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October 30 2007

How Artistically-Inclined Browncoats Celebrate Halloween. /film includes a Serenity-themed entry in Part 2 of their selection of the best cinematic pumpkin carvings.

My personal favorite would have to be the NBX movie poster carving in Part 1. Some amazing work here.

Wow. Those are all incredible! I love the Serenity one, but my perrsonal favourite has to be Gollum. I have no idea how those guys can put that much detail on a fruit!
Hm. The carvings are very good, but not very pumpkiny. More like merchandising on a pumpkin.
I'm loving the Pan's Labyrinth pumpkins, but I wanted more Serenity ones!

Not being American, the only carved pumpkins I've seen are the ones on TV shows, which tend to all be the same triangle-eyes design.
Sunfire: What is a pumpkiny pumpkin? heh.
A pumpkiny pumpkin is carved by a person who accepts that it's a pumpkin, and that the point is to be creative and have fun. I don't doubt that the people who made these had fun, and carving even a likeness takes creativity, but the trend bothers me.

My favorite jack-o-lanterns as a kid were the creative ones where people used the contours of the pumpkin to make funny expressions, surprising outlines, or scary faces. An odd growth could a protubering eye. A tall skinny pumpkin could be a thin ghoulish face. There's a current trend where the purpose is to recreate some design, whether it's from a movie or a magazine craft gallery. It's Halloween. It's the holiday for unscriptedness. People choosing scripts bothers me. I guess I'm trying to say that I miss the playfulness and the spontaneous creativity. Jack Sparrow is already everywhere. Someone please carve a scary monster I've never seen before.

I guess I'm officially old now that I'm becoming a purist. Much as I love the Serenity logo, and think the pumpkin is gorgeous, it strikes me as one more data point in the pattern.

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