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October 31 2007

Charisma Carpenter: IGN's Babe of the Day. This is in recognition of the release of the Angel series box set. And Charisma's debut on 'Big Shots' is scheduled for Nov. 29th according to TV Guide.

I've combined your two Charisma entries together so we can keep all the Charisma goodness in one place.
Wow, the Angel box set is getting all sort of publicity isnt it:)and by extension After the Fall.
It's interesting that the 1st picture in this article is of Charisma on Veronica Mars, however there is no mention of VM at all. Instead they bring up Boy Meets World, in which she had one throw away line in just one scene in one episode.
I know I'm a broken record but dangit I want to see her, in either a romantic coemdy or a mroe seriosu piece, palyign a "Native American" woman.
Thanks Simon, I didn't know I could double link. . .

I'm really excited about Charisma's upcomming projects. I heard that her episode of Back To You will air next week (11/7) but I haven't heard any confirmantion

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Charisma was on Boy Meets World!?!?! I never knew that. I'm glad she's getting more exposure on new tv shows. I miss my Buffy/Angel peeps.
Now if we could just see more of Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards, and Amy Acker, we'd be in business. :)

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