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November 01 2007

The women of Whedon. "As he crafts the adventures of 'Dollhouse,' his newly announced series," writes the LA Times, "we asked Whedon to quickly rundown some his favorite female creations." Me, I'm just tickled to see Dandelion get some press.

Heh, Dandelion and Sugarshock are so wonderfully random.

Fred picked before a whole lotta other women in the Buffyverse and Firefly ? C'mon. Unless he's including Illyria as part of Fred's character, I think Anya and a number of others were overall better, more interesting characters than Fred (and this isn't coming from a Fred-hater, I liked her okay and usually enjoyed Amy Acker's performance).

Arg, spoilers! Heh, just kidding, but I'm staying absolutely spoiler-free for Doll House. I didn't know Eliza Dushku's character name or the premise of the series until reading that article.
Well its a shame they missed Willow,Anya even Tara, but I guess you can only have so many.
Slightly random list, when they say they asked him to quickly run down his favourite female creations do you think it was "quickly" as in "over your shoulder, while you're getting in that taxi" ? ;)

Fred was great, loved her, cute in every way but I think Illyria was the right move because by then Fred didn't really seem to have anywhere to go, the writers seemed slightly bored writing for her (kind of like Gunn benefited from the S5 lawyer development). And it allowed Amy Acker to show her chops a bit.

And I guess i'd've had Willow or maybe Anya in there but if he was in a hurry then I guess he's gonna name the first characters that come to mind which are, largely, gonna be most recent and/or most "mind-share" (maybe he'd just had lunch with Amy Acker ? ;).
Completely agree with the list. I loved Fred. The other characters too. Very nice to see Dandelion. Would have liked to see Fray or Loo listed too, but you can't have everything (though it seems so today).
Fred was a lot tougher than she seemed--her voice and manner said "Southern belle," but her brain and survivor instincts ultimately made her tougher and--to my mind--more complex and interesting than Cordelia. Illyria certainly demonstrated that Acker is an Actor, in addition to complicating the plot and character still further. Great move.

Dandelion and her band have quickly shot to near the top of my list of JW creations. Hope we'll have a hard-copy version of Sugarshock soon!
I would so like to see comic book characters kept in a separate category from live actors. Leaving out Allyson Hannigan for a comic character just doesn't make any sense to me.
Yeah, that damn Joss with his personal preferences, I swear there should be a law ... ;-).

(if he prefers Dandelion to Willow then that's who he prefers. So it goes)
Hope we'll have a hard-copy version of Sugarshock

My understanding is that the deal with MySpace precludes this for a year.
I'm glad Fred got a mention, personally. She's kind of an underrated character, if you ask me. After her experience in Pylea, she could have truly gone off the deep end staying with Angel and Co. But instead she became a knowledgeable and valued member of the team. And while I thought Illyria was a good place to take her character, I still appreciated Fred on her own.

And definitely feeling the Dandelion love. How I wish Sugarshock was on TV. The awesomeness would be even greater. :)
My fave is definitely Willow. But love them all, I do.
Very excited to see Eliza in a new show. Loved the Faith charactor. Can't wait to see this.

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But, but....Fray?
It's all Joss' fault, for creating too damn many wonderful female characters.
Am I the only one that's always wondered why though ?
Yes Saje, you are. Everyone else knows it's because they are hot.
Of course ! *slaps forehead*

It seems so obvious now that you've made it up ;).
I'm kinda surprised that Willow didn't get a mention too. Can't imagine why they limited the list to five, given the large number of Whedon women there are to choose from. A top ten might have been more like it. I'm sure that five more wouldn't exactly have been hard for Joss to come up with. For me?

6) Willow
7) Kaylee
8) Cordelia
9) Fray
10) Darla

Actually, kinda want to include Faith too. And Zoe... Tara... Anya... Inara...

Maybe a top 15? Top 20? ;)
Seems to me he picked (or they had him pick?) one character from each project - one Buffy character, one Firefly/Serenity character, one Sugarshock character, one Dollhouse character, one Angel character...

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