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October 30 2007

The E! Online interview with Joss Whedon. You wait ages for a new Joss interview and three come along on the same day.

That's the one I just added to my office week post.
A Joss interview with a musical soundtrack. Nice. Nothing new here but it is so good to hear him say he needs to tell his stories.
Because we need to hear them.
That's the one I just added to my office week post.

I just saw that but I think we'll keep this as a separate post.
Having binged on three lovely interviews over my lunch today, I find, yet again, that I am endlessly impressed by the manner in which he presents himself. I know that when you do a million of these, as Mr. Whedon has, you become adept at presenting yourself a certain way, but Joss seems so completely genuine that it is hard to not be charmed by his intelligence, his humor, and his genuine passion for what he does. I really only have one thing to say to his purpley awesomeness:

Dear Joss,

Thank you for being such a fantastic artist. Beyond that, thank you for being such an excellent human. If you produce/write/direct/mastermind it, I will look.

Multiple Joss interviews make me merry. Or, as Dickens might say, merrie.
That pony hasn't done anywhere near its last trick. That's why the smart money is on Joss every time.

The waiting between projects for opportunities to pan out has got to be murder in the first degree. I wish him patience in the face of any and all obstacles, and a never-failing belief in his own awesome capacity to make magic that will keep moving hearts and shaping minds for years to come. I've got faith that something is going to happen eventually that will allow him to tell the stories inside him the way they want to be told, and it will be wonderful.
But Kristin forgot to ask Mr Whedon why he keeps writing these strong female characters...
I'm tired of waiting, Mr. Big Purple.
Damnit. I want some new stories and I want them ASAP.
There are only so many times I can rewatch all the seasons of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. Sheesh.
Hurry up, will ya?
Yes, no more children and/or sleep until you birth a new TV series, Joss.
Ah, well, obviously there'll be no interviews tomorrow to make up for it.

Because nothing ever happens on Halloween...
Not that I've seen E! in years or anything, but the unabashed Whedon love is not something I would have expected of one of their interviewers. Based on my years-ago viewing. She didn't seem to expect the joking answers and tone at first but it looks like she adapted pretty well. Good for her. It sounds like a good group to direct, too.

Funny, gossi. What about cookies?
Sunfire, Kristin is a huge Buffy fan, and she did a video interview with James Marsters, Amy Acker, and J. August Richards on the Angel set once, and she was pretty excited about that. I'd expect her to gush over Joss because she loves his shows so much.
Nice interview. Nothing can change my love for BtVS, but I would LOVE to see what stories Mr. Whedon might like to tell next. He's no one trick pony!

At the same time, "Ripper" makes my ears perk up.
Yep, it was obvious she loves the shows, ElectricSpaceGirl. I like to see the geeky side of E!. :)

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