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October 31 2007

EW Steel Cage: Halloween Edition. Willow is up for "Ultimate Good Witch", and you can vote for Spike as the vampire that makes your blood race.

As a fan of all things Whedon, I maintain that it is hard to be objective. But how in the hell is Selene from Underworld winning over Spike? The movie wasn't even that good.
Hermione vs. Willow? Difficult.

Um, I think it's the blood-racing quality that's winning, not movie quality. Although I did like that movie, myself.
I think Tara would have been a better choice for a good witch, considering she never turned evil and tried to destroy the world or anything like that.
That was fun! Willow may be at the bottom of the list, but only 8 points separate all four witches.
As for Selene over Spike (not by much even)I think all that says is that there are more guys voting than girls ;)
They left Cruella DeVille out of the animated villanesses.
No Oz!!! Very sad....

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