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October 30 2007

IGN's Top 10 Halloween TV Episodes. IGN does up a decent list that includes both "Life of the Party" and "Halloween".

I totally love both of those episodes...Willow's exasperation at not being able to turn the page, Cordy in the catsuit, Xander in Charge...Angel and Eve getting it on...the whole party, especially Harmony, gettin' down with her bad self on the dance floor.
I second Chris inVirgina :) When Willow walks through a wall in the library and scares the pants off Giles, well I'm laughing at that even now. And Fred's drunken "You walk alone! You walk alone!" and Wesley's inability to remember to punch the button for the elevator... Ahh good times :)
Oh, I was gonna say Fred's "You walk alone!" too. =)

Slightly off-topic, on a recent episode of Supernatural, one guy picked up a little Jesus figure belonging to another guy, prompting the line "Donít play with my Jesus." Right away I thought "this is a Ben Edlund episode." Sure enough it was, and it was a riot from beginning to end. The guy is still firing on all cylinders.
jam2, I too thought that was a fantastic episode. I see so many references or parallels to Buffy and Angel I've got to snicker everytime, and all of my non-Whedonverse friends just wonder what they're missing out on.
Happy Halloween, everyone!!! Halloween is probably the best Halloween episode ever. I love it!! I think I'm going to watch it tonight :)
The article mentions Buffy doing 3 Halloween eps. After "Fear, Itself," what was the other one? I am drawing a blank.
Might be they are counting "All the Way" as a Halloween-ep, that's the one where Dawn is on a date with a guy who turns out to be a vamp. I think it was halloween, not entirely sure though.
Yep, that was the other Halloween episode. Remember...Spike gets mad at all the vamps because it is supposed to be their "night off" and they are stirring up trouble. Those pesky vamps!
I don't seem to remember very much about "All the Way," other than I think it had Amber Tamblyn in it. Thanks for the info. :)

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