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November 01 2007

"Dollhouse" has a fan-run website. It didn't take long, but now we have a website for the new Whedon-Minear-Dushku series. It also has links to MySpace, Facebook and LiveJournal sites

You people rock.
Joss, I swear you are the only guy in the 'verse that can command this kinda crazy fandom love.

I take it the t-shirts and comic books are coming next week.

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Heh, kerfuffle, you're so pessimistic. The weekend is just a day away, I predict t-shirts by Friday night. ;-D
Ok.... spill the beans folk, the people behind the site knew about the show before the news spilled on October 31st on the various sites... because no way something like that could be set up in under 12 hours :P.
Oh my lucky are we? I didn't think we'd get a new Joss show for quite a while.

This isn't a joke, is it? I don't think I could take it if it were.
Isn't that like jinxing it? It's like buying a crib the week you learn you're pregnant.
This isn't a joke, is it? I don't think I could take it if it were.

Uh, there's been like at least two or three threads on the front page here about the new show already. Heh.
All I know is my google alert e-mails for "joss whedon" are going apesh*t. I love it.
Bruce, trust me, FOX are not adverse to the internet taking on board DOLLHOUSE. They saw my site earlier and are busy geeking out.
This was the first whedonesque post to pop up in my LJ when I went online this afternoon.
Dang work keeps me from what's really important.
In any case, I see that this is for real. I'm so excited!
anniebee, me and Kiba have formed the Awesome Super Very Excited club. Anybody is welcome to join. I think we're gonna have badges.
gossi - so cute that they are geeking out....that is indeed a good sign!
I'm waiting for the YouTube fan trailers!

I'm thinking Joss/Tim/Eliza glowy montage followed by the Grr...Arrg guy making a brief but meaningful cameo.
Then, close in on a Barbie Dreamhouse (the money shot)
And Fade To "Dollhouse - Coming in 2008"

It's baffling that I don't have a job in Hollywood, isn't it?
kerfuffle, that idea scared me slightly.

As somebody just pointed out to me, I think this means the Grr Arrgh man will be back. Sod the show, just bring that back.
I know what you mean, gossi. I hear "grr...arrg" and I go all drooly (in a Pavlovian way, of course).
gossi: and Kiba have formed the Awesome Super Very Excited club. Anybody is welcome to join. I think we're gonna have badges.

Badges? Badges!? We don't need no stinkin' badges! We want t-shirts!
And who is working on the 'Joss and Eliza having lunch' figurines?
So is the next EqualityNow fundraiser going to be "My Lunch with Joss and Eliza"?
Zannadoo, that is funny for a few reasons. They should do that when the show hits next yearish.
I just signed up. :)
And who is working on the 'Joss and Eliza having lunch' figurines?

I was thinking that the credits ought to say:
Created by

Based on an original lunch by

Gag Halfrunt, love it. :D
Clearly not enough images or material on that site.

Lets just all make some fake stuff, like synopsis for season minus 1 or something and photoshopped pictures *g*
OK...please tell me I'm not the only one to whom this show is a complete surprise. Man, I really don't pay close enough attention do I. And I was tempted to blame it on the ever-downward spiral that my life has become in the last 5 weeks, but I have a feeling this has been known about long before that, so I have no excuse. Can I just blame it on Saje? (Yes, that was a blatant attempt to get your attention. ;)
Skeezycheeses, all of us learned about the show yesterday, I believe.

So don't feel bad. Also, I have a question! Gossi, I don't understand what you are in relation to Fox/FOX/Joss. Super-fast-website-making-fan? Or something more?

I am very out of it.
Badges? Badges!? We don't need no stinkin' badges! We want t-shirts!

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself! Awesome Super Very Excited Club T-shirts.
lexigeek, that made me actually laugh out loud. I'm getting one. Kiba is gonna crack up when she sees that.

Jobo, I have absolutely no relationship with Joss whatsoever, even in a Clinton sense. I'm just a fan of his work - it's, in fact, Awesome Super Very 'xciting!
"Based on an original lunch?"
Any lunch with Eliza or Joss would be already original
You Whedonites are crazy I tells ya. And very very short.

I signed up.
Blame me, blame it on the bell-boy, blame it on Rio - I have it on good authority that it's probably down to Mercury in retrograde though skeezycheeses ;).

Awesome Super Very Xcited Club ? I'm in, so long as it's "Not Mandatory !".

And who is working on the 'Joss and Eliza having lunch' figurines?

Or a Joss, err, "on the job" figurine ? We could call it "Joss Takes a Moment", complete with hand-carved platitude: "When Inspiration Strikes, Don't Just Flush it Away".
"When Inspiration Strikes, Don't Just Flush it Away".

Saje I laughed really loud when I read that... like the god awful annoying kind...
Saje, you just made my day.
lexigeek: I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself! Awesome Super Very Excited Club T-shirts.

Squeeeee! Can't wait until stupid work is over so I can order one! :)

And now I'm wondering if my prediction of Dollhouse T-shirts by Friday night will already be a day late...
Now, I hope Morena will be an operative :)
Is there room on the Awesome Super Very Excited bandwagon? Or do I have to chase after it until my legs get all wobbly and I have to bend over to catch my breath & cough in the dust?

Like I said in the original post (I'm #398 w/my first post) I'm so excited I'm already coming up with fanfic ideas.

Joss is coming back to the small screen! And even us regular folk (Read: Those too poor to afford cable/dish) will get to see the show! And fill up all the websites w/episode discussions & character analysis.

I registered!! Awesome job Gossi, and whomever else put this together. I so should be out the door rather than here, this is almost as good as being in love. Just hope it lasts longer ;)
I want one of Saje's figurines, myself. Maybe Gossi can give some away as we accrue points on the new site. Or something.
Nicely done, Gossi.
Joss really pioneered internet interactivity back with Buffy. I hope he takes it to the next step with Dollhouse. Hopefully a production blog. Maybe a character vlog or even an ARG.
Joss really pioneered internet interactivity back with Buffy.

Actual, JMS - creator of B5 - pioneered it. Joss was delightfully random in comparison.

That lots of different writers posted to The Bronze was pretty amazing.

I do second your want for a production blog, though. Keep us up-to-date on the closest thing to a sure-thing in Hollywood - a 7 ep commitment!
Just registered! (on dollverse, natch)
So, as another Super Awesome Very Excited Fan, I wonder if it would be
premature for the fandom to show their appreciation for those nice guys at FOX.
Perhaps we could send them dolls? Or lunch? Or dolls having lunch?
Maybe just a postcard of Eliza & Joss dolls, you know, lunching?
I'll stop now...
Aaaaaaaaand how many minutes until Fox Legal shuts the new site down for copyright infringement, and cancels the musical?

Yeah, bitter. Deal.
Well there's already a Save Dollhouse Campaign. (Purely tongue in cheek I should add).
At long last! My Joss jones is really getting out of hand. I know way too may Firefly, Buffy and Angel episodes by heart. I guess I will go watch Wonderfalls again while we wait...
Btw it's been decided that Dollhouse fans are to be called 'Mannequins'.
Where, Simon? I can't tell if that's a joke or not.
Where, Simon?

In my head. It occurred to me thats what the fandom should be called when I came back from the bathroom.
OK, maybe some inspirations should just be flushed away.
Sorry Simon but for me that just evokes the opening credits for Nip/Tuck. :)
Dollhouse wallpaper by somebody (not me).

Tshirts have started appearing on Spreadshirt.

And there's this freakishly cool poster by somebody else not me.
Wow, that poster is just so wrong (in the freakishly cool way) - it's all in the eyes. Or rather, it's all in what's not in the eyes.
Well done gossi.

Also, I love how the domain name is already expecting that the show will blossom into its own "verse." Knowing Joss, even if FOX ends up being FOX again, it still will.

Also, I haven't commented on the show yet, so: this is so cool.
I'm in. For the site AND on the 'Super and Very Excited' bandwagon- acronym SAVE.

I must confess, it was the 'Angel' wings that did it for me.
And I have set aside a shiny nickel for the first person to post links to Joss's concept poster.

(Re the 'Save Dollhouse' talk, could you possibly imagine the fan campaign we'd run if FOX stuffed this up? There'd be beheaded dolls flying about all over the place. Scary.)
Somebody wrote a fanfic!

The great thing here, I think, is the concept is pinging with people. Folk are going, 'Oh, you could do this with it... Maybe this will happen'. That's great, because it was a lot harder to do that with, say, limited information about Firefly.
I just love how insanely fast this fandom's moving.

"When Inspiration Strikes, Don't Just Flush it Away".

Now, that should be on a t-shirt. Maybe in could feature on the back of some of those ASVE-shirts ;-).

Plus: I've also signed up. Yes sir.
And now I'm trying to post on the dollverse forum, but when I press login, I get this message:

You are not authorised to view this resource.
You need to login.

Which is sort of hilarious, in and of itself, but still :-). Anyone else having that particular problem?
GVH, log in from the front page ('Home') of the site on the left hand site. The dedicated login page is on strike.
Thanks gossi!
Hey gossi, nice site!

Whyfor does it use our real name instead of our 'username' when we post?
gossi, the damn site won't let me register. I sent you an email.
I hope this isn't too far off topic - but you guys seem so knowledgeable about how the tv business works.

How is it that an actor like Dushku is given an opportunity to create a show and bring on whomever she wants when someone like Whedon who has a track record can't? (people seem to get a bit touchy around here so i'll say clearly that I have nothing but respect for the actress, but the story about how DH came about seems strange to me, an outsider to the biz.)

Or maybe i misread, and she was just given an opportunity to pitch an idea (just like Whedon could have) and FOX liked it?
Joss wasn't interested in pitching anything to Fox until he had the idea about Dollhouse. He only had the idea about Dollhouse because ED was asking his advice. ED was only asking Joss his advice because Fox had her in a holding contract. They had her in a holding contract because they loved her work on Nurses even though the pilot wasn't picked up. It's just a whole lot of serendipity.
The site is WAY too spoilery for me.

I want Joss to tell me things in his own, maddeningly slow way. Not "I know everything that's going to happen in the entire committed arc and beyond" before I've seen opening credits.

But, dang dudes and dudette's! Joss is gonna have a TV show! I'm so excited. I don't know where 'squeeee' comes from, but SQUEEEE -- Yee-hee and double squeeeeee!

I'm glad it's a new 'verse, and not a Faith thing. He's said he has more verses, and I'd like to see them. (Not that I would object if there were more in the Serenifly verse, truncated as it was.)
Can I just say how much I love everyone in the Whedonverse? The past two days of my RL have been hell, but coming back to this and all the excitement that is brewing is possibly the nicest thing ever.

Man, I love you all.
Thanks, TamaraC. Does a holding contract mean that Fox will listen to her ideas - that she doesn't have to fight to get someones' ear?
And now I'm wondering if my prediction of Dollhouse T-shirts by Friday night will already be a day late...

Actually Cabri i had a few online by lunchtime in the UK, not sure if the rules here permit me to link so I'm not, I'll start a thread over on shortly, so you're alright with your prediction.
You can link to your own stuff in comments, you just can't start a new thread about your own stuff.
You can link to your own stuff in comments

Yep. Though obviously it would have to be some what relevant for the thread.
Relevancy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just ask the folks over at Goners. ;-)
Ah yes, the llama...
Don't diss the llama! He brings the pie. :)
foofaraw, I am pretty sure that a holding contract like ED has meant that the studio was paying her a hefty salary (probably at least $100K, Nathan had one similar with Fox last year) to not work while they tried to find a starring vehicle for her. She saved them the work and found one for herself. Everyone wins.
There are now many Livejournal groups, a Yahoo group, websites, art, shirts etc for the show. Linkage.

Additionally, Kiba has officially started the most important bit of the DOLLHOUSE campaign - the Awesome Super Very Excited Club. I can't see how Joss is going to escape that one now.

If anybody is wondering, this site (Dollverse, not Whedonesque) pushed more traffic in the first 24 hours than we saw for DriveFans. In DriveFans first year.

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I joined the Dollhouse site. I really like that wallpaper that gossi did not make. ;-)

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