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"I watched 'Passions' with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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November 01 2007

Essence of Angel statue from Diamond Select out next year. It'll cost $125.

"A Diamond Select Release! Get ready for Angel's upcoming Season 6 comic book adventures from IDW Publishing with this 9' tall 'Essence of Angel' statue! Featuring light-up effects and sculpted by Jean St. Jean, this vampire with a soul is ready for anything the forces of evil can throw at him! Limited to 1,000 pieces, each statue features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity."

Action-Figure has the relevant press release blurb and a pic too so I changed the link to that.
I will never cease to be amused that kicking in doors is the Official Essence of Angel.
Thanks Simon!

I like the look of it....but I aint spending $125 on it....or even $109!:)

And Lady Brick - Angel is all about the kicking/punching/headbutting of the doors. Must have had a bad experience in Galway when he was a child.....
Perhaps Angel sees the door as a physical representation of the barrier that existed for so many years between body and soul. Breaking down doors is therefore an expression of both his continued dominance over his vampire side in his quest for redemption (as in his conscience will never be "shut out" again) and his desire to fully "break into" the mortal human condition once more and evict his unwelcome demon cohabitor (this of course represented by numerous occurrences of defenestration.)

Or he just understands that dramatic entrances = teh awesome.
Well, considering the only way he can do it is if there's no one alive inside.. I imagine the "essence" here is that he's about to do some Evil Thing Ass-Kicking. Which I'd say is pretty accurate. (Well, it was either that or being emo, anyway.)
He can also break down the doors of public buildings, if you want to get technical :)
Or Angel kicks in the door and one of the other AI crew goes in.

Gunn: "You break, I enter."

Remember, this statue is has battery-powered illumination. I guess the door frame glows. Mind you, as neat as that is, I'd rather they be priced lower. I bought the Spike one, but I'd like to be able to afford Angel as well.

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