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October 31 2007

Buffy in the ER. An interesting blog entry about how a volunteer ER chaplain has used Buffy to connect to patients in the ER.

That's part of a chaplain's job, providing non-denominational comfort.

I loved her use of the parlance like "Mary Sue." Heck, it could happen.

Plus was a bit tickled; in my futurefics set in 2026 and following, my own Mary Sue has become a Lutheran minister. (No, I'm not.)

It just is another example how knowledge of anything cultural will sooner or later create openings with somebody. Anyone who w orks with people needs to keep that in mind.
That was really nice.

But season seven does not suck. I'm pretty sure this is a can of worms that no longer needs opening, especially since no one agrees with me.

ETA: I'm such an ass for not focusing on the wonderful things in the article. I wasn't being too serious, or really even very serious at all. But just wanna reinforce that I think she sounds like a great person, and those are some very sweet stories about caring and unity.

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Fantastic! Loved that she could transcend one religion (or none even) and connect to people. At its core, Christianity really is about being kind to others, helping those who need it, and being a joy and comfort to those in their dark days.
What a wonderful thing! This was a great find JudyKay7. I'm passing it on to all my friends who don't visit whedonesque.
I really liked what she said about scripture. Ever since I discovered the Whedonverse, I've felt a sense of community that I don't think I could find elsewhere.

And I hope she'll get her Mary Sue wish one day. ;)
I owe the find to my sister, who frequents medical blogs and knew I'd enjoy this. I also enjoyed her concept of scripture as any story that creates and helps maintain community. Fits the Whedonverse to a Tee!!
"(I also happen to think that Buffy's a deeply spiritual show, although in unconventional ways. But that's a subject for another post.)"

Yah, me too, and I'd like to read that post, if she writes it.

I, too, hopes she gets her Mary Sue wish - which is not really so fantastickal. Love of the Buffster helps Robin regularly (of the upcoming Buffy Season 8, #10) and offered solace to the late Mrs. Pointy...

ETA: I noticed a link on her comments about the Buffy Singalongs and followed it - and found that buffysingalong is selling Singalong Home Kits while they are on "hiatus" - partly to recoup some of his losses that resulted from the cancellations. For anyone that was interested in helping out Clinton McClung, this might be a good way to do it: OMWF (Uncool Kids).

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Nice link, JudyKay7. Thanks for posting it.

BTW, UPC, I agree with you.
UnpluggedCrazy, you are not alone in thinking that season 7 does not suck. And the more often you watch it start to finish, less favorite eps included, the better it gets.
Um, not that I've watched it start to finish that many times. Or the entire series, not all that many times. No, no .... that would make me a geek of epic magnitude. ;)

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