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October 31 2007

Anthony Stewart Head sings Rocky Horror. Just in time for Halloween, the Coverville podcast has resurrected an old song from everyone's favorite librarian, who played the lead in the London cast of the Rocky Horror show.

This classic recording is from 1991, and is featured in Coverville episode 379, from October 30th.

The song, "Sweet Transvestite," starts at about 13:50 into the show.

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Oooh, when did he play the lead? I saw Rocky Horror in London sometime in the summer of '76, I think it was. It was showing in a converted movie theater.

And then it was just the Rocky Horror Show. It didn't get named the Rocky Horror PICTURE Show, until it became, well, a picture show (or movie as we say in Yankland).

This site says 1990, and the album came out in 1991. It was not a full album of the cast recording.

Per your comments, I have made the edit to remove the "picture" from the title as requested. Thanks for letting me know.
I have the mp3 by itself, he's a great singer.

I'm super excited for Repo! I just saw the trailer today and searched the archive for news stories and was shocked when people were calling it the worst they'd ever seen. I'm sure if they saw a trailer for Rocky Horror without knowing what it was, they'd probably think it was pretty weird, too. Keep an open mind.
Uh, wow. Thank you. This is brilliant.

Hopefully everyone has seen this picture.
My Halloween is complete.
Tony has a great voice. There's a clip on YouTube of him singing "Sweet Transvestite" at a convention. He does a great job. I'm also looking forward to hearing him in Repo.

P.S. This is my first post!

that is all i have to say, which is kind of disturbing :P he's so good!
Good day to start, shishkarobb!
My favourite Buffy actor combined with my favourite movie...very cool.

Thanks for this!
Ooh, look - my second post. (My first one's buried in the Dollhouse post.)

I was very fortunate to see Tony perform this song live at Motor City Buffy in Detroit in '05. I'll never forget the high kick he ended it with. (Or the hug I got from him after the concert...)

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