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October 31 2007

Best News Ever! Joss Whedon Spills Exclusive Deets on his New Series. Joss, Eliza and Tim reunite for new Fox series called Dollhouse. :D Interviews and quotage. Ausiello Report has a rundown on this most awesome news as well.

Other links:
TV Week
L.A. Times

For you Purple People Watchers, there is now a Joss Posttm in this thread.

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7PM PST on the date of this post here (November 1), or 7PM PST on the day it is in the US right now (October 31)?
In four minutes. :)
She's late. Although I'd bet she's not the one sitting there clicking on the 'update' button.


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Joss, Eliza, FOX, 7 episode commitment. "Dollhouse".
Cabri, you took the high-pitched sound of geeky delight right out of my mouth.
no words
no words
Wow. F***kng awesome. Not just Joss and Eliza, but Tim too? I could cry.

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Fox? Fox?

I just don't know what to think. I mean, I am in shock right now. I want to jump up and down, and I'm jumping on the inside...but, FOX??? I don't know. Maybe it's a sexy enough show that it will get good ratings.

OH MY GOD!!!!!
Time to make a new category here, mods. ;) (Done -Damon :))

ETA: And this hits right before we all start showing up in Hollywood tomorrow for Serenity LA. C'mon, Joss, you know you want to come to the parties and beam about this, right?

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God, I want it now.


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Excuse me. I have to call everyone that Iíve ever met right now.

*joins the high-pitched squeeing already in progress, thus causing bats and dolphins everywhere to become extremely confused.*

And Tim, 'cause it wasn't exciting enough already... and it's Halloween, how fitting somehow!


ET: fix the fact that I've been a day off all day.

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Great news! Joss+Eliza+Interesting story=Something pretty damn good.
Ohhh...I am so confuse-ed by this. I want to squee - in the most masculine manner possible, mind you - and shout my glee to world...


IT's FOX!!! Our beloved Big Purple One decreed no more Fox for him when Firefly got shite-canned...but the new show is gonna be on Fox! I am seriously hoping Fox bribed Joss with a butt-load of greenbacks and a signed-in-blood guarantee about how the show will be developed, filmed, advertised and broadcasted;)
Really excited. The premise sounds different. I didn't like the premise of Firefly when i first read it either, but of course that turned out to be gold, so i have much faith.
lol get it...FAITH.
Proud of you, Big Purple Dude, for getting the guarantee that you will be able to finish telling a (seven-episode) story. That is leading with the love pump. Plus: giddy happy for me, viewer-wise.

ETA hint that I'm not an uncultured stick: Is the title in any way a reference to Iben's feminist classic, "A Doll's House"? Cuz if so, I want a star.

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All seven scripts have been written?
No, noóare you kidding? I didn't spend that much time in the bathroom. All seven scripts have been pitched, all stories have been pitched.

Ausiello has the story too, and more quotes from his own interview.

TV Week has it's own interview.

Seems Joss has been busy the past month or so from the sounds of it.

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YEE-HAW!! I can't concentrate on anything else right now! YAHOO!

Super big Congrats, Joss. This will be of the awesome. YESS!!
VARIETY: Joss Whedon preps Fox series
TVWEEK: Joss Whedon Returns to TV with New Series "Dollhouse"
LATIMES: Whedon Returns to TV with Dollhouse
The other thread (oy, couldn't we have kept this in one, rather than one after the other?!), Joss addresses the FOX issue:

Great chemistry and intriguing premise notwithstanding, you'd think that after Fox snuffed Whedon's Firefly and hung up on Dushku's Tru Calling, one or both of them would have been more than a little hesitant to get back into bed with the network. "Honestly? Walking back into that building was pretty damn strange," Whedon admits. But "I always had a good relationship with [20th Century Fox], and on the network end, it's a completely new bunch of people, and from what Iíve seen, a fairly impressive bunch."

Dushku seconds that emotion. "I really get the sense that they're committed to [this show]Ö It feels right."

And she also says this: "Itís going to be pandemonium when this [news] hits."

Um, you think?

Joss like opened a door and there was no brick wall behind it.

*does the dance of joy*

Wow...Just....Wow. I honestly never thought we'd see another Joss show on TV!! PS...this is my first post on whedonesque. =D
I can't wait to see if Joss can do it again. Make me love all the characters in the first episode. He did it with Firefly, he did it with Buffy....*still can't believe it*
Oh. My. God. Joss returns to TV? I have been waiting so long for this. This is just - the best news ever!!!!
And I'm guessing the title is a reference to the Ibsen play?
Well good, I was concerned about the Fox I will proceed with the snoopy dancing (in my Halloween Fiona outfit). Thank You Joss! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I'm a little disappointed this isn't the Faith spinoff, but I'll watch anything Joss, Tim and Eliza do, and combine them together, it should be amazing.
Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Anyone know what the best way to clean urine out of upholstery is?
This news has made me so happy I can't describe it. I honestly just can't stop grinning. :)
Could this day get any better? Sugar high, finally got the Whedonesque membership and now a new Joss show!

First post and no words. Figures.
From the interview it sounds like Eliza is co-creator, which is cool.
Since they got a seven episode commitment will Joss try to do a mini-arc so that if it isn't renewed it will still have some closure? Hate to be a pessimist but I remember the Big Purple One saying that the end of Buffy season one was written that way.
How amazing is this??
Gorramnit, gossi, where's the fansite?! ;)
I'm so glad I decided to check here one last time before retiring for the night. What fantastic news!!! All the troubles of the day have melted away in a flash. I am so deliriously happy about this!

Sososososo excited. Screw the pessimism, I just want to see Joss and Eliza back in action on the small screem, I'll take whatever air-time we can get! Let's start the campaigns early and get everyone and their mother watching from the get-go!
Gorramnit, gossi, where's the fansite?! ;)

I know, seriously! It's been an eternity since this news dropped!
Clearly, 5X5B and deadbessie are using magic. :)
This is real? No really real? Seriously? This day just got so much better! The best Halloween EVER!
I'm so glad I decided to check here one last time before retiring for the night.

Same here. I was just about to go tot bed when I decided to give this place one more check and I'm so glad I did.
b!Xy: "Gorramnit, gossi, where's the fansite?! ;)"

Second thing I thought of after I stopped squeeing. :D

First thing: But what about Goners?
*Snoopy Dance*

My first post and all I can think of is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
*remembers to take a breath- and then adds to general squee of the thread*

I always knew that I loved Halloween more than Christmas- and see?? I was right!!
I'll be in my bunk...
Must not scream while costumed children walk by (my first post as well).
I just bought a fansite domain, but I haven't gotten anything up yet... I know, I'm slow...
Joss like opened a door and there was no brick wall behind it.

I dunno, there could be a wall in there somewhere, or maybe a really clean pane of glass.

I want to get crazily-insanely excited, but I just can't (and it's not 'cause of the Fox thing), I think my optimism is broken.

(okay, I'm a little excited, but not as much as I should be considering the talent involved with this show)
QuoterGal, if you need someone to hammer out some HTML and do web pagey stuff, I'd be willing to help.

I'm not much of a designer, but I can program.
I just bought a fansite domain, but I haven't gotten anything up yet... I know, I'm slow...

And I know which one it is. Offer to help stands from me as well.
I know I should be cautious, but... I just have a good feeling about this one.
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Fox, Whedon in "Dollhouse"
EW.COM: Joss Whedon taps Eliza Dushku for new Fox series
I think I'm going to cry because I'm so happy. yayayayyayayayayayayayayay!!!
Hey, and I said Joss would have a new TV show on within five years. Turns out, I overshot a little -- it was less than one. No tricks, all treats this Halloween.
Now that he's back on Fox's good side, you'd think he'd be able to get the funding to make those Buffy/Angel TV/Made for DVD movies...
This is about as good as the news can get. I've been hitting the Buffy DVDs extra hard lately, it is so hard to get my fix. Heroes was good for like a second, and comics just aren't my thing, there is a void in my life and it is called Joss Whedon and it is coming, yes definitely, for sure, definitely. And not only that, but I could finally register for Whedonesque.

This is the biggest, baddest news to hit this town since Angel went off the air. I am so excited to hear all about this. I will be stalking here for more.
Are we sure today isn't actually April 1st?
First thing: But what about Goners?

Over at Hollywood Insider I found this quote "The latest rewrite of his supernatural triller Goners for Universal "was not incredibly well-received," he says. "Nothing's happening with it right now. It's not good news, but one door closes, and then there's a draft, and another one opens."
Sweet! Another new Tim show! And that other guy too. :)

That's all I got.
So I was just about to head to bed and then I read this.
Yaaaaay! Now I really cant sleep!
OK Mr. Whedon....get in here and celebrate with us, dear.

I lift my cup of tea to Joss, Eliza, and Tim!! All hail the trinity of TV!
Wow, so earlier this afternoon I decided to watch "Halloween" and "Fear Itself" because it's been a while since I've watched some Buffy and because, well, it's holiday-appropriate.

Then I surf the 'net for about a minute and BAM! Dollhouse.

Best. Halloween. Ever.

P.S. Also my first post.

I'm so happy.
Congrats, everbeen! You'll be able to say you were there from the very beginning! ;)
Oh.My.JOSS! You bathroom wunderkind, you. Somebody pinch me, please, a Joss Whedon show to look forward to again, or Joss + Tim "m'kay" Minear? And to find out on Halloween night? This is the second best thing that's happened to me this year - it would have been #1 but ... long story.
A new series including my three favorite people in the Joss-verse AND I FINALLY get to sign up for Whedonesque after YEARS of being a silent by-stander. This could be the best night of my life! ...well maybe not, but it ranks at least!

I saw this and I couldn't believe it was real at first. Fantastic. If I knew anyone else in real life (besides my sister) who likes Whedon I would have told them all by now.

I'm going to go stare at my Buffy-related merchandise and revel in my own geekiness. Or is it nerdiness?

Also, Whedonesque membership after years of lurking! Yay! Best. Halloween. Ever.
I'm utterly sick right now... stomach flu... puking and nauseous and feverish... and still this news thrills me. The fact that it is on FOX might mean we only get 7 episodes, but who cares: any Joss + Eliza + Tim is all gold. Thank you!!
From the TVWeek article:

TVWeek: "Buffy" fans are sure to be excited, too.

Whedon: If they could only see whatís in my head right now.... They should be.

Excited is an understatement. Second Prize: Whedonesque membership finally!
Thanks, everso Caleb and b!xy (you sly reporter-type, you) - I'm gonna buy some expandable hosting - and get something minimal up this weekend, prolly, but for furthers-on and stuff, programming help and anything else will be mucho welcome. If you'all have any immediate opinions or ideas, please feel free to e me using addy in profile. I am thinking of an info site that gradually expands to a forum...

Welcome, new folkses. It's kinda ass-picious that today is both Halloween and an influx of new... um, blood, don't you think? I'm thinking the interwebs might break, but it'll be fun to watch it...

Won't all the sleepy UKers and other members of Europia, etc. be surprised when they get all wakey-wakeys?
*is stunned*

Congratulations, Joss!! (and us, his loyal fans!)
I'm hoarse from squeeeeeeeing. I just cannot stop.

Welcome to all the new members! So glad you could join on such good news--and what is destined to be one of our lengthier and more memorable threads.

Squeeeee some more!
Still in shock, really. The good kind. Warm fuzzy shock.


What does this mean for Miracle Man?
*wakes up and look around*
wababahooo....wadsskhfa7..... another joss series??? on tv? reallly????

*faints again*

Great news!!!!


The only thing better would of been if it was the Faith spin-off.

Can't wait to see what they have in store for us.

I also wonder since it sounds like Joss is on good terms with FOX now if this also might mean they might give the BBC the go ahead for Ripper to go forward this summer.

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Holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews! This is the best news I've heard in a long, long time. Welcome home, Joss.
So that's how Faith learned her aristocratic English society skills so quickly.

Also; yay me for finally becoming member after stalking whedonesque for a few years.
Oh, wow.

Didn't see that one coming.

Wicked cool!
This stage of our lives is called...Happiness.
I'm most excited because this news came out of NOWHERE!

Joss & Tim & Eliza & science fiction = WOW!!
Methinks Small Frye and I shared a religious moment.
Question: Will anyone here actually be sleeping tonight? After this bombshell, I actually don't think I can. I might as well go and fire up Halo 3.
Ok. I think I have recovered enough for coherence. Halloween will never be the same again.
Some of us sleepy UKers are still up and very glad about it ;)

Haven't stopped smiling for about the last 15 minutes since I saw the story and I've only just managed not to cry. This is just amazing news and so out of the blue. Still got fingers crossed for Goners and Ripper, but 7 episodes (at least) of TV from Joss, Eliza and Tim is just soooooo great.
Middle of the night in the UK, I think Caroline and Simon are in for a suprise, and very long thread, in the morning...
And can I just say THANK YOU to Eliza? Holy crap, that girl has got some MAD SKILLZ! She gets all pimped up with a sweet deal from Fox. Then what happens? She goes to our man....seriously...would this have happened without Ms. Eliza? After reading all these interviews...I really don't think so. We owe a great deal to Ms. Dushku today. What a woman. I'm not gay, but I would totally make out with her right now.
Trying not to faint...
I'm not gay, but I would totally make out with her right now.

I would have totally made out with her yesterday. Today, I'd likely be arrested for what I'd do. (There would certainly be uncontrollable hugging and possibly some bowing at her feet.)
AWESOME news. I admit I'm a bit iffy about the whole Fox thing, but still. JOSS ON TV! It's like the world makes sense again.
Oh wow. Between this and the Jane Espenson/Rockne O'Bannon series, I am in serious need of a television. Luckily the holidays of sales and gifting are right around the corner.

and all of the sudden, it was locked in, and the rest was history, and we have this crazy, exciting bomb-ass new show.

I just wanted to quote that.

Also: Welcome new members! What an auspicious (but hopefully not asspicious) timing for registration.
A new Joss show with Eliza and Tim and a whedonesque account.

My treat bag is full!
So we're not completely modless then Damon? I'd better behave then and not add my name to the "I'd make out with Eliza" list.

But I would.
Oh, my god.

This is wonderful. I FINALLY get a reg on Whedonesque, I was happy enough about that...

Of course this news is just slightly better.

(and then some nazi came along and corrected your capitalization -ed.)

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Holy cats!!!

I get engaged last night(my boyfriend asked me to marry him) and now this.......What a great way to end Oct. 2007.

[ edited by Damon (zeitgeist) on 2007-11-01 05:15 ]
Is there anyone out there who WOULDN'T make out with Eliza today?
This is selfish, but today is my 18th birthday and this is the number one news for me. Joss Whedon doing a TV show is what I've been waiting to hear ever since I realized that I took having his shows around for granted when I did.

I know this isn't really original, but seriously. Best birthday present I've ever gotten.
Congratulations SillyD!
I just realized something ... We get to hear "Grr ... Argh" again on a regular basis!!! Oh happy, happy day!

ETA: And congrats, SillyD!!

[ edited by lexigeek on 2007-11-01 05:18 ]
lexigeek - oh you mean not everyone has it as their text message received notification on their phone? :)
And happy birthday Jobo!

(will you people please stop posting new exciting stuff while I'm in the middle of commenting on the old ones)
Something I just thought of. I'm reading others' concerns about the new Heroes character who has a muscle-memory power similar to the one Faith ... er, Eliza ... er, Echo will possess in this show. Not a big deal; the Marvel character Taskmaster has had that particular ability forever. However, there's also a Daredevil character from a few years back who had a similar power. Her name? Echo. Anti-Joss folk will surely be making a stink about that.

Personally, I don't see a problem. It sounds like there's a large grab-bag of sci-fi concepts and themes that will be worked into this show. I doubt Eliza's character will be defined by one "power" or characteristic.
oh you mean not everyone has it as their text message received notification on their phone? :)

Damn, why didn't I think of that!? :D
Its not a unique ability or name, and it wasn't when other people used it either :) Its all about the super awesome execution of the idea!
Best. News. Ever. I feel lightheaded.
Also also: Do muses hide in or around restaurant/bar bathrooms? Which BtVS writer was it who described going drinking with Joss and returning from each bathroom trip to find a new part of the story was done?

As long as zeitgeist is up, we are not only moderated but properly capitalized and punctuated as well. ;)

*checks own post over in attempt to avoid unintentional irony*
I can't believe this, it's a Halloween miracle! There are no words; only ecstatic squeeing and embarrassing dances of joy. Incredibly awesome. I need new words to describe this...but I'm way too excited for the brain to be with the working. Yay! Eliza, Tim, and Joss - I am going to be so in love with my TV.
/grins at Sunfire, but can't recall wich writer it was. I want to hear some names since they mention that other Buffyverse writers would be on tap.
Okay. Must get a Mutant Enemy ringtone.
Its not a unique ability or name, and it wasn't when other people used it either :) Its all about the super awesome execution of the idea!

And if there is one thing Joss Whedon does, it is super awesome execution of ideas. In fact, he should print that on his business card:

Joss Whedon
Super Awesome Executor of Ideas

[ edited by Damon (zeitgeist) on 2007-11-01 04:34 ] (added new category and merged in many links)

New. Joss. Category.
Yeah, z, I've been wondering who they might be as well.

And was that ringtone the regular or the musical version?
OMG! I'm supposed to be working right now. How am I supposed to work when I can't stop thinking about Dollhouse!?!? This is going to be so awesome. The only problem is that it's going to be on FOX! They have so royally screwed Joss and others we Whedonverse peeps love (I have Drive and Nathan in mind right now). I really, really hope that this is a long, long series.

I think this is the best possible news INCLUDING news about any Buffyverse-related projects getting produced. As much as I love the Buffyverse, I'm more than ready to fall in love with a new Joss show. I'm never getting to sleep now.
deird - GrrArgh and other things are here. The GrrArgh in question is the non-musical version (named MutantEnemy in this case in .mp3 and .wav). There are some other fun bits of dialogue as well.
Thanks zeitgeist!
Good list Damon. But I have Dawn saying "Holy crap!" as my Windows default stop sound and it never gets old!
Nice, I need to sit down and grab some stuff again some time, those were all froma while back. I sat down and specifically grabbed Anya singing the "Mrs." song for someone more recently :)


New. Joss. Category.

Hellz. Yeah. b!X! :)
Holy Crap!!!! Best news I've heard all year!!!! This is the answer to my prayers! More Joss! More Eliza! Great and INCREDIBLY versatile premise! Now if only Echo learns she has a twin sister named Faith...
This is my best day ever! First it's Halloween. Then my very own Whedonesque account! Then a new show!!! My head spun around and then exploded. I'm so giddy I've decided to forget all my ill will towards FOX for at least 24 hours, and just bask in the awesomeness!
Quick, no time to lose! Someone start up the Save Dollhouse Campaign!

has something happened?
Holy macaroni ! I so do believe in the Great Pumpkin after this!

I have been a fan of Joss and his work for a long time (like everyone here...) but is it wrong I now have a totally geeky man-crush on him after reading about this new show?

Oooo did I say that out loud?
I also think it's worth noting this bit from the Variety article:

Fox Entertainment chairman Peter Liguori had been prsuing Whedon about making a return to TV for some time, and said he couldn't believe his luck when Dushku brought him in the door.

Sorry, it's not a huge thing, but I enjoy immensely that someone at Fox (even if it was the good one) was encouraging him to do TV again. Everybody loves him.

[ edited by Damon (zeitgeist) on 2007-11-01 05:48 ]

has something happened?

Yes, it was announced that Ben is Glory (hits self, "NO! Bad bad bad! STOP IT!"). In serious news, there's also a forum for this over on, so feel free to chat all about it over there as well when this rolls off the front page.
Ben and Glory are working for Fox?
Seriously, one hundred thirty two comments already? Yeah, sorry... no way I'm wading through all of that before I post. Besides, all I'm gonna do is copy and paste what I posted over on Dot Org anyways.

It's on FOX!?! Can I just ask the obvious here? What in the frilly undergarments of hell does that network do for Tim Minear?!? Why in the name of all that is holy does he continue to suckle at that particular withered teat? For god's sake, man... take a hint. They don't like you. They're fucking with you, dude. There gonna give you three episodes, tops. And you'll probably have to reshoot the pilot at least once just to earn the privelege of being cancelled early.

Good lord... just give up.

Umm... I mean, uh, congratulations. I guess.

Joss addresses this in the links. They've committed to seven eps and as Tim and Eliza have deals with 20th Century, Fox Network will get first look at anything produced.
Oh YippeeYaiYay!!! Now I'll never be able to sleep! I also just popped in for a quick peek before bed - was just on a couple of hours ago! I saw the heading, blinked a few times not daring to believe what my eyes were seeing and nearly fainted because I realized I wasn't breathing!! This is the best news ever!!! Joss and Tim together again with Eliza as the star?! Just unbelievingly frakking fantastic!!
Outta my way, I got here late! What happened, now?

Oh, cool. Wow. Wait, what? WOW! This sounds fantastic! Joss, Eliza, and Tim? Can Nathan be in it, too? Can Wash maybe live this time?

Does it have to be on Fox? They haven't been particularly nice to us in the past...
What are Dollhouse fans going to be called? I vote for "dolls". Don't know what else they could be called.

The more I read about the show, the more excited and optimistic I get. Tim Minear? More Buffy writers? Eliza as producer? Fox Network is supportive? I think heaven got a little bit closer to earth tonight.

First thing on my wishlist is a poster of a itty bitty Joss inside a dollhouse that sexy Eliza is holding in her hands while peering into a window. Hee hee.
I'm so psyched about this announcement... I sent out excited geeked-out emails to anyone and everyone who might care. It will be so great to have Joss on TV again... and with Eliza and Tim? Hopefully we'll have some guest stars from the Whedonverse on Dollhouse, just because it's like tradition to have actors crossover on Whedon shows haha

And I'm also completely ecstatic about finally becoming a member of whedonesque!
Haunt, did you bother to read the bit I included in a comment above, from one of the articles, regarding Joss' response to the FOX issue?
Joss is coming back to television!!!! This is the best new I've heard in a long time!!! I miss his witty writing and dialogue!!! Joss we will definitely be supporting you!!
What are Dollhouse fans going to be called?

I vote for "people who happen to like a really awesome show but totally have other interests and are not at all obsessive and creepy", though it needs a bit of polish. It seems slightly longish and a bit on-the-nose.
That's it! Clearly killing Ben would get rid of Glory and make FOX see sense and do things like air episodes in order. Wow, Giles is a hero on a new level. It explains all of Joss's comments about dealing with new people. ;)
It's. Fox.

How many times are we gonna let them rip our hearts out?
ESG I love that "poster" you described!! Can I have one too?!!
Haunt, did you bother to read the bit I included in a comment above, from one of the articles, regarding Joss' response to the FOX issue?

Not yet. As I said... seriously, one hundred thirty two comments??? I have to work in the morning, there's no chance in hell I'm getting through all those tonight. Sorry.
I vote for "people who happen to like a really awesome show but totally have other interests and are not at all obsessive and creepy"


It'll look awesome on a T-shirt.

[ edited by lexigeek on 2007-11-01 06:10 ]
Zazzle/CafePress/whoever start printing!!!
I drive home for a couple hours and this happens? I just want to brag a little here. Thanks to one fine lady on the SoCal board, we knew about this over a month ago. And thanks to all the fine folks on the SoCal board, we squeed amongst ourselves and didn't spread the news as was requested. You can check out the links to the news bits here

Sept 27th


Oct 8th

And just so you don't have to join to read them, here are the quotes. But why wouldn't you join just to have a chance at getting such cool news first?

"Hey all!

I just got word about a new Joss Whedon television
project but all I know is that it's a one hour show
and has no title yet but has a possible multi-episode
order. (So it's not just a pilot).

When I get more news (that I can repeat) I'll let you
know. :)"



The new project looks to be called Dollhouse. I know
nothing else at this point. :)"

I'm usually not prone to bragging or anything, but I am really proud of our group and had to share.
"Dollhouse fans"? (Please not "dolls.") Is there a Buffy term I don't know? I've seen Buffistas but it doesn't seem to be in common usage.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2007-11-01 06:13 ]
Although the AICN talkbackers aren't the most lovely bunch all the time, someimes they do make me laugh

"So it's Paycheck meets Matrix"
I know Kung Fu ... I have forgotten Kung Fu
Awesome awesome news. Joss back on TV? And Tim and Joss working together on a project? Can this get any better???

BTW, the Hollywood Reporter link killed my browser with (ironically) pop-ups for antispyware (riiiiight). And I am using Firefox! Anyone else having issues?
Not yet.

Not to be cranky again here, but do those reacting without actually reading the news at issue understand that the last thing this TV show deal needs is a bunch of Joss' fans automatically going "EFF FOX!" in response? If you want to have that opinion, fine. But at least have it after you read up and know what you're talking about.
"You can't take the sky from me... or my Dollhouse"

-Said in a Manly way, of course. :)
That's big news to keep a secret. I'm really surprised it didn't leak from anyone at all. Good for the So Cal fans! I had no clue this was coming.
AnotherFireflyFan - that's hyper lame so I've removed their link. They'll get no tasty ad impressions on the backs of our browsers/referrals :)
After digesting this wonderful news for a couple of hours, I'm now feeling ... torn. Yes, a new original series is the best thing ever -- I'm sure most of us prefer our Whedon in TV form -- but Goners has such a good premise.

My brain is getting seasick from all the back and forthing. I'm even kind of hoping for a strike now, so I can pretend Goners is still on the front burner for a few weeks. Or months.
A name for fans? Hmm... The Dousers?
No no no Dousers, lexigeek and I have already ordered the new t-shirts.
Best news in a long, long time! I'm so excited for a new Joss show!

Too bad it's early morning here and I can't call anyone without waking them up :)
How sneaky-quiet is that man? All the interviews he's done over the last few days, and not ONCE did he let it drop that there was a new TV show on the horizon.

O Master of Suspense, so glad you'll be entertaining us via TV again. I hope it has a long, fabulous run.

(Looks meaningfully over at Fox)

I am just too thrilled to take this in! Most exciting news I've heard in the last two years, at least.
(infrasonic squeee)

My congrats to all three partners. The fact that the story actually gets to be told in its entirety, is a very good sign. The described staff changes at fox gives me renewed er...'faith'... in the vulpine network and even more so in the future of the partnership.

I am very pleased that three such powerfully creative people are working together on a project. All the best!
first off, lemme just say how happy I am that I was let into this wonderful community, I've read this blog for months waiting.. and now on this most auspicious day I get to do this..


Gee... that was nifty.

Also, please, please!! tell me that fox well not cancel this, that was the FIRST thing that I thought of, so all you seers out there start prognosticating! Now, as for you Big boss man, let me just say that you work is amazing, priceless and frakking awesome on top of that. BUT THIS! sneaking it up like that and releasing it on halloween, seriously! holyhead freaking harpies batman that is just too much! ok done now... hopefully you guys won't kick me out now.

ps. did anyone post about azura skye on bones last night?? I didn't see anything about it. ._O

(see -ed.)

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Exciting news indeed!!
Happy! Happy! Happy! I was hoping that all of these recent interviews meant he was up to something.
This comment is going to get lost in the shuffle but I just had to give opinion of this news: This makes me so excited I don't have the words...Dsjkfhjdsnjsdgnjsn WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
theonetruebix makes a very good point-- let's not create a self-fulfilling prophecy here. "I'm not going to watch because they're just going to cancel it and I don't want to be hurt again" is the insane logic of trolls (and I hear, false bixes). I see suggestions of that idea brewing here and there, although not the full argument appearing yet. It's Brand New FOX People, says Joss Whedon. So Brand New Optimism is what this project deserves.

Edited to correct descent into incoherency.

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Oh my god. Omigodomigodomigod.
TVWeek: Since itís the topic of the hour, any thoughts on the possible strike?

Whedon: I donít have any terribly original ones. I do know this: The studios are very entrenched and the issues are very crucial. I dislike the idea of the strike because itís going to hurt a lot of people I love. But if itís necessary, weíll go all the way with it. Because weíre talking about the future of media that didnít used to exist. And if we canít get a fair deal on that, then itís just not worth it. Next year, youíre going to see a lot of new novels."

Will one of those new novels be from Joss?

Writer's strike. *sigh* I want a new show from Joss in the spring! *whines* Oh, I support the strike, I'm just impatient.

New FOX People, says Joss Whedon. So Brand New Optimism is what this project deserves.

Hear, hear!

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Not to be cranky again here, but do those reacting without actually reading the news at issue understand that the last thing this TV show deal needs is a bunch of Joss' fans automatically going "EFF FOX!" in response? If you want to have that opinion, fine. But at least have it after you read up and know what you're talking about.

1. As if FOX has ever listened to a single word I or any other Joss fan has uttered for the past decade? Why the hell would they start now?

2. I did not say "EFF FOX!" I commented on the way FOX has treated Tim Minear in the past... and I find it hard to believe I'm the only one making such comments.

3. What I said was that I hadn't read all of the posts before mine, not that I hadn't read the news story itself.

4. Despite it being 12:30 in the morning and me facing a full day of work tomorrow on something along the lines of five hours of sleep, I did indeed browse very loosely through all twelve gazillion posts prior to mine. And I didn't read a single thing that would have discouraged me from making the exact same comments I made.

5. Chill out. My snark and ire were directed at the past and proven track record of perhaps the most widely maligned TV network... not at you, or Joss, or Tim, or Eliza. I've issued no threats or called anyone in particular any dirty names... unless you count "withered teat". I'm permitted my pessimism just as everyone else is permitted their giddy and trusting optimism. In the end we'll see who is right I suppose. (I'm predicting that end will come much sooner than the optimists, of course. ;)

6. Eat cake.

7. The cake is a lie.

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Sorry I'm late, but I have this job. This proposed series looks great, and it may be a variation of "The Pretender", only this time Eliza pays someone who can just pretend because being herself is something she can't be.
Too bad a dumb ol' writer's strike has to keep this from really happening, so let's hope for a quick end to this, and get this "Dollhouse" built.
I want to see the poster Joss made with photoshop on his own PC.

As long as it has a Llama.

And a couple of the articles suggest the new girl on Heroes with the "Instant Learning" is the same but I don't think so. This is a character being programmed with a complete personality, skills and all, not just someone learning a new skill. Plus the whole "Forgetting" thing.
Okay, wet blanket guy here, 'cause optimism? Brand-new or not, not my thing. Any happy dances I do will be after I see Dollhouse in my newspaper's tv schedule. No, not even then. Maybe after the credits roll on the first ep, and I know it wasn't preempted for sports or a reality show.

There've just been too many announced projects that haven't come to fruition and my poor heart can't take being used as a yo-yo any more. Along with that, it's looking more and more like Goners is exactly that. So, mixed feelings.

I realize that actual contracts have been signed, but we've got the writers' strike coming up and that could last who knows how long. Also, I'm not sure what a seven episode committment means - that they'll all actually be aired or just that they'll be produced? And if they're not all aired, would they bother with a DVD release? I'll watch whatever they give me, but I smell a lot of ifs coming off this plan.
Haunt said:

5. Chill out. My snark and ire were directed at the past and proven track record of perhaps the most widely maligned TV network... not at you, or Joss, or Tim, or Eliza. I've issued no threats or called anyone in particular any dirty names... unless you count "withered teat". I'm permitted my pessimism just as everyone else is permitted their giddy and trusting optimism. In the end we'll see who is right I suppose. (I'm predicting that end will come much sooner than the optimists, of course. ;)

I understand your scepticism, however, Joss and Eliza have both stated that everyone at Fox are new people now and they really same to care about the project.

Whilst nothing in this business is certain, I don't think Joss would have even considered doing this if he thought Fox would screw him over again like they did with 'Firefly.'
zz9: "I want to see the poster Joss made with photoshop on his own PC Mac.

As long as it has a Llama."

Oh, me, too, zz9, abso-tutely. (A tiny little llama doll.) I mean, I'd love to see it, even if llama-less.

In fact, if he let me put it on, I could die happy would have to invent a new word for "thrilled."
Oh my Joss. (Joss being God in my world.)

*jumps up and down* It's my birthday present!! I knew people wouldn't forget me!

This is even a better birthday than the one where I got a boyfriend and an awful president.

Halloween FTW!
Joss caused a power outage on my block. I either blame him or Daylight Savings Time moving. (I mean seriously, since when are they allowed to move DST around as they please)

Anyway, after hours of speculating in the dark, I've decided I really like the concept for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse (not that there's any doubt). It leaves good opportunities for episodic storylines, Fantasy-of-the-Week stuff. There will of course be character growth. And the idea that every episode can be different from the next rocks my world. Desert episode one week, mermaid episode after that.

I can't wait for this one. It better happen. And I better have electricity when it does.

{eta} There's already a Dollhouse category for Whedonesque! Rock on! I also wanted to add congratulations to Eliza and the Timster.

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Given the specifics and the tone, I guess Haunt didn't read the comment of mine to which they were responding, either (in addition to not having read the actual full news). You know, since I expressly said in that comment that anyone should feel perfectly free to have their opinion about FOX, but they should at least have the decency to read up on the issue beforehand. (Point being, at the time of Haunt's original comment, they hadn't yet done so. Same holds true, still, for others.)

Anyway, I will stop. But it should have come to no one's particular surprise that I'd chime in with the suggestion that people at least read up before going off. Seems kind of common sense, really.
Hey, welcome to my time zone. Great news, y'all.

And who the frak got before I could get my hands on it?

Funny, I opened up registration on a whim yesterday afternoon.
Wow, a new Joss show and finally being able to register with my favourite site, im so happy (and so unable to focus on the exam study i should be doing...)
This kinda makes up for the feeling of let-downedness after finding out that Alan (+/- Nathan) was overly optimistic in his appraisal of the Serenity Sequel Situation.
wow, what awesome news !! *does tap dance of joy*

I just bought a fansite domain, but I haven't gotten anything up yet... I know, I'm slow...

QuoterGal, if you would like free domain hosting with all the needed features and your own control panel just let me know, i have room for you on my server.
Happy day, happy news, happy thoughts!
I'm so late to this but: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

My day, my week, my MONTH has been totally made.
So when are we going to hear more on this? I want specifics, people. I refuse to do the dance of joy until I get specifics.:D
1. Best Halloween ever.
2. I'm still mad at Eliza for doing Tru Calling instead of FtVS, but this goes a loooooooong way toward redemption. =)
3. Agree that Echo is different from the new girl on Heroes (which I've given up on, btw).
4. I don't think the fandom needs a name. If one emerges organically (like from the content of the show we haven't seen), great, otherwise I don't think it should be forced.
5. Someone asked, a 7 episode order means 7 produced, not necessarily aired.
6. We all realize why Fox cancels more Joss/Tim shows than anyone, right? Because they PICK UP more Joss/Tim shows than anyone. It's so easy to bash Fox, and they have some major league screwups on their record, but who's to say how those shows would have fared on NBC? CBS? ABC? No one can say, cause no network other than Fox has picked up a Joss/Tim show in this millenium. Me? I'm completely network-agnostic. If they put a good show on the air, I'll watch it.
7. For anyone who's in an Eliza mood, here's a long interview with her that was previously posted here. She comes off as so smart, cool, friendly, and beautiful. I've almost forgiven her for FtVS...
Golly, I can say with all honestly that this was probably the last thing I expected to see shining off my screen when I clicked over to Whedonesque today...

im very happy about this, but part of me cant help but feel sad. it kinda means Angel wont be coming back, especially if Dollhouse is a long-running show.

i guess on the other hand Fox might love the show so much they'd want him to do that friggin miniseries in the mid season or something. If Heroes is doing that Evolutions thing then i guess they might have time for something like that.

maybe i should just accept that Angel probably fell on his sword in that alleyway after about 5 seconds.
As happy as I am that Joss is coming back to TV, I can't believe he is going to be doing a show with Eliza, Tim Minear, and supposedly other writers from Buffy and the show isn't about Faith. Don't get me wrong, the show seems interesting and I will watch every episode, but a Faith series would have been without a doubt the best news I have heard all year and would have completely changed my life.
Yeah I understand what you mean about Ats, and really, any hopes of any more Buffyverse- related shows at all. I'm so happy to get anything from Joss, but it does seem like the final nail in the coffin.

Though Joss deserves to be able to move onto other things outside of the verse, like he did with Firefly/Serenity, and I'm sure 'Dollhouse' will be truly awesome. And we still do have Buffy season 8 and Ats: After The Fall and maybe 'Ripper' as well.
I thought Joss swore never to work with Fox again.
Well, vocah, Angel After The Fall starts in about a month. It would be beyond words amazing if Dollhouse could be a huge breakout hit and the ratings are so good that Joss could finally get the funding to do either a TV movie or theatrical film with Buffy, Angel, and/or Spike.
I thought Joss swore never to work with Fox again.

My wife said the same thing, but I don't recall him ever saying that. Obviously he's had some less than kind things to say about them, but I don't remember ever hearing (or reading) that he flat-out refused to work with them again.
im very happy about this, but part of me cant help but feel sad. it kinda means Angel wont be coming back, especially if Dollhouse is a long-running show.

Well, I think David Boreanaz being on Bones is one reason why Angel won't be coming back, but also because it was cancelled 3 years ago. Ship has sailed, and that's very unfortunate because I loved that show more than anything.

Dollhouse also means Faith the Vampire Slayer won't be picked up, and Firefly won't get renewed for a second season. Crap.

Something happened on Hallowe'en this year!
I thought Joss swore never to work with Fox again.

Apparently everyone who crapped all over 'Firefly' no longer are in charge, and the new people seem really enthusiastic over 'Dollhouse',according to Eliza.
Any proper thoughts are being drowned out by the multiple delirously happy E's screaming through my mind.
Which BtVS writer was it who described going drinking with Joss and returning from each bathroom trip to find a new part of the story was done?

It was Drew Goddard.

This would be the day that I decide I'm in the mood for a new book and don't go online all day :)

I'm finding the new series hard to picture from what's said in the links about it, but that was true of BtVS and Firefly, too.

O horrible timing! Joss speaks of the strike as a done deal and I'm sure he's right. The talks broke down again today, the contract expired twenty minutes ago, and they'll probably strike after their meeting tomorrow. Still, "light at the end of the tunnel" it definitely is!
I'd hate to use the word "sell-out" but couldn't he have taken this to any other station and not the one he swore never to work with again?

And COME ON! Eliza + Joss + Tim Minear. They could've gotten a Faith show if they wanted to. :( Especially right now with shows like "Heroes" being popular. Damn.
Whedon/Minear = Lennon/McCartney.

This is very cool indeed.
Curly yesterday morning:
"Over the next 24 hours I will join Whedonesque, find out Joss is making a brand new series with Eliza Dushku as the lead and get a phone call from Katee Sackhoff declaring her intention to take me out for a beer and damn the boyfriend."

Curly this morning:



I need sleep. Don't want to sleep. Might miss more news. Too much candy.

This news is too surreal. Please don't wake me if I'm dreaming.
Go J! What a machine.

Not the biggest fan of the name of the show but maybe it will catch on.
Squeeing with Gleefulness.
Now, just hope that a certain network doesn't mess with the episode order.
Well, I may have come late to this party - but I just wanted to saya heartfelt hurrah!
And I thought the coolest thing I saw tonight was Gary Oldman trick or treating with his kid. This just topped that, by a mile!
Bruce: "I'd hate to use the word "sell-out" but couldn't he have taken this to any other station and not the one he swore never to work with again?"

Eliza already had the deal -- she was the one who brought in Joss, but just for the bouncing off of ideas for. Joss didn't go hat in hand to anyone, much less Fox. Before that fated lunch with Eliza, he was probably still expecting his next big project to be Goners.
Go J! What a machine.

Not the biggest fan of the name of the show but maybe it will catch on.
I hope hope hope this takes off. This is the best TV news all year.
I need sleep.

You need sleep? I need to get up in three hours in order to have time to walk the whatevernumberofblocks to the light rail station in order to get to the airport to fly to Serenity LA. And I'm still up.
This is what happens when I'm away from my computer for most of the day and only sporadically checking my e-mail. I almost went to bed before checking here, but it was actually the fact that almost all of my LJ friends posted about it that got me here reading all the posts before I go to bed, where I probably won't be able to sleep because I'm so excited by this news.

I still want to see Joss make Goners, but a new TV show, where he can develop characters for at least seven episodes? I've been waiting for this for a long time. And Tim involved, too. I can't wait.

Congratulations to all those new Whedonesque members - what a great day to have joined.
Joss on TV.
Joss on TV.

I'm just.....
I think I might cry.
Gorramnit, gossi, where's the fansite?! ;)

Already in development. (Yeah).
This is such great news, I hardly dare believe it. Welcome back to TV, Joss! We've missed you PAINFULLY.
Already in development. (Yeah).

Egad, how many are we going to have?! Heh.
Oh, this was nice news to wake up to.
Egad, how many are we going to have?! Heh.

Heh. If anybody else is doing one (I've noticed a load of domains have gone for dollhouse), give me a bell. I has a plan, with FOX.

danregal - some serious kudos owed to your group there!

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This is the best day, ever.
And there came a day when among us he walked spreading tidings about a fairly explicit deconstruction of the objectification of women and lo, on that day, the people were happy and there was much *woot*ing and *squee*ing and little to no gnashing but maybe a bit of wailing though. And lo, the people were still happy and posted greatly and verily did they register domains and reach for their Weaver of Dream in order to better spread the word. And lo, did I mention the happy ? Cos, y'know, like, verily 'n' shit.

Dollhouse fans = "Brickies" ? Or "Barbrickies" ?

Gotta say, the premise sounds like his most network friendly, maybe ever - sort of 'Alias' meets 'The Matrix' meets 'La Femme Nikita'. Clearly there's a huge hook for 18-34 males and if they do a good enough job of explaining the premise, females too. Hopeful it could last. Whaddya know, it really does spring eternal ;).

Have to say, though i'm totally behind them and so on, this is the first time I kinda resent the writer's strike a wee bit. Totally selfish I know. Of them I mean - don't they realise I want to see this NOW ! Some folk are just me me me. Sickening, it really is. ;-)

(and I hereby volunteer to read - for FREE mind you - any fansite that people put up. Can supply own eyes, used but with only one [relatively] careful owner - so far. Just let me know if you need my services)
you cant take this smile from me.
i am a very happy chappy.
This is so fantastic. Joss, Eliza and Tim? Wohoo!!!
Saw this in my e-mail and almost didn't believe it until I came here. I'm so insanely happy right now!!
Congrats to Joss, Eliza and Tim!
Joss goes to the bathroom and produces something for Fox! That is so ironic.

Now I need to control my joy for months.
Have to say, though i'm totally behind them and so on, this is the first time I kinda resent the writer's strike a wee bit.

Joss also seems excited about Dollhouse, but he's also getting ready to strike. If he can live with it, so can we all :-)
Nice Portal reference Haunt. :)
Great news! I really hope it works out for him.

Of course we would all love more televised Angel/Firefly/Buffy stories. But you know what; He is continuing the verse in comics and thats good enough for me. He deserves success with another universe, and am looking forward to seeing what new characters he gives to us - and enjoy my Angelverse in After the Fall:)

Life is good again.
If he can live with it, so can we all :-)

Yeah, but Joss is spoiled, he gets a little bit of Jossy goodness every day. In fact, half the time I bet he's even bored of it ;).
Won't all the sleepy UKers and other members of Europia, etc. be surprised when they get all wakey-wakeys?

Yah think? I squueeed loudly all over the office - which wasn't that bad seeing as I work from home.

Excellent, excellent news for Joss, Eliza and Tim. Now let's get some of those sites up :)
I can't wait for the new faces that will come into the fandom as a result of this show. Cause new blood is always welcome. And hopefully the fans will bring new ideas as well. Enthusiastic new fans of a brand new Joss show. It's been a while. Bound to shake up things in the fandom. And I'll have to remember how we coped when Buffy and Angel were on the air.
OMG Joss back on TV! What a wonderfull day this is. A day full of Joss! I've just picked up the Buffy comics for the first time, tonight we'll have the Office and then we also get the best news ever!
I am excited, I really am, but I refuse to let myself hope that this will be more than 7 episodes (produced, as someone mentioned, not necessarily aired). It is just too damn painful all over again. I am happy, I am, but 7 episodes of Joss goodness will be brilliant and it will be bliss. That's all I'm allowing myself to hope for right now.

Congratulations to Joss, we love you!
This is amazing news! I for one am glad that this will not be a Faith spin-off. Eliza has been typecast in that tough-chick role for far too long and while I will always love the Faith character, this will be an excellent opportunity for Eliza to demonstrate what else she can do. A spin-off would only attract so many new viewers whereas a completely new creation has the potential to reach a wider audience who have never seen Jossí work before.

Congrats to Joss, Eliza and Tim. Hereís hoping Joss decides to post a copy of that Photoshop created poster.
I am so excited. SO EXCITED.
So, the news of the potential future series has been out there for a few hours, clearly it's time we start coming up with potential spin-off titles. I like "Valley of the Dollhouse".

(and how much do I love that Joss has photoshopped a poster already ? As kids, we used to get together and create computer games and so on - this is the equivalent of doing the splash-screen before a single line of code is written i.e. exactly the way we used to do it ;)
Like samatwitch, I'm scunnered that I spent a mere day away from the boards and THIS happened. Scunnered, and delighted. My wish came true--new stories from Joss!
Hmm...maybe if I turn off the computer more often, I'll get a rocket and a pony, too?
Now, everyone: pray (or if you don't pray, think happy thoughts) for a quick and equitable resolution to avert the writers' strike.
The fans could be called "Dollies". Drusilla would be pleased.
So. Happy. Nothing better to come home to after work today. Seriously. I have no words.

It's just - Joss! AND NEW TV! JOSSTV! My heart leapt.

I am not going to speculate on what Fox will do with it, because I'm just so happy at this point. Any Joss is Good Joss.
Won't all the sleepy UKers and other members of Europia, etc. be surprised when they get all wakey-wakeys?

Yes indead. Got a four three stage depression about it:

Unbelieve could it realy be happening Joss returning to the small screen? But this seems to good to be true.

Bliss since beeing addicted, I always prefered, getting a small doses of whedonine every 2 weeks, instead of waiting 2 years to get a big one. Beside Joss always works best for me, if he get's the time to blossom the characters. 7 Epsisodes at least is enough for a DVD release. So regardless what FOX is up to, I will get to see it :)

Depression The thing will make it's run in the US fall 2008, I get to see it earliest 2010?

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I leave to buy Halloween candy yesterday afternoon and all hell breaks loose. And now I don't have time to read all this goodness because I must work. But I must join in with the general squeeeee.
I swallowed a fly!

This is really great news. For a while I felt like something had to be percolating under the surface- the Jossworld was sort of quiet and a lot of smaller projects were getting close to closing: tours on Runaways and on X-Men, for example. So this is really, really great.

And it seems that Joss is aware that he needs/wants this be different. In one of the interviews he was asked about whether any Buffyverse actor might be involved (outside of Duck Shoot- as Kevin Smith calls her- that is). And his answer was essentially to say no (but not completely reject the idea- best person for the role and all that). So what really and truly interests me is who else will be involved- who the other regulars will be. The ensemble is what drove BuffyAngelSerenifly (along, of course, with the, you know, writing).

Expect angst!

(And if there is a way to get Amber Benson involved, hey, so much even better!). :-)
I really hope the PTB allow this to be shown in the right order and on a regular time schedule.

Yay new quotes! Yay new characters! Yay new Joss!!!!
I'm going to be the one to say I'm glad this happened and not the FtVS spinoff.

Reunions or late spinoffs of shows rarely work for me.* It's going back to the well, trying to recapture lightning. I'm much more psyched about a whole new universe, with new amazing characters and story lines. Best Halloween, ever.

* If there's a chance of Firefly coming back, disregard that last, even if they're 80 years old and limping through space.
I'll get the keys to my new apartment today, I'll go see Tiesto this evening and then on top of that this happens. This is now officially the BEST DAY EVER.
If anyone else was presenting that premise, I'd say 'wha'? But I trust Joss to do something wonderful.

The Fox thing scares me. But then again, Bones is pretty wacky, and they're sticking by it, so nothing is impossible.
I failed to check Whedonesque this morning before leaving the house due to a pretty bad hangover. The college computer system was down. I come home to this. Best News Ever indeed!

I'm so excited about this I could cry. If anybody is setting up a site (Quotergal) and need a hand or two with updating/maintaining and/or graphics, then give me a bell.

Seriously. I could cry.
Um awesome. That's literally all is an think of, is awesome. The premise sounds like one of those things that is going to be hard to describe though. I can already see myself pitching my co-workers on it. "There's some girls they can be programmed... just watch it."
I can;t verbalize how i feel, and I still cant believe Joss is returning to tv.Looking forward to his fourth television series and hope it is very successful.
I second that thricewise. When I watched the E interview with Joss saying he will return to tv eventually, I prayed that we wouldn't have to wait for years and years.

Hey look! prayer works :)
Oh, why do I go to sleep and work? I think my dog is dying and at the sa,e time, we're getting a new Joss Whedon series! Do I laugh or cry? (It's kind of like living in a Joss 'verse...)
Late late late seeing this and so exciting and can't read all the comments so if anyone else already calmed people down about FOX I'll have to see it later so my first response was FOX!?!?! but still too deliriously happy to get upset about FOX and OMG YEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I accidentally created this Fox show"

Holy! Amazing!
Fantastic news to wake up to.
One day they'll put a plaque up in that menz room. Or outside. I suggest outside.

This is a genius premise, both dramatically and feminist-astically. It's like Hitchcock's masterflick Vertigo, all about the power and weakness of forcing other human beings into one's fantasies. Mastertheme! Kind of an amplification of the very intriguing BtVS Season 8 idea of the Dreamscape.

How ironic that it occurred to him while going to the one room from which women to this day remain excluded. Huh. Maybe not so much ironic as simply not worth typing.

Still giddy!
This is the best thing in the entire universe.

I love life.
How ironic that it occurred to him while going to the one room from which women to this day remain excluded.

How do you know he was going to the men's toilet Pointy ? ;-)
This is great news!

(I think the description of it has to be something like "it's Alias, but with memory wipes" or "Alias meets I Robot" or something like that.)
I read this news last night before bed, but I had taken a sleeping pill before my browsing. When I woke up this morning I thought that surely it had to be a dream. Oh how happy I was to look again and see it wasn't drug-induced hysteria.

The crazy anal-retentive tv scheduler in me already wonders what night it will be on and where it will slot into my life.
What fantastic news, what a kool-ass concept, and what an (un)holy trinity of fun helming this project. Not so much ready to sign my name to some sort of fandom designation since I haven't seen the thing yet, but not so down with all the grousing about Fox either, and what this means for gorgeous shows past, already resting in peace. (Gift, horse & whatnot.)

Just truly can't wait to see what these smarty-pants come up with. After some dim, dark times on the tube, things seem to be looking up this year. Let's hope for a speedy, amenable resolution to this writer's strike. Big congrats to all involved. We'll be watching.
Good typing on the way down though ssick ;).
Sooooo late but I still must have my OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG moment!!!

I stared at the heading & my mind went totally blank, I could not absorb the wonder. Nothing will rain on my parade, it will be wonderous and magical and will change the world, I'm certain. The earth's magnetic field will reverse .... no, wait,that would be bad.

This is the best news in the history of ever. The stars are aligned properly for this one folks, I tell you true as an astrologer with more than twenty years experience studying the star alignment thingy and I care not how many will scoff ;-)

I count no less than seventeen first time posters on this thread, you see, stars in proper alignment. Writers strike is a minor hold up, We Will Have Joss Again, on out TV screens. And Eliza & Tim. I seriously could cry. But I can't stop smiling.
Has the entire internet crashed yet??? :=)
Well, ordinarily I would scoff (affectionately ;) but Mercury's in retrograde so it's just not a good time for it ;-).

(and I didn't even mention the 'U' planet, might be maturation occurring here, truly a momentous day ;)
How do you know he was going to the men's toilet Pointy ? ;-)

That's right! Assume nothing! Anything's possible!

So, anything interesting happen while I was away? No? Thought as much.

Oh, right, and *clears throat*: WOO-HOO!

Still can't actually wrap my head around this one, but I'm looking forward to it immensely.

So, this 7 episode deal... that's not a miniseries type thing, right? If it's a hit, it's going to continue beyond 7? Right? Right? But if and untill that happens: Seven. New. Episodes. Of. Joss. Whedon. Television.

Grrr, aargh!


That is all.
GVH, FOX would have the option for more. And if it's successful, they *will* take it - the need to be in series for a while for them to be financially successful. So, ultimately, if it gets the ratings it'll stick for 7 years.

I haven't commented yet on the concept. The concept? Fucking awesome, man. I've been on the phone about this for a while today, and - yeah - dramatically I can see what Joss is sayin' from the Variety article.
... should not have read this news in the office, public squeeing ensued ;)

Best. Hallowe'en. Ever.

Saje!!!, you know about Mercury retrograde! But this is the thing, it resumed direct motion just as this news broke, ergo my "stars in alignment" remark.
For the skeptics .... yes, we astrologers know that planets don't reverse directions, it's technically called "apparent retrograde motion" and has to do with the intersecting of orbits of other planets from a goecentric point of reference.

*Still doing happy happy dance* I think I was supposed to sleep tonight, but hey .............
So very exited!! This is definately good news, better than caramel-coated chocolate in space. Even if I wont get to see the show untill a very, very long time from when it is aired in the US, I'll sleep better at night just knowing it is out there.
I do hope it'll continue to more than 7 episodes, half the greatness of the really good shows is getting to know the characters and seeing how they develop. Cramming all that into just 7 episodes might be stretching it a bit.
Yep, this is what happens when I go out drinking instead of staying in like a good homebody. Stupid Halloween (only year you'll actually catch me saying that). Once my hangover clears up, I'm sure I'll be squeeing like everyone else.

Are you guys sure it's not April Fool's Day? ;)
I am so glad to hear this news (not to mention I finally got to register after waiting months upon months), and I will certainly watch the show and try to get all my friends to watch it as well. Unfortunately, I've come up with a math equation about television shows that I hope is proven false: Joss + Tim + Fox = Cancelled.
gossi: Check! And I also like the concept. The Variety article really sketches the possibilities this has.

I also like how they've set this up: planning way ahead, which seems to me like the show won't be cancelled at the first bad-rating sign (of course, it will still have to get good ratings to get a longer run) and makes sure we won't get any last-minute changes as we did with the original Firefly run.

The vibe I'm getting from Fox in these articles is a good one. Let's hope it stays that way :-)
Saje!!!, you know about Mercury retrograde!

Hey, i'm a Libran Shey, we know stuff (it even said it in the paper "Libra - Today, you will know something." ;-).

And I also like the concept. The Variety article really sketches the possibilities this has.

Yeah, as the various articles/interviews make clear, the concept is almost a perfect TV series idea - it's got a very clear hook but nearly limitless story potential. Within the premise you can go so many different places both narratively and thematically that it's never gonna get stale.

Plus, it's about a (basically) super-powered young girl's journey to self-awareness, independence and womanhood. I wonder what attracted Joss to the concept ? ;)
Congratulations Joss, Eliza, and Tim!

I can't wait! What great news to wake up to!
Well, another possibility for a fandom name could be "dollings."

Not that it'll be needed;I think this "Raiders of the Stone Rings" all over again. Not likely to actually happen.

Reasons? Just a gut feeling.
I need to give some love to Whedonesque and all the Whedonesquers ... I'm really impressed that, even with this amazing news, which has nearly 300 comments on it, people are still out there finding new stories and posting them and commenting on them. Kudos, everyone! :)
Awesome news! The Fox Network aspect makes me of course a touch nervous, but still - it's hard to be anything but excited to see this team in place. *squee*
Just woke up to the greatest news! I can't believe none of us heard about this AT ALL! Someone's getting really good at internet subterfuge, hmmm? ;)

Oh, I'm just so thrilled! Joss back on tv. JOSS back on tv. MY tv.

And hey, if Fox wants to kiss and make up with him, who are we to poo-poo it? I hope these new people restore his (and our) Faith (heh) in HIS kind of television. Lifeblood to us it is, and we've been dry far too long.
Simon, you took the "Lennon/McCartney" right out of my mouth. Seriously, my planned comment was, "This is even better than a Beatles reunion."

I am just...I am so happy. So insanely, giddily, madly, dangerously, and crazily (hey, it's in my username) happy! For a while there I couldn't stop laughing with glee, and I even got tears in my eyes for a bit.

It's FOX, but...fuck it. I'm too happy to let that worry me right now. I'm sure I'll let it get me down at some other time. Or maybe I won't. It's way too early to tell, and while I usually favor pessimism, I can't help but feel blindingly optimistic right now.

It sounds amazing. Joss. Tim. Eliza. TV. Good God.

(I just hope Goners and Ripper are okay, and don't get jealous of the new kid.)
*reads headline*
*brain explodes*

I'm going to throw my lot in with the cautious optimism side. I think 7 episodes of Joss/Eliza/Tim is incredible. If they get to do more, its icing on the cake, but I'm not going to set my heart on anything more than that.

And welcome to all out new members!
Hi guys. What's going on?

I remember I was having lunch with Eliza, and thinking she was shiny, so shiny... and then I woke up here. Weird.

Pretty much everything has been said already, but I wanted to check in and give y'all muchas smooches for the support. This was all unexpected, but what can I say? When it's right, it's right. Right?

I'm kind of freaking out about the concept. It's fascinatng from every angle -- it won't stop talking to me. It's sweet and creepy and exciting and very human. I hope it doesn't suck, 'cause in my head it's fairly righteous.

As for young Minear's 'Miracle Man', that's still on -- he's agreed to consult for me while developing his own thing. He'll be doing the work of two near-men!

Updates will be updatified. Keep watching the skies. xo -j.
I take one day off...

I've done my happy dance and am now going to tell everyone who will listen to me about Dollhouse.

Thanks Joss!

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So, Lord of the Genre Salad Bar, you've figured out a way to have one character in a scene think she's taking part in one genre (romantic comedy, for example) while she's really playing a part in an entirely different genre (dystopian sci fi).

That's neat & scary & thought-provoking & other things no doubt.

ETAcknowledge posting about seven minutes too late. If Joss's concept's talking to him, I don't want to interrupt. Resume geniusing.

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-11-01 16:22 ]
Raises a pint to Joss. Cheers, dude. Nice to have you back.
As somebody living outside of your head, Joss, I can definitively say the concept doesn't suck.
Ah, Purple postage. I predict a riot ;).

Thanks for dropping by Joss and, more importantly, thanks for getting back on that TV horse one more time.


I don't mean Mr Ed, you get that right ?
No... seriously...

Im getting the feeling that something has happened.
The concept is broad. For TV that's great. That's one of the reasons why it does not suck.

I gotta say, I spent the morning freakin' out about this. Tim's also commented on it on Buffistas. Anything with parallels to The Matrix? I'm there.
Hi, Joss!

(This has been an otherwise irrelevant and unnecessary post brought to you by the letter "squee.")
Now, how long until Carlos Jacott, Andy Umberger, Jonathan Woodward, and Jeff Ricketts show up?
I was thinking the same, marpocky. ;-)
You mean there hasn't been one already, Saje? ;)

With shows like Pushing Daisies and Viva Laughlin (axed though it may be), Dollhouse stands a good chance. The networks have been taking a lot of chances this year, unlike in the past. High hopes all around. :)
Can this day be getting any better? No it can't. Wooohoo :-)

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Good God! 290 posts and now we get a Joss post too?! How many comments can one post handle? :D Joss, my friend, you've made many, many people supremely happy today (well, ok, yesterday).

Also ...

Now, how long until Carlos Jacott, Andy Umberger, Jonathan Woodward, and Jeff Ricketts show up?

Heh ... one of my very first thoughts (after "Yay for more Joss on TV", "Yay for more Tim on TV" and "Yay for more Eliza on TV") was "Yay for more Woodward on TV!"
So THIS is the reason I got up today. Love it.
This is so exciting!
And as far as the concept goes, it definately does not suck.
Joss, you know you always have our support, but this concept seems absolutely amazing to me! I love love love the whole idea of Echo, fulfilling other's expectations, and finding herself. It is full of metaphor goodness from the outset! It is great to showcase Eliza's talents, provide interesting individual stories, and a kick ass over-all story arc! I can't stop myself from using exclamation points!

Seriously, I am so excited about this it is ridiculous.
Okay, JOSS is here, so never mind, but I wanted to post one more scrap just came through on a mailing list I get (; in addition to the existing synopsis about the Dollhouse, it adds, "Meanwhile, a federal agent has heard an urban myth about the dolls, and works to verify that they exist." I think that's newish.

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It would be great to see some of the other Buffyverse and Firefly alumni. As long as they don't overdo it and I'm sure they won't.

Now we play the waiting game. I've already waited so long, I don't want to wait until next fall. :(
I'm so freaking excited about Dollhouse but I'm afraid that with dwindling tv audiences that don't know whats good for them, it won't last long. I believe we should all gather hands around the world and sing praises to an unknown god who will make everyone realize that Joss is super cool and better than sliced bread.
That's good to hear about Miracle Man. The more quality TV, the better!

As for the way the idea seemed to appear, fully formed, as it were... anyone else reminded of how J. K. Rowling got the idea for Harry Potter? And we all know how well that turned out. :)
The Browncoat cruise in Dec. will now have another huge topic of discussion. HELLZAPOPPIN!!
*waves to Joss*

C. A. Bridges summed up my attitude about spinoffs or revisiting cancelled shows very well: the inertia is gone, but not the magic. Which makes it all the more cooler that comics are a good "next" venue. We get the stories and characters, while the actors move on into new things.

Let's NOT let Joss be John Lennon, shall we? I know Joss has his fair share of obsessive fans, but Lennon was ended badly. (ooh, I love an opportunity to use perfect tenses.)

One distinction I didn't see made, and I may be wrong on this. Joss is developing this for "20th Century Fox Television" the studio, right? And Fox the studio isn't Fox the television network. Same corporate overlords and Fox Studio normally sells to Fox TV, but the Fox that greenlit this aren't the same Fox that screwed with Firefly ordering... right?
I join the ranks of the cautiously optimistic here. I'd be much happier if it weren't Fox, 'cause I just don't trust those guys to do - well...anything right by any show they put on, especially not Joss's.

But I'm very happy to hear that the Big Purple Dude and Eliza even want to work together again. And that Tim is on board too. Makes my heart all smooshy.
The addition of new members and the news about the new show so close together, is this a coincidence, or was there an need to let more people have their say?

An eternal cynic, but I'm not complaining, I'm extremely happy to be a new member, but I'm just wondering if these two events are unrelated. Any thoughts?

Also, HI JOSS! *general waving motion*
I'm pretty sure it is the network, but according to Joss they ar different people from the firefly days.
Man, the one day I didn't have Internet access...

I'm thrilled for Joss/Eliza/Tim and look forward to having something to look forward to on TV again. The concept sounds interesting, with room for plenty of rich storytelling. Frankly, I wouldn't expect anything less with the names that are attached.

And congrats on the new membership/18th birthday/engagement to the relevant persons.
If you guys hear a building crumbling, it might have been me having jumped to much, about how exciting this is.
***Doing a mad happy dance around the office.***

And getting many funny looks since, after all, this is a law office and that kind of thing is frowned upon... Also concerned about the FOX issue, but trying to stay positive. SO EXCITING.... So many of my favorites have been cancelled in the last couple of years, I was almost off tv entirely....

userpjx: "Now we play the waiting game."

The waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry, Hungry Hippos.
Vortigun: From what I've gathered from what Caroline has posted, it was mere coincidence.
HUZZAH!! And, wow!

(Still won't give up on Goners, though. I can wait.)
The addition of new members and the news about the new show so close together, is this a coincidence, or was there an need to let more people have their say?

Nope, Caroline said yesterday (or was it this morning), and I quote:

Funny, I opened up registration on a whim yesterday afternoon.

This is so awesome!
::walks in late:: Hey guys! What's up? Have I missed anything?

This is awesome, awesome news. I need to go process now...

A quick note on the FOX cynicism before I go: Far be it from to be (gasp!) optimistic when it comes to network television in general and this network in particular, but if Joss and co. are comfortable going there again, I think we should be willing to trust 'em on that. And, even if a worst case scenario were to arise, this still means a new series and, one would imagine, a DVD set we could love for ages and ages and ages, and who knows what else... I mean, look at what came out of Firefly just thus far...
Surely someone must want to play 'Stratego' ?

Same corporate overlords and Fox Studio normally sells to Fox TV, but the Fox that greenlit this aren't the same Fox that screwed with Firefly ordering... right?

The greenlighters are from the studio jclemens but it'll still (almost definitely) be shown on the Fox Network (because they're part of the same group they get first refusal on 20th's products) and they were the very same guys that screwed with the order and so on.

That said, from what we hear, a lot of the guys that did that have gone and the new folk sound more sympatico de Joss so there's room for cautious optimism.

(emphasis on the cautious though, for those that feel they're guaranteed a shiny DVD no-matter what, think of Tim Minear's 'The Inside' which had 13 eps, a semi-resolved story and to date has no plans whatsoever for a DVD release)
Good point, RambleOn. I think part of the Fox decision to order 7 shows goes like:

"Hmm, even if it bombs, Joss has this rabid fanbase of several hundred thousand who'll buy a $24.95 DVD set... We can dump all the unfinished work in as extras, and recoup most of our startup costs. And maybe they'll even buy more other Joss DVD sets, too"

Gotta look at the revenue stream. TV on DVD is not just an afterthought anymore; I'm only being partially silly with that quote.
FOX - You better be good to him!!! Way to go Joss - I can't wait...
Somehow I think that the Thriller dance Guinness record is being challenged today by the world wide Dance of Joy that is happening right now!

Woo Hoo!

I think my heart stopped just a bit.
Hi Joss man!

I'm so glad I can finally reply! OK, enough with the whedonesque love, I am so glad that you're noggin is percolatin' cuz yeah that always leads to shininess. Also, can we please please see the poster that you made for dollhouse.. pretty please?! :)
Hi, Joss! Do you drink Scotch? Let's have one! :-)
Joss! Don't go! I want to see the poster!
To reiterate, new members / new show is a complete coincidence. I usually take no notice of holidays outside of my own country, but when I realised it was Halloween I thought I'd open up the site for a day, it seemed appropriate. Next 'scheduled' registration period will be Christmas.

Oh hi, Joss. Congratulations on your new tv show! Thanks for giving Whedonesque more reason to keep on keeping on. :o)
Tim posted about this? So where's the link?
Joss Whedon/Tim Minear/Eliza Dushku. To say this is wonderful news is redundant, but hey, I can be redundant in a good cause :)

Caroline, there was a feature film called "Welcome to the Dollhouse" some years back -- the site you found may be related to that.

While Fox as a large company is one big monolith, 20th Century Fox feature films and Fox TV are run as two separate divisions, and sometimes Fox will *produce* shows that are shown on other networks ("Buffy" and "Angel" are actually examples of this), though this sounds like "Dollhouse" will be made by Fox for Fox. In any event, it's great news that they've committed to seven episodes rather than just a pilot and again, wonderful news overall.
Holy Crap. This just made my day!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
/me waves at Joss because he's famous and purple and stuff.

So, hows this going to get pitched/marketed? I think people are going to think "Alias meets The Island," and think that that will undoubtedly not do it justice. For one thing, even though it has a single, main, female character, I'm guessing it's going to be an ensemble show.
And hey, if Fox wants to kiss and make up with him, who are we to poo-poo it? I hope these new people restore his (and our) Faith (heh) in HIS kind of television. Lifeblood to us it is, and we've been dry far too long.

Amen, sister.
I would just like to add that I think I saw a late night soft core porn movie with a very similar premise. Now I don't know about you folks, but I for one would certainly love to see Joss try his hand at some soft core pornography. Any takers?
Oh. My. God. I sleep in on ONE morning and wake up to find the interweb has already gone nuts! *does dance of joy* This is the best news.....ever. :D
Okay, I want to see Nick Brendon and Jensen Ackles on this show. That would be just be too freakin awesome. I'm so excited!
Michael Muhney needs a job...
I'm past squee. I started at "Gaa, gaa, gaa, gaa, whuh?" and subsequently moved on to where I have the theme from Greatest American Hero on a loop in my head. This is an awesome concept, and I can't wait to see the first episode. Though, paradoxically enough, I will, as I have no choice but to wait. But there's an old Swedish proverb that goes: He who waits for something good never waits too long.

Miss Duckshoot is a hero to us all. She drags back Splatty Boy to television just when we thought all hope was lost. (Not that the comics and all aren't great - they are - but hey, Joss with the TV - there's nothing better, I tell ya.)

And I'm not gonna say f*** Fox. I'm gonna say thank you, Fox, for seeing the error in your ways and giving Joss a new chance. There's hope for Fox yet. They can redeem themselves.

We also owe something to Joss Whedon's bladder. Which I'm sad to say I wouldn't make out with.

Congratulations to Joss and Eliza (and Fox and Tim) on this new project. I wish it a long and chronological run.

Perhaps there is a spoon after all.

Also, I wanna see the poster.
Awesome news, it's like xmas in november!
I already love the show.

I sounds like the ultimate metaphor of the Hollywood microcosm (the 'dollhouse') as Echo is, I guess, at her core the representation of the hollywood actress going from role to role, manipulated by (sometime evil?) execs. Genius.
Hmmm, I really thought I was onto something there, lol... If only I were into conspiracy theories. I know, I'll just send the idea to 'The Sun'; they'll force us to read it every day for the next 40 years...
Oh, if we get into dream casting, this thread'll go another 300 comments. :)

Billie Piper, John Simm, Jason Dohring...
Michael Muhney needs a job...

This is actually a really great idea, IMO. Not to pigeonhole or anything, but if there's is that federal agent role jengod mentions above ...
Hey, Joss posted while I was trying to remember what words were. Glad to hear that this is one of those ideas that Won't Shut Up.

I had to step out of the office and call my dad with the good news... he's as big a Buffy/Angel/Serenifly fan as I am (I just picked up a certain newly released trade paperback for him for Christmas.) He was especially thrilled to hear that Eliza was on board.
Michael Muhney has a job right now. He's a regular on a new Liftime series that hasn't aired yet. I think it's Lifetime anyway. Something like that. Even so, I encourage him to audition for this. I'd love to see him work with Joss someday, and I think he's said in the past that he'd like that too.

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Maybe itís the concept talking, but how about a guy whose fantasy is meeting a super-strong woman character. Echo gets all retrofitted up for super-battle, and in mid-fantasy the aforementioned client reveals to her that she is not really a superhero, but an unwitting enactor of other peopleís fantasies. And he got her keepers to give her all those fighting skills because sheíll need them now that heís helping her escape. And, yeah, he expects she'll fall in love with him.

Heh heh. No show yet and I just did the first fanfic.
Jesus Christ.

I cannot put into words....

Its come the day now, that I come to Whedonesque just to see how everyones doing. I don't expect anything more than that.

And then comes along this and I may just wee myself in the the seat that I very sit.
What terrific news!!!! The concept brings me flashes of reminiscence of Total Recall and The Island...I'll be so curious to see how they paint the world around this show!

Congats to Joss for getting at least 7 eps committed from Fox. And also for launching yourself a new personal obsession too, because as much as we all hang on every word of your shows, I bet you derive even more pleasure than we do in bathing in a new universe. :) Cheers!
Same with me Apocalypse (except for the pee part). Haven't checked in for two days and then blam! Get hit with just about the best news I can think of.
I definitely picked the right day to stay home sick. I might have totally missed all the excitement. Joss television, anytime, anywhere is going to be the bright light at the end of the writer's strike tunnel. I will just have re-rewatch all my Buffy, Angel and Firefly until I can watch some new Jossvision. Pinch me, is it my fever speaking or is this all real?
Did I wake up in a different reality this morning?
Congrats and good luck on this project, Joss.

It was Drew Goddard.

Thanks, dreamlogic. I think it was "Selfless"? If that episode is any indicator of the talent of the muses who hide in the bathroom, I think we're in luck. Also we may be in for some Swedish.

Heh heh. No show yet and I just did the first fanfic.

You have redefined fanzeal, Pointy. Have you registered yet? ;)
349 comments and counting. How long can this thread get?
Wait, so there seems to be two different ideas on what the show is about floating around. According to the E! article/interview, it's about fantasy scenarios in the "dollhouse", which I tend to believe as it's Joss' own words. But all the stories springing from the Variety article talk about "missions" "in the field" and generally give a more spy feel. What's the deal?

Also adding to the celebratory squeeing and wish to see the photoshopped poster!

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Great to see a post from His Purpleness on this joyous occasion.

Dollhouse Fans= "Dollers"?

"Honey, I accidentally created this Fox show."

Glorious, glorious.

I have to tell some people about this.
I think it'll be like a 'scenario-of-the-week' show, where Echo is a different character in each episode (or over 3 or 4 episodes) but with the storyline of her mental development in the lab, and mysteries revolving around the corporation who owns her intermittent with this. I imagine there to be episodes where the 'dolls' have to work together, or episodes that features them working separately.

This will make the action exciting episode to episode to the casual viewer, because there will be a self-contained story, but also the over-arching story will keep the fans interested.

This is just the image I get, lol...
The creep factor potential is just astounding. I am really looking forward to this. Yay Joss!
Throwing my casting hat in: Kristen Bell. Get her off Heroes, says I.
I wish I had something erudite and sophisticated to say here. Instead, I shall simply say SQUEEEEEE!
You have redefined fanzeal, Pointy.

I don't know, Sunfire, I was excited about Dollhouse, but I think the escape-from-the-dollhouse-with-the-fanboy storyline jumped the shark. ;-)
Throwing my casting hat in: Kristen Bell. Get her off Heroes, says I.

I am dying to see Kristen work the Joss dialog, so yes. She's first on my list of dream casting. If people want to speculate further about dream casting, check out the thread on
Am I the only person with the slightly disturbing mental image of the Whedon coming up with a series idea in the bathroom. Maybe I thought about this too much. Apart from that... great! Can't wait! :)
Meltha: Well, the word "erudite" sounds like a pretty sophisticated word, so, you kind of did say something sophisticated...ironic.


I...don't come up with series ideas in the bathroom. Usually.

This is amazing.
I come up with series ideas in the shower, which is in the bathroom.
I wish I came up with series ideas anywhere.
Hey Joss, was the bathroom part for real, or was it a joke we've elevated into myth? History would like to know.
Here's hoping for it to arrive on Itunes for us UKers.
I come up with ideas all the time. Then I ignore them until they go away. And then I kick myself over it.
Peter Beagle's mentioned coming up with short story ideas in the shower. I found it amusing.

Pointy, you're right, it was nothing like your early Dollhouse work. You've also set a record for causing a show to jump the shark before it has entered the sea.
So sometime around 1:30 am (about the second or third time I ran into the bedroom to tell my sleeping wife Joss was back), it suddenly occured to me. While everyone is thinking this show suddenly popped into Joss's brain while in the bathroom, my theory is that he has actually been thinking about it since Firefly (though in a different setting).

Echo is River Tam reborn into a contemporary Earth setting, but never getting sprung from confinement. Young girl, imprisioned in secret lab where they mess with her brain in order to make her into an agent/assassin. I'm not sure even Joss is aware of the connection yet, but being the genius he is, he'll probably is.

It's a story he's wanted to tell and has been frustrated at every turn (it's really the main arc of Firefly). As Newton once said (approximately) about his work "standing on the shoulders of giants," Joss is standing on his own giant shoulders.

Best news in what has personally been a crappy year.
Hell, it never even saw the sea. It was just starting to smell a slight salty tang in the air when it made the leap. Somebody call Guinness ;).

We also owe something to Joss Whedon's bladder. Which I'm sad to say I wouldn't make out with.

Hey, don't knock it til you've tried it ! ... Um ... Is this thing on ?

I come up with story ideas in the shower too but they mainly involve soap and washing. I have a fairly literal mind ;).

(and I quite like "Dollers" TDBrown ;)
Okay, assuming that I am actually awake and not dreaming all this...
The influence that immediately leapt to my mind was the female mercenary in Neuromancer, who had worked as a "puppet", a kind of prostitute whose minds/memories were blanked out while they were working, and who started to have conscious episodes when she was working.

Also bjarmson, totally agree with your River analysis.
I am just so thrilled that it's Eliza and Joss, I've already sent this link around to all my friends!
VERY late to the party, especially as it seems that this has been a busy news day and the thread is nearly off the bottom of the page already. This is incredible and very unexpected news. To have Joss back making a regular television series is just amazing in itself but to have Eliza and Tim involved too makes this the best Whedon related news I have heard all year. It tops Ripper and I thought only the news of a confirmed Spike project or Serenity 2 would do that for me. Live and learn. :)
Take me from the Dollhouse
Tell me I'm some rich dude's spouse
This one could get quite icky
You can't take the "I" from me

[ edited by Pointy on 2007-11-01 21:24 ]
Tears of happiness actually sprang to my eyes when I read this.

I said I'd start paying for cable again if Joss ever had anything back on TV. And I will be so happy to do that! Way to go Joss!
Pointy, you rock ;).
Perils of working at home, Saje. All the caffeine and sugar you want and no one to judge.

ETA: Manners -- Thank you!

Soon I'll be crashing. And twitching.

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I vote we call ourselves doilies. Or Barbies. It's a toss up. Just as long as we're not 'doll-lovers' or 'jollsies' or 'jossdolls' or...

Who freakin cares. We have new Joss Whedon show! Wooooohoooooooo!
I wonder if there is any chance this will take place in the 'verse?
I am more than a little embarrassed that I seem to be the last person to know about this. This is what happens when you go to bed early, don't check the internet before or at work, and don't check the internet as soon as you get home either.

Anyway, I am superpsyched, and will be using my exciting new Adobe software to design exciting new and in the near future.

My, but things happen fast in fandom.
Oh good. Joss posted. That's much better than the two hours I spent getting from LAX to Hollywood via the Metro this morning.
Just the other day I was saying to a friend that Joss really needs to work in TV again. His fertile imagination needs the faster pace of television to funnel out all his stories... cuz he must be thinkin' them up all the time... and we don't want Joss to get "impacted brain".

Run free Joss imagination... run free!

Didn't post before because so much has already been said. But I'm happy to add a comment to help this thread count make some kind of record here... heh...
Deleted a double post.

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So, so many congratualtions Joss. Have fun talking to your concept!

P.S. How long does it take for this news to sink in?
Whoooo Hooooo! Rain after the drought, ahhh! Can't wait :)

I see so many shows on TV with decent premises and poor realization and find myself thinking, "what this show needs is a shot of Joss", or in some cases, a double shot :) So many shows miss the mark due to lack of character in their characters, sloppy stories/writing, or milking the same tired element instead of really exploring their world and characters. Whereas I'm confident Joss could take just about any premise and find the human experience in it told through rich characters and create something worth watching. It's not about the hook or gimmick, it's about the human and the story. Can't wait!
Praise be! This makes my day, month, and probably more than one year!
Joss and Eliza with an awesome premise. Yay!
Whoah. Good bathroom trip. ;)

As for which bathroom he was using... hmm. I dunno about guys, but if the women's single-seater room is busy I know that a good number of women will say "hell with it" and just go into the men's. *shrug* Not that any of this matters.

I think my brain is just too full from too much 'Verse Stuff. First I get ecstatic over new Greg Edmonson music. And then we're given a new Joss show...

Me: happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy!
Then: telleveryonetelleveryonetelleveryone!
And: happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy!
Then: realization that although Joss has surely shown that he can work on more than one TV project at a time, Dollhouse is surely not Firefly...
Then: [pang of Firefly pain]
And: happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy!

Back and forth, back and forth. I had really interesting and scary and funny Joss dreams all last night. Ooof. And Big Damn Chefs was in there somewhere, too. (Got your copy?) :)
So, I decide to check to see if there's any news on the writers' strike, and the two headlines that show up are "New X-Files Movie Next Summer" and "New Joss Whedon Series" (paraphrased of course).

This day officially marks the end of sadness, corruption, and world hunger.
Joss IMHO is the greatest writer/director/producer to appear during the video media era. Not having him on the media where he is the best (TV) was a great loss to us all. Not that I didn't want him to succeed in movies, if that was the path he decided to take, but two hours of Joss once every two or three years was excruciating. I want more.

Something I realized about the whole "Dollhouse" concept was what a brilliant idea. Joss has managed, in addition to the usual genre bending, to find a way to do episodic TV and still maintain an overall arc. This has always been one of the sticking points with the networks: how to get people to watch episode 5 of a Whedon show if they missed the first four and didn't understand what was going on. It seems, at least from what I know at W-Day+1, that Joss has discovered a way around this dilemma. The shows are inherently episodic (individual set pieces) but will have an arc. I don't think Joss can write without one. He's inherently a novelist not a short story writer.

Even if "Dollhouse" doesn't become a long-running show, 7 episodes of Joss is going to be something to look forward to, particularly after only two hours in about 4 years (talking about the video medium).

I feel like a kid waiting for xmas.
Wow, this is...surreal. And fabulous, wonderful news!

What a great concept for a show! With Joss, Eliza, and Tim?

I say we should be Dollomites! Okay, LOL that's terrible.
If I thought there should be one name for Dollhouse fans - and I don't, I think there should and will be as many names as people wish to adopt - then Dollomites is my favorite so far. It sings.
Yep, yep...

Something has definately happened.
So Joss, did you watch Joe 90 as a kid? ;-)
Unfortunately, Dollomites just gives me flashbacks to when I was six and got my first "Dollarmite" account from the Commonwealth Bank. (We all had Dollarmite accounts.)
Elated: Hell yes!! Whedon, Dushku, Minear.. who knows which other Mutant Enemy alumns will join the fray?! Seven eps is only a third of a season, but anyone could show up.

Ponderous: Why is it so easy for these three to get together on an unheard of quantity and sell the pitch so easily? Did the notion of, I don't know... a FAITH project even come up? Or is Faith dying in a comic book or two? Was that a spoiler? Can a wild guess even BE a spoiler?

Don't get me wrong: I love the new concept. It sounds as if in Dollhouse Joss will have a chance to do to Philip K. Dick what he did to vampire lore with BTVS. I love that idea! A brilliant mind at play in the house of a giant.

Looming writers' strike: It gnaws at me and makes me queasy. It could destroy this great news in a heartbeat. Minear's idea of the writers picketing with blank signs is priceless, tho. Almost worth the price of a strike alone!

Fox: Umm. See above, re: gnawing and queasy. I am somewhat heartened by Dushku's and Whedon's sense of new vibe from the network. However, I will believes it myself when I feels it myself.

Fans: Remove the hemp fibered necklace and step off the stool... it's a HAPPY day! :) Whedon is back on the telly in non-syndicated form.

HBO: Be ready to play safety net if Fox drops this one. Did you read Joss' pitch? You want that!!
Oh, wow.

Not only is there awesome news about a new Joss show...excuse me a moment...NEW JOSS SHOW!!!! And...I'm good...but I finally get to become a member, AND the Big Man himself posts.

Mr. Joss Whedon sir: May this humble minion just say "It's about gorram time!" that you come back to the small screen.

Good to know I'm not the only one whose muse seems to be inspired in the bathroom (Though my thoughts come mostly in the shower and that's way TMI).

I'm very chuffed that Ms. Dushku gets a new series, and that it came from the (slightly twisted) brain of Joss. I'm so excited I'm already coming up with fanfic ideas.

'course, I should probably finish my current fic, and wait for at least an episode of "Dollhouse" to air first.
We're 1 off 400 comments. Quick! Someone say something dramatic, and see if we can make it to 500!
Does anyone know how many Dollshouse residents you need to rent to make up a compelte Nurndy team?
That was perfect, DaddyCatALSO

Dear Universe: It's me, Tonya. Please ask Joss 'n Tim to cast at least one more dearly departed from Buffy/Angel/Serenity/Wonderfalls/Veronica Mars et al on this new show. We miss all of 'em so much. ~~ Sigh... Thanks.
This is just like that time in grade school when I was the last kid in line for candy at the school Halloween party because I was in the bathroom. That meant I ended up with blecchy Smarties, not the premise for a shiny new JOSS SERIES ON TV!! I am all atwitter! With Eliza, one of my top 5 fave Whedon actors!
And wow, Joss, really, it sounds like a wonderful new dollhouse to play in. All love to the writers, and god hoping TPTB see fit to treat them with fairness and the respect they deserve, so we can get to the good stuff!
I'd like to personally thank Peter Liguori and Kevin Reilly at FOX for jumping on this like the gold mine it is. Mr Reilly is FOX's new head of programming, and when he held that title last year at NBC, he saved two incredibly worthy but ratings-starved shows from the axe, Friday Night Lights and 30 Rock. So there is hope, people! Only one thing is true in the biz, and that is there's always turnover. Those players change, but the fans stay true. Waiting for the next great story.
Oh, and Joss, I totally understand how you & the fabulous Ms. Eliza D want to avoid this new baby becoming Buffy/Angel TNG, but....there's this wonderful actor who I miss horribly who alread has MAD chemistry (onscreen only!) with Eliza. Alexis Denisof, pretty please with a cherry on top?
Thw SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! heard 'round the world...
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
/snoopy dance of infinite joy/
And I am optimistic even though it is on Fox.
Have we not seen Bones and House survive and even thrive on this once despised network?
The new PTB seem a bit less stodgy (and have probably noticed that the Whedonverse spawns fan loyalty like no other which means green lining their pockets for a long time coming.)
I just pray that Amy Acker finds here way there as one of the dolls.
I caught a few minutes of her guest shot on The Ghost Whisperer and she so made Jennifer Love-Hewitt seem like a mannequin with a recorded voice against her, again, warm and deep acting.
Let's see, if there are going to be 2 female and 1 male doll, perhaps Miss Acker and and either Alexis or James could fill out the toy chest?
Please, Santa, please!
Aside from the usual gang of suspects (and knowing, of course, nothing about the roles) I would love to see Melanie Lynskey show up in the cast.
random cast speculation/wish: i personally think that nathan fillion as a re-occuring client would be especially yummy.
You might want to continue some of that speculation and such, Cymerin, over at the Dollhouse site. :) There's a thread there about it...!

(Whups! No, it's that has the wishful thinking thread...)

[ edited by Julesong on 2007-11-02 12:42 ]
No way in hell I'm reading through 400-some-odd posts. Been sick all day and don't have the concentration.

Congrats and Whoo-Freaking-Hoo to Joss and Eliza!! Looking forward to the new show, and hoping the strike can be settled quickly and fairly, so as to get y'all going on the project.
Dang! Sweet!!
I know that business is business, and ya gotta do what ya gotta do, but part of my heart is sad because it's on Fox.
But I'm glad that Joss-ness will be on the air once again.
Let me add mine to the rest:

Wow. I just lost hours of sleep reading all of this wonderful news. Buckle your seat belts and hang on for the ride. It is looking like a good one. Great to see them both back! Best of luck getting it off the ground.
Coming in at the dog's end of this fabulous - some might even say scrumptralescent! - announcement, I can't do much more than join the squeeful legions of Awesome Super Very Excited Club Fans who are rejoicing around the globe. Outside I appear serene, but inside the very atoms of my being are bing-boinging around like so many rubber balls down the hills of San Francisco in that really cool Sony Bravia commercial ... or am I thinking of that Flaming Lips video with the roller skating and the slo-mo pillow fight.... Anyways, this must have been that wonderful thing I was just saying ought to happen for Joss. Who knew "eventually" meant "the very next day"? Let the hyper-exclamatory exultations continue!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations and thanks to Joss and Tim for this sneakily concealed cosmic windfall (and early birthday gift to me!), and giant, sloppy kisses to Eliza for bringing it to the (lunch) table and FOX. The stars have definitely aligned and Mercury going direct is a very positive sign this thingy will proceed in a forwardwise, not retrograde fashion. (Speaking of stars, I'm also of the 'hire Alexis' persuasion. Sure he's a fantastically talented actor, but a straight shot of AD pretty power wouldn't hurt Dollhouse's chances. Think about it. ;)
Oh gods of jossness, is this news of the dance inducing kind!
I can barely type a comment but i just had to, will resume freaking out when im done. A whole bunch of Wow's is all, i mean really looking foward to this more than i can say. I havn't been able to visit whedonesque as often as I'd like recently but something told me today was the day and boy was it right. So yeah i read through all the posts and I'm kinda late to the news, but i could have been so much later. I'm convinced it was all the whedonesquers freaking out that drew me back telepathically, so Thanks guys let us never part again. Whedonesque i will always find my way back to you. Big congrats and goodluck to all invloved gotta love that lineup Tim, Eliza and to Joss just Thankyou always.
can i just say this is truly awesome news..
and hi by the way
im new here
and yay!!!
I also like "Dollomites", not least because it gives us instant factionalism - "Dollomites" vs "Dollotites" - which is a basic requirement for any fandom.

I'll start the ball rolling ... "Dollotites" ? *spits*, fucking splitters more like. I hate those guys, they're totally wrong about that thing Echo might do that time in potential episode 7 of possible season 2. And the way they "hold tight" to the ceiling ? Downright creepy if you ask me.

Re: dream casting. Hmmm, i'm more in favour of new faces, much as i'd love to see some of my verse faves back onscreen. Joss has always done a brilliant job of introducing really talented people that are total unknowns (to me anyway), it'd be great to add to the ranks of Whedon alumni.

That said, Michelle Ryan could be good. Sadly, i've a feeling she may be looking for work before too long and "Dollhouse" would give her a (far less arbitrary than last week's 'Bionic Woman') reason for using her natural voice.

And ED's talk of possibly working with past colleagues makes me think about AJ Cook, Shawn Reaves and Zach Galifianakis, her co-stars from "Tru Calling". Cook and Reaves as dolls, Galifianakis as a sympathetic techy, or maybe against type as a villain ? Or why not as a doll himself ?

(and welcome sparkles and all the other newbs ;)
Holy frack.
I leave the net and phone and go away camping for just 4 days and come back to THIS?!
I'm not reading 400+ plus posts, but will assume the rest of you are as happy and glee struck as me.
(And YES, I actually burst in tears when I heard the news.)
Okay, since some of you are wading into the "wouldn't it be great if so-and-so showed up" pool, here seems as good as spot as any to say I caught 5 minutes or so of the (pretty rough) Big Bang Theory with Johnny Galecki from Roseanne. Couldn't believe I hung in there that long, but I couldn't stop watching the brilliantly awkward, Sedaris-like sidekick played by someone called Jim Parsons, and thinking to myself..."Man, would I love to see Joss Whedon direct this guy..."
I'm jumping on the "Dollomites" band wagon. It's the only suggestion I like so far.

Still euphoric, and absolutely refuse to join the anti-Fox nay sayers, this time. If Joss believes that things have changed sufficiently and he's comfortable with it, that's good enough for me.

And it can't hurt to put positive energy out there.
Saje, if there's going to be factions I want it to be Echo/Girl Doll shippers versus Echo/Federal Agent shippers!

Man, I hate those Echo/Federal Agent shippers - they suck.
Yeah, bloody Fedechos, those guys do suck, boo hiss (they're also wrong about that thing Echo may or may not do, possibly while being a Federal Agent, in future episode 17 of potential season 4).

Not checked 'Big Bang Theory' out yet, is it really that bad barest ?

Galecki himself is no slouch either, he was good in 'Roseanne' but has anyone seen a sit-com called 'My Boys' about a tom-boyish female sports journalist and her group of (almost exclusively) male friends ? Galecki plays a semi-recurring called 'Trouty' a sort of Chicago wide-boy and unknowingly inappropriate overbearing loser (with a heart of gold ;). Bit of a classic secondary character IMO and he clearly has a whale of a time playing him.

(and I love the show itself, it depicts "normal" maleness - not the "TV perfect" or "TV evil" - variety with real affection, even when it's taking the piss out of us. Plus, it's pretty funny, which in a sit-com, y'know, bonus ;)
Saje - I am a big fan of Galecki which is why I checked it out and Parsons is definitely the standout. JG is fine, but the material itself is lacking and the only one who seems to be able to play alchemist with it is Parsons.
Shame, is it not long of this world or is it one of those shows that's inexplicably popular with the great unwashed ? Might check a couple anyway just to see this guy Parsons work his magic.
I like Big Bang Theory. Nerd humor rocks.

But, should BBT not make the grade, Joss should totally poach their actors.
The thing is the 'big laughs' are stereotypical nerd humor which really isn't that funny. I realize intelligent nerd humor would go over the heads of a lot of people, but clever should be the requirement. I just feel that we are in a glut of nerd/geek related humor right now and almost no one is doing it all that well. Chuck is the geek-element show of choice. At least they know that most of their stuff is unrealistic and they wallow in it :) They make it fun.
Yep, I quite like 'Chuck' (though it's far from perfect IMO), it's basically good hearted. They've made the wise (and probably network expedient) choice of having the entire "geek spectrum" from Chuck himself (basically normal, just smart and a bit nerdy) to Morgan (very nerdy, not actually that smart, deeply non-normal ;) with the other white/green-shirts falling in between and a few completely "normal" people to boot, so that everyone has someone to identify with.

Reckon 'The IT Crowd' strikes a pretty decent balance of having genuine geek humour for us while also having humour at the expense of geeks for everyone else (which is also often pretty funny, elements of geekdom are very ripe for a piss-take ;) and sometimes, maybe even often, at exactly the same time so you're laughing with and at them.

(also, the other characters are equally nutty so that the geeks aren't always the object of the humour - in fact, quite often, in their own odd way, they're the sane fixed point about which everyone else's madness revolves. Moss for instance, with his "strangely literal" manner, actually fits the world almost perfectly, it's just the people in it he doesn't really mesh with ;)
I'm late...I'm always late for the party...but I'm soooooo happy!!!

I blame the land of University end of year assignments!

OK...I have to do it...

I just feel that we are in a glut of nerd/geek related humor right now and almost no one is doing it all that well.

Quoted for truth. Also, have we reached a new and interesting point in internet fandom? We now make fun of culture before it develops. So does this mean the stages of fandom-culture are something like:

1) Enthusiam: "This show is so awesome! I want to talk about it! Let's make a website!"

2) Argument and/or analysis: "Character 1 and character3 are meant to be! I AM ON THE INTERNET AND I USE ALL CAPS. I AM WRITING AN ANGRY LETTER TO THE STUDIO RIGHT NOW."

"Character6 was an interesting use of a scifi trope in a new and unexpected way to make a deep philosophical point. Plus the Ewok joke was funny."

3) Factions: "I hate those character1/character2 shippers. People who are happy that character1/character2 got together should die a slow and painful death."

"Screw you! Character2 is a hottie!"

"Man, that show jumped the shark in season 3. I stopped watching. My friends and I rewatch seasons 1 and 2."


4) Self-parody: "I hate those guys, they're totally wrong about that thing Echo might do that time in potential episode 7 of possible season 2." --Saje upthread

"I was excited about Dollhouse, but I think the escape-from-the-dollhouse-with-the-fanboy storyline jumped the shark." Pointy upthread

"Sign my petition to protest the cancellation of my new favorite show that is still in pre-production."
:) @ Sunfire - good stuff!
Funny Sunfire. Say, how about a show about the absurdities a semi-famous writer/director/producer of cutting edge TV, let's call him Ross Seedon, must endure as his wackier fans go totally out of control.
I can have Johnathan Woodward on my new show?

Pleeease... with a bigfatjuicyred cherry on top?

I've decided to break my previous vows not to support Fox. If The Man Himself wants it there, I'll watch it there. Hell. I'll be smiley for days if alls I gets is 7 eps.

It was Halloween night. My university kicked off men's basketball season. And Joss/Eliza/Tim announced a new show (or something like that).

Life is SO good at the moment. Good times ahead.
bjarmson, I'd watch that ;)

Oh man. This made my day. I love Joss, Eliza, Tim, and the premise. I hope it won't take Joss too far from home too often, but I can't help but be excited. I'll put my faith in their judgment and just get hyped. :D
I'll have to disagree with bjarmson on the Ross Seedon point. Jazz Whildren is a much better name for the character.
Jonathan Woodward, oh yes. Bring on the hat tricks!
Holy crap, this is awesome! Buffy: Seasons Eight and Nine, Angel: After the Fall, Serenity: Better Days, SugarShock, Ripper, Dollhouse, The Serving Girl, Fray II, Astonishing X-Men, Runaways: Dead End Kids, Goners, Cabin in the Woods. It's official...we're the most spoiled fanbase ever. Thank you Joss!

Edit: Squeeeeeee!!!!

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2007-11-02 23:07 ]
Sunfire FTW! Well actually I'm too lazy to read the entire thread.

Joss! Tim! Dr Scott! Janet! Brad! Eliza! Unh!
ZM, I just knew this news would bring you out. Good to see you.
I was wondering when Zachsmind would show up. Heehee.
Actually ZacksMind, the entire thread is worth reading. Possibly the most entertaining read of the month, your post included. ;)
And the joy is just so contagious.
I can't believe that it took me until this morning to find out about this. It really has been a tough couple weeks.

This is so exciting!

(Hmmm, a few people already said that.)

Fox. I really hope Joss and ED are right about the new attitu... (Yeah. Not news.)

This sounds like it will need a substantial cast with lots of good guest staring roles. Joss is great about casting just the right people but wouldn't it be great if he could bring favorites, of course. (Huh. Definitely been said.)

Ha ha. Just a thought, I wonder when the infighting will start amongst the fans...

ALRIGHT! I don't have an original thought or impulse. I admit it.

I'm just really happy about this. ;-D
New cast. Mmmmmm. Fresh meat. ;-)
New pics at the top of the page as well :).
I go away for ONE week and THIS is what happens?
Nothing personal Daburcor, but could you go away for another week? Then maybe when you get back, another miracle will have occurred, and the strike will be over. ;)
Shey, that miracle would involve people who currently make vast amounts of money for sitting back and reaping the rewards of the talent of other people actually choosing to willingly give some of that money back to those that deserve it, without a struggle.

Gonna need more than a miracle... ;)
New pics at the top of the page as well :).

Oh, yeah, that's right! I can't wait for new snapshots.
New quotes, too.
New and exciting cheeses! Wait... way off-topic, bad admin, no biscuit! Very exciting stuff, its a great time to be a Whedonesquer/Whedonite/Whedonworshipper/whateveryouwannacallyourself.
I'm ordering a round of "Yays!" for the entire house. W00t, as you youngsters used to say. Happy, here.

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