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October 30 2007

Chiwetel Ejiofor in "American Gangster". Our Operative is third-billed after Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the fact-based drama opening Friday.

Wow, he's really blown up the past couple years. The be thrid billed right after two huge stars like Russell Crown and Denzel is quite an accomplishment. I don't want to say it's ALL because of Serenity, but since then he's had quite a few big roles in bigger and bigger movies. Good job, Chewie!
Well, chalk up another triumph for Joss Whedon, Starmaker!
I am a big fan of Mr. Ejiofor. He's done top notch work in every film of his that I have seen, and his involvement in this movie makes me a lot more likely to see it.
I actually just saw Serenity for the first time in, er, years - Chiwetel can act.
The only other films I've seen of Chiwetel's (so far) are Melinda and Melinda and Talk to Me, and damned if he isn't the best thing about them. The man's on fire. (Not to be confused with Denzel and Man on Fire.) Anyway, this flick looks pretty good.
Washington, Crowe and Ridley Scott directing. Three Oscar winners with about a gazillion other nominations between them, all well deserved. Not bad company! I am so there for this one, as soon as it reaches my little corner of the universe.
Washington and Crowe are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week. The film is getting quite a bit of press.

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