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November 01 2007

Oakland, CA Midnight Serenity Screenings this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to check and see if they are selling the Serenity Collector's Edition.

Piedmont Theatre
(Landmark Theatres) 4186 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611, 510-464-5980

I'll be there--on both Friday and Saturday. :) This is a really great neighborhood movie theatre. They generally have games and prizes on weekends.

Here is the link to the theater:
And to buy tickets:

By the way, the web site dedicated to these Midnight screenings,, incorrectly advertises that Serenity will play Dec. 9 and 10. I went to the Piedmont theatre to double-check and they confirmed the correct dates were this weekend, not the 9th and 10th.

And if you're looking for a bite to eat before the movie, Piedmont Avenue has many, many great restaurants, at all prices. For a reasonably priced meal: Fenton's Creamery is only a block up on the same side of the avenue, and has good diner food and AMAZING ice cream. Fenton's is open late so it's a good place to hang out before lining up.
There is also the always reliable Barney's Burgers. For Chinese, my favorite is Little Shin Shin. For Mexican, Baja Tacqueria has amazing fish tacos. All these restaurants are on the same side of the street as the theatre, a few blocks up or down. Another good address: Ceasar's, across the street from the Taqueria (tapas and great cocktails). A little bit more expensive: Dopo (outstanding Italian); Xyclo (gourmet Vietnamese); Tropix (Caribbean)... LOTS of choices! :)

Parking may be a little hard to find if you get there early--Piedmont Avenue is a major attraction on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a super safe neighborhood of Oakland, by the way, for those who are not familiar with it--a great little street to walk around, even late.
There used to be a tea house right across the street from the theater- definitely worth a stop there too. And, yes. You must get ice cream at Fenton's!

Thanks for the link to

Snagged the ad Calling All Browncoats! that seems to rotate with other movies on the home page.
Ah, I know that theatre. Piedmont is a cool neighborhood. There's a great comic shop there, "Dr.Comics and Mr.Games". I just might have to go see Serenity this weekend.

mifeng, I've been to that tea house. My roommate is a carpenter and he worked on the place when they were just starting out. And my mom had a bunch of her art on display there for a while.

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