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October 30 2007

TV Guide Talks with Joss about Angel, Goners, etc. Joss continues his press tour for the Angel Complete Series box set.

Great interview. I'm loving all the new Joss info.

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It took me a couple of episodes to recognize the Buffy-Faith dynamic in Bionic Woman. I think it was when one of them actually said "See. Want. Take."
If I donít have anything to sayÖ you know, it can be a trap, letís just put it that way. And you can go onto the Internet and read three people discussing you endlessly and think "Oh my god, I have the biggest fan base in the world!" [Laughs] And then your movie opens and you find out whatís really going on.

Now who would discuss him endlessly? What an ego!;-)
And to think, at Comic-Con he admitted he was a bit worried he'd be forgotten. Hey, no chance of that...ever!
I'd just like to know the difference between a Hellmouth and a Hellnostril, which may also be under Seattle since on "Reaper" that's where all the Evil Souls show up when they escape from Hell.
That's pretty funny, Lioness - I pulled out the same quote:

"The key is to not get all up in yourself. Thatís why I stopped doing interviews for a while. I didnít have anything new to say and I didnít want to be the guy who has to hear his own voice. If I donít have anything to sayÖ"

So I'm thinking maybe Joss feels like he has something to say again - which is welcome news for the citizens of Whedonia (hail, hail) who await his stories, both old and new.

TVG: "Speaking of movies, how is Goners going?"

JOSS: "Um, itís going. Itís not going as quickly as I hoped, but then again, itís movies and thatís part of how theyíre different from TV. The script has been done. And I have rewritten itÖand have rewritten it again. Itís the kind of the world we live in."

TVG: "The nature of the beast."

JOSS: "Yes. And I think the operative word there is 'beast'!"

*waits patiently by the computer for Joss to tame The Beast.*
"The key is to not get all up in yourself."

Words to live by.
My Angel boxed set arrived a couple of hours ago!

It's sitting right next to Chosen.
I noted the quote that Lioness pulled out too. It seems sad to me. He's still so disappointed about the Serenity opening. And since I'm a newbie Browncoat, I know I let him down.
Clementine, you didn't let anybody down. Let me be absolutely clear - I can actually speak for Joss about this one because he's said it before - Browncoats of any generation shouldn't beat themselves up for Serenity not finding it's audience, because it was neither their responsibility nor fault.
Reaper was just OK. It wasn't Buffy if ya know what I mean.

I'd love to see Nick Brendon in Goners or how about that yummy Jensen Ackles?
Maybe we need Angelus to kill The Beast. (Again.) After the Fall, anyone?
I second that, kerfuffle, bring on Nick Brendon and Jensen Ackles!!

Great, now I have to replace 'hellmouth' in every episode with 'hellnostril' hehehehehee.
I wish Goners would get the shiny greenish light already!

I wonder how the upcoming writer's strike would effect Joss' project...
Maybe if he finishes the latest Goners draft the studio would just let him shoot it.

after reading this - - I got to thinking. WGA Writers won't be on set to supervise script revisions. but writer-directors such as, oh I don't know, certain purple letter guys, won't have that problem, now will they? :)

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Ghost Whisperer's town located above a "hell nostril"! Oh yes, that just about sums it up, thank you.
Oh, come on. We all know Goners is just waiting for the Sarah Connor Chronicles to wrap up its season so that Summer has time to film the lead role.


That thing about what could have potentially happened in Angel season 6 made me all sad.

what could have been...? ;_;

Write another tv show please.

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