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November 01 2007

Just because the Buffy musical is awesome... doesn't mean it will work for other shows you love but Mal from 'Head Trip' is willing to try.

There was a Firefly reference posted a few days back. found another gem while reading the back issues.

Well, they'd try to make "Heroes: The Musical" just because Hayden Panitierre can sing, or at least she made a CD.
Ah, but "Pushing Daisies: the Musical" got a full ensemble right there! Heck, the fact that Chuck has so many hidden talents, why not singing?

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Hahahaha, I think every show needs a musical episode, but Buffy is always going to be the best one.
Pushing Daises has already had some Olive musical numbers, so one could hope. Oh, I'd get a good laugh out of Dexter:the Musical.
Exactly, Wiliam_Pratt! Ellen Greene as Aunt Vivian sang along with Olive last week, as you recall. That's why we should hope Chi McBride, Anna Friel and Lee Pace can also step up in the singing department.
It does work with some shows,maybe alot of shows, but not with others, that's just a fact. It worked for Big Brother Jake, producing the only truly memorable episode of that inoffensive little sitcom. But take the episode on Chicago Hope . . . please.
Maybe Fox will get daring and try "American Idol: The Musical"...
if they can find the right talent. (JK) :o)

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