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November 01 2007

Tim Minear talks Dollhouse. He tells his fansite "since it's Joss, I'll be involved as much as I can".

"blank signs" HA! I love this man....
We luv ya, Tim!

Where is the Dollhouse MySpace page?
Get a move on it, people.
It's practically been, like, an entire day.
I was up so late last night due to excitement after this news. My lack of concentration at work today can only be blamed on you people. Damn you Tim, Joss, and Eliza! *shakes fist while winking*
To me the news of Tim's involvement is huge, but I find it funny that most of the articles and interviews on the show neglect to mention him. Joss doing a new series - awesome news. Joss and Tim collaborating together again on a new series - EPIC news.
Tim-enhanced = better.
I love his picketing idea.
Also - these new guys at Fox that Joss is referring to as having faith in his show... are they the same ones that "supported" Drive? Yeah... 8 days on air... brilliant. Word of mouth has plenty of time to spread. Not that I'm still bitter or anything. (And speaking of Drive - I still haven't seen the 5th and 6th episodes, anyone know where I can find them?)
New Joss Whedon series. Seven-episode commitment. Eliza Dushku. And now, confirmation of Tim Minear as an involved party. :::nerdish squee of glee...or is that glee squee?:::

Forget "Rock"-tober. Ignore the writer's strike. This news means that November is already shaping up to be the best month ever.
Okay, I love usatoday's pop candy blog, it's where I first saw the news. News of Joss' new series AND a release date for another X-Files movie, all at once!!!! I'm at work, and I'm practically squealing out of joy.

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Another Fireflyfan: They're here on YouTube now since Fox took them off myspace.
Beautiful! The picket sign idea, too!
Also - these new guys at Fox that Joss is referring to as having faith in his show... are they the same ones that "supported" Drive?

Well, in fairness... they're not. At least not exactly the same. Kevin Reilly became the prez during the summer, and the man has an excellent track record when it comes to helping struggling shows find an audience. He supported Friday Night Lights last year and eventually renewed it as a parting gift to NBC, and had it not been for him The Office would have been canceled after its first mini-season.

I really feel good about Fox supporting Joss this time. I think there's a reason why they offered him a 7-episode commitment (besides liking the concept), and that's because they've realized since he left TV how much their sister company, 20th Century, has been gaining from his shows.

As a wise man once said, if something starts making money, eventually someone will notice "Hey, that's money!" ;)
Now get Summer Glau if Sarah Connor is not a success, and I'll be happy (more than I am now).

But please, Universal... let us see Goners!
Ok, some more questions, in case anyone knows:

Does 7-episode commitment mean that Fox is obligated to air all 7, or just that they have paid to write and film them?

Also, will this be produced by Mutant Enemy?

And... hmm... I bet Zoic would be available to do some sfx now that Drive is gone...
Does 7-episode commitment mean that Fox is obligated to air all 7, or just that they have paid to write and film them?

Paid to write and film them.
They ordered seven episodes. They don't have to air anything. They can make them all, and then burn them in front of us on YouTube and laugh and laugh. Given what Joss has said about how the team there has changed and learned and grown, though, I'd be mildly surprised if that happened.
You're thinking myspace instead dl ? ;-)

No, really, if Zoic is back on board - and there's no reason to think they won't be - they'll have to air at least two hour's worth for Emmy consideration in that coveted "Best Effects in a Mini-Series" category. It's a lock for two episodes.
If Joss Whedon has made up with FOX, I suppose I could maybe start watching Simpsons episodes again. To be honest tho, I've grown accustomed to purposefully not watching anything that was on FOX.

I'm still mad at them for cancelling Firefly... and Tru Calling... and Wonderfalls... and Freaky Links... and Strange Luck... and Lone Gunmen... and VR5... and NOT cancelling 24!

I think I need Joss to give me explicit direct permission to start watching FOX again, otherwise I'm going to continue my strike against them, and I'll probably have as much success as the writing strike will have since not enough other guilds are backing them up. I'll watch Dollhouse if FOX ever actually shows it. I'll even watch the commercials *shiver* that air during the show, but unless Joss says it's alright I'm not watching the rest of the network. ...Okay, I'll settle for Eliza Dushku blowing me a kiss.

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