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October 30 2007

(SPOILER) Boston Herald Interview with David Boreanaz. Not a lot of new info but a very minor spoiler (picture) for this weeks Halloween episode and some future plans.

I see Boreanaz still hopes to get James Garner on the show as his grandfather. Good idea. He would also be a more believable therapist that the guy they have now.
With all the latest discussion about Wonder Woman, I wonder if the costume was done on purpose.
Or rather, will people suggest Emily Deschanel should be Wonder Woman, even in animation? Sounds like a good idea to me.
He would also be a more believable therapist that the guy they have now.

Surely we're not talking Stephen Fry? There's never anything wrong with Stephen Fry.
No, impalergeneral meant the young therapist they go to as a duo. Stephen Fry was only Booth's therapist. Bones wasn't assigned to him.
Exactly! Where's Stephen Fry? Bring him back instead of the 22 year old alleged psychologist the FBI have assigned to Brennan and Booth.

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"The one thing I donít really want to do is dive into his painful experience being a sniper and all that procedural stuff," he said.

This disappoints me a little. I would actually rather watch Booth deal with some of his painful issues rather than some of the fluffier stuff they've tended to do lately. I enjoy the comedic element of the show and I appreciate its efforts to bring character development to what could be a fairly run-of-the-mill, dry procedural. But I think Booth having to deal with his sniper past - something obviously painful to him - would just serve to add another rich layer to a great show.
Stephen Fry had scheduling issues so couldn't come back to do more as Gordon Gordon (possibly ;), Psychiatrist Extraordinaire. He's a very busy fellow in fairness what with QI, books, screenwriting, acting/presenting in various TV series/documentaries etc.

(he quite enjoyed it too apparently, partly cos he could have lunch with his old mucker Hugh who was filming 'House' just over the way)

The new shrink is OK IMO, the fact that he's very young is being made to work in the script what with Booth's alpha male shenanigans and so on but obviously Fry would be better cos, y'know, Fry's always better (all you other fan's know he now blogs BTW, right ? As you'd expect, 'tis a joy to behold ;).

And I also wouldn't mind seeing more of the sniper fall-out. Seems to have been largely ignored considering it's Booth's main driving force (though I do also like the lightness).
I don't think it's a matter, necessarily, of him not wanting Booth's sniper story to be told, I just think that inevitably, all procedural shows make it this long, stretched out arc. You know, someone from the past comes to remind Booth of his old ways and everyone is stunned into silence. I think what the producers and writers have done is let it out slowly, give tidbits here and there, and not overwhelm the audience with all the details all at once. Booth remains somewhat of a mystery.

I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday's episode. Haven't we all felt an urge to take revenge on Halloween mazes?
While I hope they don't go so far as having a very special episode dealing with Booth's sniper past, I would like to have more of a feeling that the character actually had one. I can understand if DB wants to keep things lighter as a change of pace, but I think it could also make Booth and Bones' relationship "new and challenging" if there was something more serious underneath the 'will they or won't they' tease. On the other hand, if he continues to jump and squeal (or shoot) at the sight of a friggin' evil clown, I take it all back!
What's a Squint, other than something you do with your eyes?
Squints are what Booth (DB's character) calls Bones and her team.
A big ol' nerd in other words Craig ;).

... all procedural shows make it this long, stretched out arc.

True but then all TV mixed partnerships stretch the "will they/won't they" thing out too which 'Bones' seems in real danger of doing (and I personally am so very over). Booth doesn't need to become a constantly brooding loner but as bloodflowers implies, it's almost like they've retconned the sniper aspect out. We don't even see him (for instance) make a great shot every now and again, just as a reminder (they've done it once or twice but not recently that I remember).
What is it with men and their need to be stubborn?! I noticed that in this episode, Booth does the same thing Riley does in The Yoko Factor.

In "The Yoko Factor" Angel shows up and then Riley bursts in with his gun pointed at Angel, threatening to shoot him til Buffy steps in and makes both boys sit put. And when she tells Riley she has to talk to Angel alone, he gets all pouty and says, "i'm not going anywhere." Buffy shrugs and takes Angel into the hall, and Riley says, "I'm not moving a muscle." which was hilarious.

So in this "Bones" episode, Booth, Bones, and the team are arguing over how to find the missing girl and Bones tells everyone that the scientifically inclined have to make their factual decisions, not leap to conclusions like Angela, Booth and Cam. So everyone but Booth exits and Booth insists on waiting in the office while they work, and when Bones pushes him to leave, he goes "fine, I'll wait outside. With this chair." and takes Angela's chair with him. I immediately thought of Riley in TYF!!

Re: sniper/will they and won't they...I think the problem some shows get into is that they have this pace, and when they kind of change that pace, go more serious or more light, some fans aren't prepared for it. I think "Bones" does a good job of keeping the pace right. I'm thinking that they'll get a little more dramatic come sweeps time.
as far as sniper Booth ... well we saw a little return of him this week. That was an awesome shot Booth made at the end. And Bones understanding that it hurt him to have to kill someone was a great touch. I think in that interview DB meant he didn't want to focus on the sniper angst ... they did do that a little in the first and second season. And as we saw this week ... they did touch on his feelings about taking a life. (And after 8 years of angst and woe (wonderful years for us .. but difficult to portray every day) you can't blame him for wanting to keep it a little lighter.)
He is, after all, billowy coat king of pain.
Agreed on the angsty business. And besides, it would be sad to waste DB's tremendous comedic talent.
I didn't mean for the show to become a broody angstfest :) I just notice that they sort of hype a bit of angst-potential (like Booth's gambling addiction) and when they finally show it, it's either treated lightly (like the gambling thing - I really thought they were going to do more with that aspect of Booth and instead it was mostly a punchline) or it's given a few scenes where Boreanaz can show his serious side and then go back to mocking the squints.

I totally won't knock his comedic talent because I'm really digging that too :) I could see bits of it when he did Angel (the Manilow-lovin' horrible dancer) and I thought this Halloween episode was hilarious (clowns ARE scary!)

I guess I just was thrown by DB's comment about not wanting to mess around with the snipery stuff anymore because I thought stuff like that allows him to make his character even richer. I dunno if I'm making sense so I'll shut up now.

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