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October 31 2007

Headtrip character dresses up as River for halloween ...and confuses us all with her name.

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Oh, fine, like I wasn't hooked on enough on-line comics already...
I have to quote the short-haired blonde on the old HBO comemrcial; "I don't get it."

I guess it's like the play "The King in Yellow" mentioned in the book The King in Yellow, it's more effective if we *don't* know the details.
Nice. I was initially a bit confused that the character's name was Mal, but, well, I got over it.
"Shawn of the Dead" shout-out s'OK with me (actually went as him a couple of years ago. White shirt, name tag, red tie, cricket bat - yep, i'm lazy, sue me ;).

So, did she hurt her with her brain ? Otherwise i'm also pitching a tent in the "Don't get it" camp.
Good catch, Saje. That one (SoTD) shoomed right past me. Pfft, and I call myself a Peggster.

"You've got red on you."
I just realised it's 'Shaun' too (initially typed 'Sean' thought, nope that's wrong, then thought 'Dawn [of the Dead]' and the rest, as they say, was a shit mistake - i'm not even gonna call myself a Peggster anymore ;).

OT but did you hear they're doing a US 'Spaced' remake Willowy ? I guess i'll reserve judgement (the US "The Office" is pretty good after all) but it screams disaster waiting to happen to me (McG FFS ? McPlease-God-No more like ;).
A US Spaced remake ... I'm getting bad memories of the US Red Dwarf. But at least the series is getting some attention long after it ended here in the UK.
The female character's name is Malory according to the cast bios.

And the concept of a U.S. Spaced frightens me. Why couldn't they just air the UK version and be happy? Don't worry though, it'll be dumbed down so much that no one will recognise its parents and then Fox'll cancel it after three episodes.

Or it will be a breakaway hit. Who knows?

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Oh, why do they have to talk about an American version of Spaced? We just narrowly escaped an American version of The IT Crowd! I have no more faith that it will succeed anymore than most of the other versions they've ported over have. Particularly since, according to Edgar Wright, they haven't talked to him or Simon Pegg about it.

US TV, stop stealing British shows I like and turning them into your own abominations! I watch British shows to escape your crap!

I think that about covers the news re: Spaced remake.

Had to edit myself as my "Nooo..." was so long it deformed the page (and the space-time continuum, no doubt).

In other 'exciting news':

"Steve Shill is set to direct NBC’s two-hour backdoor pilot Knight Rider, a Transformers-inspired redo of the 1980s series starring David Hasselhoff. Doug Liman, who is executive producing the project, had been eyed to direct it subject to availability. His feature schedule prevented him from helming the pilot, which is expected to air as a two-hour movie on NBC later this season."

[ edited by Damon (zeitgeist) on 2007-10-31 19:53 ]
And that wasn't the camp Vader "Noooooo!", that was the real deal. Thanks for sparing the space-time continuum zeitgeist but if the remake goes ahead we may live to regret that decision ;).

Steve Shill is set to direct NBC’s two-hour backdoor pilot Knight Rider ...

My non-deistic-exclamation-of-bafflement, is nothing sacred ?

(though if they do an A-Team remake they need to have Katee Sackhoff as Face. It'd just be too funny ;)

So they canned 'The IT Crowd' remake ? I guess it had some chance owing to Richard Ayoade reprising Moss but it was still probably "ill-advised".
(though if they do an A-Team remake they need to have Katee Sackhoff as Face. It'd just be too funny ;)

That's awesome :)
It totally is ;). I can't take any credit of course, it's basically her idea (after Dirk Benedict's, err, less than favourable response to Katee's Starbuck she's said it in a few interviews, primarily, i'd imagine, to take the piss out of him. All that and a sense of humour too, eh, nice one Katee ;).
An American Spaced? Errr...

Not that I don't love my country, but well, you just don't mess with fried gold. I'd much rather see MORE real Spaced. Tim & Daisy and little 'Luke', ten years later? You couldn't pry me away from my tv with a crowbar.
"Spaced II: A New Hope" ;).
Perfect. You know The Pegg would eat that up with a spoon. :D
I think the point of the comic strip is that there is a panel missing -- you have to imagine what "Mal" did, because what you can envision is better than what the cartoonist can draw. Your imagination fills in the blanks.
Kinda like, "What in the world did Giles do to make Glory's minion cave so quickly?" (I can think of several ways to make anybody talk, but it would take more time than that...)
Maybe he had an early copy of the "Repo! The Generic Opera" trailer on him ? Ooh, meoooowww ;-).
That link lead me places, until I found this:

Another webcomic, another Firefly reference. I loved it!

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