertising Angel as part of the WBs "Big Sunday". I forget which season Angel aired on Sundays (the 3rd or the 4th).
Huh. So I'm not the only one who cheers on the inside after hearing "Goddard" and "writing" in the same sentence.

bix, that comment made me kind of sad. For some reason it made me of think Joss as Krazy and tv world as Ignatz. :( No pilot aired = brick.
Does anyone know anything about that Angel promo pic in the article? It might be a season 5 one but I've never seen it before.

It looks to me like a early promo pic, in which they recycled some old Angel pic from BtVS.
Very nice interview. Gotta love that it started out with I miss Joss Whedon.
And then they got to talk to him! Lucky gets.
Hey, nobody picked up on Saje's elliptical SOS! Don't worry, dude, I'm on my way...
Cheers jam2, my flotsam's sprung a leak, things are starting to look a bit dodgy ;).
Angel aired on Sundays paired with Charmed at the start of season 4.Then if I remember,they moved it around mid-season,after the winter hiatus.

In season 3,Angel aired on Monday nights.
Does anyone know anything about that Angel promo pic in the article? It might be a season 5 one but I've never seen it before.

It's a photo of a poster. Said poster was a promo from the WB early in the run. It was conveniently on display at one of the vendors at the Creation con this weekend. The quote that can barely be seen says "Tall, Dark, very very dark."
Actually, Joss should have been asked why the FBI likes to hire "former" vampires. Remember, while David Boreanaz is making his mark again on "Bones", there's also James Martsers who hopefully will be back soon on "Without A Trace."
Hee. Vampires in puffy shirts...

*immediately pictures Angel wearing Jerry Seinfeld's pirate shirt.*

Nice interview, filled with a rich Jossian flavor.

"The thing is, I've never been able to make reset TV. I've never understood it and I've never liked it. I cannot just have people get kidnapped and then next week be all chipper so they can have their next adventure. I find that offensive and bizarre and as a kid it would frighten me, it would confuse me."

Oh, can I get an Amen here. It still frightens and confuses me - and that's why I want my JossTV.

And though I really never was the cheerleader type:

"Goners, Goners.
He's our man.
If Joss can't make it,
Nobody can.

Goooooooooo, Joss. Rah!"

*waits patiently by the computer with other Gonerses for news of Goners..*
YES! I too, loved that "reset TV" stuff. That is, I loved what Joss said about it.

I can't claim to be frightened, exactly, as I picked up early that nothing that happens lasts beyond its ep., but it has bothered me.

Though, Buffy is guilty of that, in that there's no mention of, uh, Xander's friend, vamped in the first ep. If that had happened in any other season, he wouldn't merely have vanished at the end without a trace.

But I quibble.
The Angel finale rocked. It was perfect down to the last line.

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