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November 01 2007

Greg Edmonson completes new Music Project for Sony Games. Greg has composed the Background Music for Sony's Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. This Livejournal report has lots of info about Greg's new project.

This was already going to be an awesome game! :) Great news that Greg is onboard.
This game looks unbelievably cool. I might rent a PS3 just to try it (this and Folklore).

I won't be buying a PS3 any time soon though. Still kinda expensive, can't commit to a high definition format until Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are finished battling it out, and there just aren't enough exclusive-to-the-PS3, essential games out there yet.

Plus I have way too huge a backlog of older games to play on PS2, newer games to play on PS2, a couple on Wii, probably a bunch on GameCube now that I have a Nintendo system in the house for the first time since Super Nintendo...and don't even get me started on the intimidating amount of cheap old original Playstation games I've bought used that I've always intended to finish.
Congrats to Greg! More avenues to get his amazing music heard.
Here's the link to Sony's page about the game:

I think that Greg said that the game will be released for other platforms... but unfortunately I don't recall which it/they were. I'm not so much a gamer, more a fan of Greg's work. :)

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